Zinc7 is Scam! Investment Company Review

This Zinc7.cc review includes information about how this investment company works and how they scam people. Our review will help you a lot in deciding whether to invest or not. Just like Crypto Wealth Fund this is yet another scam website so make sure not to invest on this sort of business or you will be sorry. We start monitoring Zinc7 when we heard about some people complaining about it. We got curious thus we have decided to make a review about it and investigate.

According to some people we know, they invested with Zinc7 thinking that it is a legit company. At first, they were paying but after the first payment no other payment were made.

We advise those who are reading this Zinc7 review, never invest on this scam program if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money. Those who have been in online business for quite some time know that HYIP or high yield investment program is considered as a bad business. However, there are some HYIP companies that were able to survive longer because they have other investments were they put their investor’s money. These companies are insured and so as their investors.

Zinc7 is a new online investment program just like Crypto Wealth Fund that offers smaller returns as compared to other websites. According to them zinc7.cc is unique and different from others as Zinc 7 is investing in trading zinc. If you don’t know yet, zinc is a naturally occurring metal that is used for many purposes. The latest news about it is favorable, since most of the investment sites included zinc in the list as increasing in value at a constant pace.

Zinc7 is Scam – Three Evidences

There are several things that Zinc7.cc makes. To determine if such company is telling the truth or simply trying to trick people in an attempt to make it look legit, we analyze each of their claims and enumerated it here in our Zinc7 review. There is something essential that you should know about online investing. These things will prove that this investment program is a scam and people should not invest on it.

Last year there was an increased in stock prices. Because of this it looks like that zinc is a secured and reasonable option to invest in. Now everybody is asking if they should trust Zinc7 to invest their cash. As we continue with our Zinc7 review we will check on the reputation and the previous trading history of zinc7.cc to determine its legitimacy. Unfortunately, what we have found was nothing short of an attempt to steal investor’s dollars and we will prove this you.

First Evidence – Zinc7.cc Uses Ponzi Schemes

Nine out of ten HYIP websites like Zinc7 are nothing but Ponzi schemes. Zinc 7 is not investing anything on it at all. They collect all the deposits and then pay the first investors who join using the cash they collected from those who join later on. They are not investing your money in anything. They are just collecting it then pay those who they can pay and then delays the other payment until they have accumulated again the amount they need. What they claim on their site to describe their success and their team of investors is fabricated.

Second Evidence – No Portfolio to Prove their Profit

One of their claim is that Zinc7 is composed of skilled traders with more than 10 years of experience trading zinc. Definitely this is not true. Like Crypto Wealth Fund this is also a scam company that offers nothing, no products or services to offer. After exploring zinc7.cc we cannot find any proof that support their claim. A legit investment company always offer something known as portfolio which provides reports for each trading year. Each report should present the history of investments as well as the sites gains and losses with the total profit and loss presented at the end of the report.

Our Zinc7 review found out that they don’t have a portfolio at all. Not even one report is found in their website, and also there is no record found anywhere on any trusted trading website. As if the website does not exist at all.

Third Evidence – Unknown Developers

According to them the traders involved in developing the system have more experience in generating a huge profit with online buying and selling. This is not true. They don’t even mention any name as to who is responsible for their profit if they are really producing the money they claim. Transparency is very important in a legit company. Zinc7 should have mentioned the name of the CEO and the group of account managers who handles the funds. Interested investors don’t have any means of identifying the people who will manage their accounts in case they invested on it. Would you trust them your money? Definitely not. Its like giving your money to the robbers without any difficulties.

Zinc7 Review Conclusion

This review proves that Zinc7 is scam and people should not invest their hard-earned money on it. One of the important things you need to focus on if you are interested on investing on this kind of business is to know where they are putting your money. If a business can provide you such information then you can trust them if not like Zinc7.cc then you better stay away from it.

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