Zemusoft is Scam! Warning Review

Have you heard of Zemusoft? Are you looking for real and truthful information about that software? Do you have a slightly hint about it being a scam but it looks so good you still want to make sure you are taking the right decision? Continue reading to find out whether Zemu software is a really good investment to make, or if on the contrary, you should simply run away and forget about this software forever.

What is Zemusoft?

Zemusoft is an online trading software that promises you will make at least $4000 each day. Seriously, $4000 everyday for sitting around and not doing much? Sounds ideal, but is it a genuine deal!? Let’s find out.

Zemusoft’s app is scam that has surfaced within the last couple of years. Apparently, its owner and founder is someone called Rhys Lakem, and he promises you to make an extraordinaire amount of money in virtually no time.

Apparently Zemusoft only works and targets the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin.

You first will have to registrate in Zemu Software website in order to start trading. Once you do this, they will kindly ask you to deposit an amount of money that unfortunately you will never see again. This is called a Scam, of course. And it is how they will get your hard earned money.

Zemu Software’s team will tell you that without this deposit you will not be able to multiply your money, so even though they first offered you a free way of earning money they are now asking you to pay them first and then get more money…only to lose it very quickly, do not forget that!

Zemusoft is scam?

In short, yes, Zemusoft is scam, and a very dangerous not legit software. Now we are going to expose three evidences.

First Proof – Rhys Lakem

Even though Zemusoft’s website says its owner’s name is Rhys Lakem, and it has its photography published, we are still not sure he is a real person, and he is a real owner and investor of this company. So many scam companies offer you lots of money and, in reality, they just want to take money away from you.

So you may be wondering ‘’Why wouldn’t Zemusoft display an original photograph of its owner or real information about him?’’ Because they do not want you to know who truly is behind this website.

The less information you have about them, the better! This is the first reason why Zemusoft is scam, sounds and looks like a big fraud.

Second Proof – Directories

Zemusoft’s website and App does not offer any real information in terms of who are you dealing with. Fair enough they have placed the name and photograph of Rhys Lakem, but who are you supposed to contact if you have any problems or enquiries? If you do a quick search on their website you will soon realize that there are no useful directories, no contact information, no email addresses, no telephone numbers, in fact, nothing at all! Who are you going to contact once you realize they have taken your money away? Nobody, as they do not offer you this option on purpose. They do not want to contact you in any way whatsoever.

And we think that if someone is asking you for an upfront payment, the least they could offer you is information in regards to who you should contact.

Third Proof – Rebranded software

Zemusoft’s website does not explain at all what they actually do or how they do it. It only says something like ‘’an arbitrage system that deals with bonds and stock and crypto trading’’. Yes, that sounds good, but how do they do this? How will they be giving you $4000 a day when simply trading all these cryptocurrencies?

A proper explanation is necessary in order to fully convince us traders to follow these steps and sign up…however, this explanation is not given at all.

And trust us, if you are about to invest money you will like someone to explain everything to you, at least twice!

Fourth Proof – Testimonials

They have fake reviews all over their website. We encourage you to have a look at it, and you will soon realize all those reviews basically tell you the same story over and over again. Do you still believe them? This is a common thing to do amongst scammers – they simply hire some people out to pretend to use this website and app and they then become accomplices too!

They are usually actors who would do anything for money, even if it means lying and deceiving people to believe that this scheme is real. Fake testimonials are easy to make, simply add a fake name and a fake photograph, and voila! You could sell anything you ever want to.

Zemusoft Review Conclusion

Definitely, Zemusoft is scam. Times are difficult, we know that for sure, but if you give your money away to a website or app like this one then we are sure you will have an even more difficult time to replace that money in the first place!

We do not want you to be disencourage to create new money, on the contrary we are up for making money online, but you must make sure you are doing it the right way, this means, you have to be 100% sure any money you invest will have a profit…a safely profit deposited to your bank account.

At the end of the day it is your choice, if you would like to join a fake website and app like Zemusoft or if you would like to do things differently and earn money in a right way. Do not hesitate to ask around questions, and see whether the answers convince you or not. This is the only way you could be 100% sure you are making the right decision in regards to how you invest your money.

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