Wiseling Review – Do not Waste Your Time and Money It’s a Scam

Wiseling is an MLM company that operates in Finland, as stated on their website. The address given is a virtual office under the name of Regus. To make it look legit, the alleged co-founders were introduced, Elias Mattila and Matias Lappo. These two individuals are actors paid to represent the company.

They claim to provide fixed income to members. Wiseling also offers an affiliated program that you can also earn from referrals. They will introduce their three types of assets – Fiat assets, crypto assets, and industrial assets. If you think this website is a legit one, sad to say, it is not. This app operates using a Ponzi scheme which we all know is a scam. We have pieces of evidence to prove this software is a scam, and you should not waste your time and money on it.

What is Wiseling?

Wiseling is a company that claims to provide you high profits through trading cryptocurrencies. They focus on industries like medical, currencies, and IT industry. It is located in Finland and was launched only in 2020.

For each type of asset, the company has developed a unique investment plan. The lowest daily returns are at 0.8% for fiat assets, and the highest is at 3% for the IT industry. And if you were able to refer someone to the system, Wiseling will you commission up to 27% of the amount deposited by your referral. The question is, can they provide such earnings?

The lowest amount your referral can invest is at $50, and for the highest plan, you can deposit up to $50,000. Wiseling claims to be a legitimated and regulated company, but they are not. As you continue reading this review, you will know why it is a scam and do not trust them.

How does it work?

By merely reading their process of earning, it is clear that Wiseling is a Ponzi scheme. The things they offer on their site are just their way of attracting people to invest. The truth is they are not trading, do not invest. They are illegal financial operators.

Through their app, they can get money and redistribute it among members. This means they collect money from the new recruits and give it to the older members. That is how the Ponzi scheme operates and collapses in the end when the recruitment slows down. Wiseling needs a continuous flow of money in order to survive as this is their only source of money. All the assets they offer are fake.

Why Is Wiseling a Scam?

If you have invested your money in this app, sad to say, it is an investment scam. The company is not regulated or licensed by any financial organizations. Once they maxed out all their money, the company will crash and shuts down. In our rewiew is some evidence that will prove Wiseling is a scam.

Ponzi Scheme

As mentioned earlier, Wiseling is a scam, and you should not invest your hard-earned money with them. It is a Ponzi scheme. They offer fake investment plans and affiliate programs. If you are one of those old members you maybe lucky enough to get some earnings from them. But, if you are just a new investor, you might not get any earnings, and worst you will lose your investments.

Wiseling Scam

Stay away from Wiseling. You will never know when the company will collapse. Some may claim that it is legit, but only a few of them will. The majority of the members will lose their money, it is something that you do not want to be part of.

Virtual Company Address and Illegal Service

The company uses a virtual address. The Wiseling address on the app is not their office’s permanent address. The building is just a rent the space when needed. You should be very careful when dealing with a company with such an address. They just want to make their business legit, so they are adding fake addresses.

Wiseling Review

Upon checking, there is a company named Wiseling registered in Finland, but they are not authorized to transact financial services or investments. The company only has a tax registration that is easy to acquire and needs no proof of legitimacy. Since the company is providing financial services, it needs a license from the FIN-FSA, a Finnish financial regulator. Since they don’t have it, it means that they are operating illegally.

Fraud Investment Plans

One way to find out if the company is a scam or not is by checking its investment plans. Wiseling promises income up to 3% daily, something that even a reliable and legit company cannot provide. It means doubling your money every month, such a big profit that is impossible to achieve in the real world. Cryptocurrency trading is a very volatile industry. You can have a day where you can earn big, but it is impossible to have it every day


Wiseling is a scam, and you should avoid it no matter what. It is a Ponzi scheme, and it will crash any time soon. If you want to invest your money in trading software, open a free demo first and make sure you are dealing with a regulated company. You can practice trading using virtual money. If you are decided to invest using real money, make sure you know the risks and have a strategy ready.

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Is Wiseling safe?

No. It is not safe to invest in Wiseling. It is a Ponzi scheme and will crash anytime soon.

How much can I invest in Wiseling?

The lowest amount you can invest in Fiat assets is $50. The highest amount is $150,000, depending on which currency you will invest.

Is available in a mobile app?

Yes, it is available in a mobile app.

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