Wall Street Pro is Scam! Warning Review

This thorough binary options trading scheme review reveals that Wall Street Pro is a scam. Just like any other scam platforms it offers great profit and can make you become one of the richest traders in the world within the shortest time possible. Also they are offering the service for free. However, those who have attempted to try the service have different story that lead us to decide and commence with our investigation. There is always risk involve when you invest no matter what type of business you choose, as the economy appears to be falling and we are about to experience another period of depression worse than the 2008 economic collapse. One reason why binary options become popular is because it has helped many people to regain their financial status during 2008 crisis. The simplicity and the risk control the brokers provided for traders has helped saved them from losing funds.

To commence with trading options you are required to analyze and study the market and not just the local market but the world and also the local economy depend on it. Researching and analyzing require money and effort which only some have, that is why experts of Binary Industry and IT created that trade and evaluates on your behalf and help you generate profits even if the trader is on vacation with your family. Based on our Wall Street Pro review, we have found out that it is an automatic trading app that appeared in Binary Market recently to trade binaries on behalf of the traders who have no spare time to do it on their own, also to provide trading signals if one wants to trade manually.

This software is 100% web-based. The process of registering is similar to other scam software. First you need to watch their 5 minutes video. Then you need to provide information in registration form to be able to log in the software. Once the user is already log in, the investor will be offered to test the application for free within 7 days, and if you want to continue it up to 30 days, you need to deposit in your account with UTrader. For trading with UTrader, one will have the chance to choose manually. UTrader is a well-known broker that was launched in 2011, until today it holds his status as one of the best binaries market. After choosing the broker manually, one can switch to autopilot feature. In our  review, the trader can learn about the latest in financial industry and determine if Wall Street Pro is scam or legit.

Wall Street Pro is Scam – Three Evidences

This application is a tool of automatic trading in binary options it utilizes the most helpful signals to open the trades and positions instead of you. If one set the system at autopilot all the trading are done by the software. The software’s algorithm is based on the analysis of this program, including some indicators of market efficiency.

Official Website | Wallstreetpro.net

One can modify the settings of this software to fit your requirements, without worrying about losing your funds. If you are on autopilot, the user will not miss a single chance to start a successful trade and boost your profit. This part of our in-depth Wall Street Pro review will present some evidences that will prove that this app is nothing but a scam.

First Evidence – Fake Trading Results Provided

If one prefers to turn on the autopilot, he needs to set up the setting first and assign the amount the robot will invest on each trade. Experts suggest setting it to the minimum and utilize the range from 10 to 50 positions or make sure not to set it at the maximum unless you have enough funds. Keep in mind that the more options the robot buys, the better chance of earning big. The trader can likewise set the program at auto to stop trading if your funds are lower than the required one, or if the investor wants to earn a guaranteed amount to withdraw. Likewise in Wall St Pro review, we discovered that only UTrader investors may work with this app.

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If you are already a registered member of UTrader, the email you used to register on it should be the one you use when registering on this system. If not, you will not be able to use the autopilot. Now let’s check the result they have provided. On the software webpage one can see some testimonials with supposedly actual trading results. But they are obviously fake. Take a look at the image above and focus on the prices, they are definitely bogus. For instance, the GBP/USD conversion rate at 9.9489, definitely it is a complete nonsense. This only proves that the results provided by Wall St. Pro were fake and the app is a scam.

Second Evidence – You Can Use the App for Free – Another Lie

According to Wall St Pro website it is free so maybe you can try it anyway. We did but we found out that it’s another lie. They claim its free, but they won’t allow you to use the application until you deposit money with a broker that will be assigned upon you. You have no choice. And then you will let the program do the trading for you. And guess what will happen? You will lose everything you deposit.

Third Evidence – Unknown Developer and Owner

During our Wall Street Pro review we noticed that there is no information about the developer. Even in the introduction of the video he failed to mention his name. He only talks about how he helped his sister and how he got the idea of Wall St Pro. There is no direct way to contact them like phone number of live chat aside from email unlike other robot that provide info about how a trader can contact them.

Wall Street Pro Review Conclusion

The Wall Street Pro is scam as a matter of fact, there is no enough information about the system online. Even in auto mode it can lose your money and drain your account because the app is completely nonsense. You can earn a lot with binary options if you will learn how to trade effectively.

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