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Have you heard of the latest HYIP scam known as World Miners? Recently, they claim that they can no longer pay their partners and investors. Thus we consider in this review that is a scam. It has unsustainable return of investment that will not last longer.

This comprehensive review suggests that you should not deposit anything with this software. If you really want to give it a try, deposit only the amount that you can afford to lose just in case in claims for bankruptcy. You are reading our comprehensive review probably because you want to know whether this software is legit or not. To tell you frankly, there is nothing real about this business, and you should stay away from it.

The Limited was developed to entice people to sign up and stole their money. They are targeting countries such as Nigeria, South Africa and Estonia.

This software is a HYIP or High Yield Investment Program that claims to invest your dollars into their cryptocurrency mining machines. Their Limited website informs people that they have a wide range of machinery working day and night to mine for bitcoin. After the launching of the business many years ago, they opened a small investment firm that mined for bitcoin and they invest on it. They do not provide any details about the nature of these investments or what type of trading they are into.

The app explains that your Bitcoins are invested to earn more by mining with it. But they are not sharing the details on how the business uses your Bitcoin and how much they keep for themselves. There are several reasons why we don’t trust HYIP. The majority of them offer great returns for a small initial investment. These massive returns are not possible, and there is no proof that will backed up their claims. The real problem is that all HYIP scams offer fake promises. They assure you of high return on investment when in fact they know that it’s not possible. No ROI can be guaranteed. The possibility of losing your investment is very high.

This implies that each time you deposit funds in their website you will not be able to get your money back if they lose it. is Scam – Three Evidences

There are lots of HYIP projects that are being launched these days and the investors are increasing as well trying hard to succeed in financial market. Sad to say most investors are being scammed by fake HYIP group and end up losing all their investments. Therefore, choosing the legit HYIP group has become a vital issue. This review will help you in determining which is legit and which are not. But in the case of Limited this is not legit. This is the part of our review where we present some evidences that will prove it’s a scam.

First Evidence – Anonymous Owner

The name of the firm’s owner is vital information that they should provide. But they refuse to divulge it. It is hard to trust a website with anonymous owners. One of their claims is that the group is a recognized bitcoin mining establishment that has achieved national attention and praise. This is not true. is unknown to HYIP industry and nobody have spoken or heard about them. In fact, if you search them in Google, you will find out is unknown to many. During our review in their website we were not able to find a single detail about the owner.

Second Evidence – Fake Address, Awards and Achievement has never been featured in the news or received any award in bitcoin mining. The firm is not also included in any list of successful investment firms. It seems like they didn’t exist until recently. The company appears like a new company without any real background. Their company was just registered in the UK several months ago. It is easy to get registered in UK as the country is handing out business licenses easily. To register a business in the UK, all you need to provide is a name and a description. The scam is using fake address to get registered. They even claim that you can visit them in their office.

Third Evidence – Fake Visa Debit Card

If you scroll down the webpage, you will see one of their biggest lie. offers a visa card that serves as a debit card and allows you to access your earnings automatically. This card will be available to those who will deposit a minimum of 10 BTC which is equivalent to $9000. The company does not have the legal rights to issue a visa debit card. is not registered with any visa bank and thus the card is definitely a fake. The reason why the company is offering a fake visa card is to entice the people to sign up. Once they sign up they will be asked to submit a copy of their ID and other personal details. The moment they get hold of your credentials they can steal not just your money but your identity as well. So never trust this dangerous scam. Review Conclusion

This in-depth review exposed the lies behind this scam. Having an anonymous owner is a clear sign that this business is a scam. If is legit then they should be proud and would tell the world they are the genius behind this scam. Dragging Visa Card to fool people is also not a good idea. Visa is a trusted entity and they thought that if they use it they can attract more people but it does not work.

Therefore we conclude is scam and people should avoid it. If you find this review helpful, feel free to share it with others.

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