VorteXz Signals is Scam! Warning Review

Want to know more about the latest scam VorteXz Signals? Well don’t go any further you are at the right page. The primary purpose of writing this comprehensive VorteXzSignals review is to protect the consumers from getting scammed.

We have reviewed hundreds of scam websites, applications and platforms and we are sure that VorteXz Signals is scam. The indications are clear, the lies are all over their page and this review will prove that it is a scam. Before you go take further action, it is best that you read this review first. Vortexzsignals.com is a trading algorithm provider based in Romania that offers interesting solution for those who want to trade but have no knowledge about the industry. In short they are targeting the newbies.

Vortexzsignals.com was developed by a team of professional expert on financial market. According to them they have more than 10 years of experience in stocks, binary options and forex. The signals generated by the system are based on their expertise and knowledge that resulted to the development of the Meta Trader 4 Algorithms. They said that Vortexzsignals is ideal for traders who are not able to perform the required financial and technical analysis to predict the price movements accurately of various assets. It is a lucrative and useful solution by minimizing the danger associated with binary options trading.

The members can trade using their mobile phone, because the system was also designed for any type of mobile devices. The helpful signals sent to the members vary each day depending on the market conditions, because the market is dynamic and it adapts in real time. The number of signals their members will receive may vary between 15 to 30 signals each week from Monday to Friday. The signals will be sent one between 9 and 12 in the morning and one between 18H and 20H. Seems impressive but not possible, sending signals in the evening is not accurate. The signals normally depend on the trading conditions and since the market is only open 9am to 5pm. As we continue with our VorteXz Signals review we will present to you the evidences that will prove this is a scam.

VorteXz Signals is Scam – Three Evidences

As compared to other signal services the system presupposes the occurrence of a account with one of the affiliated broker. After setting the account, funded and verified, you can start trading even if you have less or no knowledge about it. After you make a deposit, you will get all the needed data on how to join the Vortexz private trading forums where the signals are delivered together with free guides as well as smart money management guides. This will enhance your trading experience and boost your chances of winning each trade.

As compared to other signal provider, this app does not require monthly fee. Once you made a $300 or $400 deposit you can trade right away. You just need to inform them that you have deposited the money via skype. Now that you know how this system works let us explain to you why we consider this as a scam. The succeeding paragraphs of this VorteXz Signals review will show you the proofs that you should not trust them at all.

First Evidence – Fabricated Trading Results

If you scroll down vortexzsignals.com, the results is very impressive but there are missing information. The developers are using the JS Chart by amCharts to show the memberss the wins per month, the increase in trader’s account balance and the winning rate. The chart displays that the signals have 461 wins and with over $47,000 balance since January 2016. Then it jumps to between 65 and 97% for a specific month.

But there is one important thing that is missing the VorteXz Signals themselves. Verifying or proving the results is not easy because we were not given the opportunity to check every trade. It is easy to create a chart with fake and fabricated data without us knowing it. Because of this we find this system as a scam. A legit company should have presented the results clearly and they should have given their members a chance to look at the actual trading to prove their claims.

Second Evidence – Unregulated Trading Signals Advice Provider

The law requires a company that provides binary options trading signals to be regulated. It’s because the company is giving investment advice and this is a regulated activity. Thus, if you want to provide signals legally in countries with a financial regulation, you need to acquire a license. This company does not have any license, the firm is absolutely an anonymous service therefore they are providing illegal investment advice. The company wants to look like as if they are giving signals for free to attract more people to join them.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

And lastly the fake testimonials. This is very common in all scam applications, they hire actors and create a character and then make a testimonials to show the consumers that they are really helping people to earn. All the images in their testimonial page are taken from stock photos. A clear indication that this website is a scam.

VorteXz Signals Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that VorteXz Signals is scam, this scheme is nothing but a fraud. Everything you see in the website is fabricated and is from the brilliant act of the scammers behind this. They might have encouraged a number of people to join them but not for long. After they have read this review, everything will become clear to them.

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3 thoughts on “VorteXz Signals is Scam! Warning Review”

  1. Yes they are a scam. The way they work is they give 5 good signals and 1-2 bad in which you lose everything. They make money of the brokers with which they have contracts. They are paid from commissions. When people lose money they get their commissions. Don’t be fooled!! They are a team from wich 5-6 are in the Discord group and they make you invest more and more but this is just an acting!!

  2. Vortexz Signals or Legendary FX( they change their names) are. Are a big scam! 5-6 months with profit and they change the strategy they force you to make a new deposit and you will lose everything

  3. It’s a 100% romanian scam. Stay away from this ponzi scheme. They have a facebook page where only good reviews with screenshots are permitted, bad ones being deleted in a second and user banned from page. In february 2021, almost all connected users to trader account lose their money in a night. Suspicions of a fraud. Beware!


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