Zooo.cc is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

If you are looking for reliable Zooo.cc review, you are in the right page. We have done a thorough research about Zooo.cc and we assure you that what you will read in this review is true and accurate. According to them their business has been in the market for 2 years. The number of years alone is quite impressive since most HYIP companies only last for a few months after scamming their investors.

If you have plans of investing your money with a high yield investment plan, make sure you read our accurate Zooo.cc review first.

The company offers a 2.5% ROI daily for 75 days. They offer various programs that provide different returns. We already have a hint that Zooo.cc is scam because the owner of this program in unknown. But this alone is not enough to prove it’s a scam so we need to show other evidences to support our claim.

Upon checking on their registration, we have found out that Zooo.cc is registered in Australia. We are not sure about the Australian regulations but most of HYIP companies registered in the UK are for tax purposes and as an attempt to make it look legit.

Many scams we expose are registered but this does not stop them from stealing your money. According to them the business gets dozens of applications who are interested to represent Zooo.cc in their areas. Because of this around 64 countries are now representing them. Zooo is also planning to open virtual representations in other countries not yet included in their list. Offline representation is likewise considered, so that any visitor can get advice from the experts and information about them in print. All of these things are possible if they will be able to last longer in the industry.

Zooo.cc is Scam – Three Evidences

We have mentioned earlier that Zooo.cc is scam. To prove our claim we will present to you the evidences that will prove this is nothing but a scam. Some of you might notice it already but others are still blinded on what Zooo.cc has to offers. If you check out their about us page, you will notice some confusing statements. One is that according to them they care about the animals and environment. They also claim that your money will be invested on private programs that will gear on researching ways to protect the environment and animals. A lot of questions have come up because of these claims.

As we continue with our Zooo.cc review, one will able to learn how the scammers behind this scheme encourage people to join so the company can steal your money. Those who are of their dirty tricks may not fall on this easily. But for newcomers they might get trapped easily because of the impressive things they offer.

First Evidence – Fake Projects

They claim to have lots of animal research programs on going that generate profits that they can share to their members. But they forgot to mention what is the project and where it is situated. Also they didn’t mention how doing research can generate money. Research normally costs a lot of money and is usually done thru grants and fundraising.

How Zooo.cc can make money by doing these researches? It does not make any sense. Another thing that confuses us is the section that shows forex trading. Does this means that the business is also into trading forex. So where do your investment go, in animal research or in forex trading? The answer is none of the above, because the firm is not investing your dollars at all. They are not showing any proof where they invest your cash.

Second Evidence – Using Ponzi Scheme

Most of the questions you will see online concerning Zooo.cc are whether they are paying or not. Actually, all companies using Ponzi are all fraud and scam so you should not trust them at all. They might pay on your first withdrawal, to encourage you to add more on your investment but after that you will not receive any withdrawals.

Zooo.cc is lying to you. They are not a legit company and they do not have any business that deals with the environment or the animals. They collect your dollars and then use them to pay the withdrawals of older members. After paying them one or two time they will hold the next pay and tell them excuses. After several follow ups, they will ask you to deposit more so they can activate your account again. This is a clear sign of being a scam.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Another indication that this company is a scam and not paying is they use Fiverr actors to lie for them and pretend to be successful with the help of Zooo.cc. They are proud showing these fake reviews on both their website and Facebook account. All videos you see in their website are fake.

These Zooo.cc people are hired from Fiverr. You can check them for yourself. You can see these people in other scam websites. A legit company will not hire actors and create fictitious characters just to show the world that they can make you rich.

Zooo.cc Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Zooo.cc is scam. The signs are obvious, it is easy for us to detect that the website is created to trick people and steal their money. However, there is still some who want to try it.

If you find this Zooo.cc review helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

2 thoughts on “Zooo.cc is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review”

  1. Very nice and detailed review of zooo.cc as of now their website is currently down, I myself was planning to try their $200 10% for 75days, luckily the website went offline, a blessing in disguise.

    I have not yet browser your entire site but I hope there is a portion you can also advice users of any profitable safe income

    Thank you for this review, it help me a lot


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