X-Binary is Scam! Critical Review

This comprehensive X-Binary review will expose all the lies and deceit hidden in their x-binary website. Do not be fooled, x-binary.com is a scam website that steal the funds of many investors. This review is written to warn the people about this software, so they can protect their dollars as well.

For those who have been victimized by X-Binary.com, you can warn others not to invest on this scam. If you were able to receive payments regularly then you can message us and show us some proofs so we can evaluate whether or not to consider it legit. But as from the time of writing this review we strongly believe that X-Binary is scam.

Keep in mind that internet is being swarmed by scam software and they are out there to empty your account and empty your bank accounts so you need to be very careful. Before we reveal to you the lies and deception that makes us believe XBinary is a fraud, it’s important that we discuss how the company works. To tell you frankly, we cannot find anything good about x-binary.com. They have been lying about every single detail of their business. Let’s continue with our review by guiding you step by step so you will know the truth. First the site claims X-Binary is an investment firm that generates profit through trading in binary options. X-Binary.com is expert in cryptocurrency trading.

X-Binary is Scam – Three Evidences

A legit investment site will provide proof of their actual trading, both winning and losing trades. This is called an investment portfolio. Any website that claims to be one but does not provide proof of their investment successful or not is referred to as fake site. Just like other viral scam X-Binary does not provide solid proof.

According to X-Binary.com, they can help you make massive profits even if one have small investment. After they capitalized on your deposits, you can withdraw it plus a certain amount will be added taken from the winnings. X-Binary is not an investment website. Binary options is actually not their thing. Their main purpose is to collect the funds you deposited and gather together their own income with it. What makes us think that XBinary is not trading in cryptocurrency.

Before you take further action, we encourage you to read our thorough X-Binary review first.

First Evidence – Unknown Developer/Owner

X-Binary has kept this information hidden, which is a glaring sign of scam. It’s not a crime to hide the real identity of the site owner/developer, but if you want investors to trust you, you should include the name and image in your website. If you sign up and made a deposit into an investment plan online without any information about the owner, you are entrusting your cash to a complete stranger.

How can you trust a website with unknown owner or developer?. There are some people who easily give their funds to strangers if they find their websites professionally made. People have the tendency to believe that whatever they see online is the real thing. This is a bad assumption and you should be wise to stop trusting them. The internet is full of deceptions and falsehoods that it is like a con artist’s dream come true. That is why we have written this X-Binary review to keep you protected against scam software.

Second Evidence – No Insurance / Not Regulated

X-Binary.com is unverified or unregulated website. This only means that your money is not guaranteed. Even if the site is insured, it is known to many that binary options trading in cryptocurrency is very risky. Even the expert traders can lose their money easily. All it takes is some poorly executed trades and your funds will be emptied. It may looks like that X-Binary is a legit website but it is not. They even have a UK registration to prove they are a real business.

But is this enough to believe that it is legit?. Most of the financial scam that we have reviewed have one thing in common. These companies are all registered in UK and all their certificates are legit. Keep in mind not all businesses registered in the UK are legit. X-Binary registered their business in UK because they require only less documents as compared to other countries.

Third Evidence – They Do Not Trade at All

We have found out that they are not trading. So obviously X-Binary cannot pay their members. But there are some who claims that they were able to withdraw their money. These investors with bigger investment to encourage them to invest more.

The X-Binary company applies Ponzi scheme that pays old investors using the money deposited by the new investors. The model depends mainly on the new investments. If they were not able to get new investors and the money stops flowing, they will run out of funds and the business will close up.

X-Binary Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that X-Binary is scam. They are not trading at all. Most of their claims are not real. They do not provide the real name and image of the developers so people will not have any idea who to pursue in case they close up or refuse to pay. Obviously, this website is a fraud and it has only one thing in mind to encourage as many people as they can to sign up and deposit money and steal the money.

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