Wall Street Focus Group is Scam! Critical Review

The issue we want to clear up in this review is about the new software called Wall Street Focus Group supposedly developed by David Lombardi. The said software with wallstreetfocusgroup.com as their webpage is now being blacklisted in binary options trading industry. Most of these reviews say that Wall Street Focus Group is scam. We got curious with the system and we tried to conduct our own investigation and review to expose, bare and reveal the lies hidden in this platform.

This David Lombardi application is the worst, nastiest, poorest and corrupt scam that we have encountered so far based on our review. Because the platform is trending in binary options, there are lots of businessmen who are into this these days. And likewise because of this why these fraudsters are trying to take advantage of these innocent individuals. This 6-figure process designed by David Lombardi is absolutely a waste of time and money. Honestly, this app is not as effective, operative, applicable and operational as the others. Most of you are wondering why this platform is considered as a scam.

For more detailed and exhaustive information about this scheme, we would suggest that you read this full review till the end. As we have collected some evidences to prove this software is nothing but a scam and we would like to share it with you. Knowledge and comprehension is the key in keeping your money secured when doing business in binary options. Remember it’s not all the time winning, there will be time that you will lost but losing is part of the industry. However, if you are always losing it’s a different story. If there is no such thing as 100% winning rate in binary option, it is also unreal if you are always losing.

This is an auto trader application. It is an effective binary options trading tool. If you are having some doubts concerning this application whether it is legit or scam let this Wall Street Focus Group review help eliminate your hesitations. Upon visiting the wallstreetfocusgroup.com website, the first thing that you will notice is their claim that they can earn from $381 to $796 earnings per day with the minimum deposits. Just like other scam software it is not possible to achieve. There are also some misleading information and fake promises in their website to get the attention of many traders. The app is full of lies and all their promises and claims are not real, do not believe everything they say and fall into their trap as their primary objective is to steal the money. Thus, it is obvious this program is a scam no doubt.

This thorough and comprehensive Wall Street Focus Group review, we will try to scrutinize, analyze, examine and investigate the scheme as well as its webpage wallstreetfocusgroup.com to prove that Wall Street Focus Group is scam.

Wall Street Focus Group is Scam – Three Evidences

According to David Lombardi, the program is presently reaching successful binary options trade percentages that are unequalled by any other system in 2016 and this is due to the latest Secrets code that pushes the entire scheme. A huge number of traders have flooded the member’s area of wallstreetfocusgroup.com webpage because of its successful trade ratio that the system is presently reaching. The supposed developer David Lombardi claims that the platform has the strength and has proven to achieve a 98% winning rate for a number of program beta-testers. This sound too good to be true fact is a lie. Even if you have a magic wand it is not viable to attain such rate. The biggest question is how this app operates and provides high success rate when putting money within the binary options market. This application was designed with the user in mind and is able to take control of the process by searching and automating the transaction for the investor.

Official Website | Wallstreetfocusgroup.com

All the assertions you see in their website are unbelievable so clear out the confusion in your mind, this review will end all your uncertainty. One can make its own conclusion whether the program is a scam or legit. We have carried out some serious investigation, to reveal, bare and expose all the loopholes concealed in this platform. Based on our initial Wall Street Focus Group review we think that this software is a scam, by simply checking on the website wallstreetfocusgroup.com it looks like fraud software.

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First Evidence – The Fake Founder

Without wasting any time let us go straight to the point, the narrator who claims to be the founder and owner of this software is David Lombardi. In their promo video, the image of alleged owner is nothing but a stock model. The man you can see in the presentation is not at all connected with Pokemon Go or House of Cards, this man certainly is not a manager of a big company, he is just a poor scammer. The narrator continues to boast about the scam, how it can generate money. Actually, these scammers have completed an amazing job by showing their scam app, they even attempted to feature their software, but they were not able to do that.

The unproven founder of this application is nowhere to be found. When we search for him online we did not get any result.  It only implies that he does not exist at all in the real world. According to him his name has been mentioned in one of several articles on Forbes but the truth is that there is no record of him not even on social networking sites. This only entails that the character is fictitious and does not exist at all. This is made up to attract traders and make them believe that the system is legit.

Second Evidence – Algorithm Not Reliable

In the video posted in their website wallstreetfocusgroup.com they did not mentioned something about the algorithm and that is the only thing that’s missing. This is something that really matters, the algorithm that will make the process run properly but when we search for it, we found nothing. In their entire video presentation, they did not mention about the application or how does it work. They only mentioned about how you can generate money using their platform. Well apparently, investors should not trust this software. Believe us this application is not worth using, it’s definitely the worst scam we have encountered. You should be aware of this scam app and stay away from it. There are some investors that claim to earn over $3k in a day utilizing the live trading signals provided by the platform. The new trader can plug into live trading signals and start receiving real-time alerts automatically so there is no need for them to spend a lot of time knowing the ins and outs of binary investing. The latest feature added in this software is the automation which will control the transaction by putting the trades at the broker.

Third Evidence – Bogus Testimonials and Fake Reviews

The man featured in their promo video that talks about the app is a con artist. The fraudsters behind the system have hired someone to tell a lie about the scheme. The actor is from fiverr.com, where all the expert actors are hired and paid $5 for 50 words. The paid actor continues to boast about how this platform has changed their life. Definitely, these artists have done an amazing job in encouraging people. But, you should not trust them. They are all pretenders and nothing else. Not just that as you visit the website you might have noticed on the home page, they have posted some reviews from the members. Do not trust them, their identities are not real and they are all stock models. These individuals do not exist at all.

Wall Street Focus Group Review Conclusion

After providing you the evidences to prove that this is a scam, we are certain you are convinced by now that you should stay away with it. Definitely, this is a fake money making application in the industry automated trading app. The information provided by David Lombardi is misleading and full of lies. The scammers behind this bogus platform continue to targets novice traders so it will be easier for them to wipe out their bank account.

Before you trade using this automated trading app make sure that you have read our Wall Street Focus Group review from start to finish. There are some trusted brokers with licensed platforms in this industry, all you need to do is to find them and you will succeed in this market.

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