Unexpected Winnings

There are lots of people who are finding ways to earn more money and many of them are being lured, tempted, decoyed, trapped and attracted to several online scams. As a result, people are tricked, deceived, misled, and fooled to provide essential information like names, bank details and birth date when signing up or registering. Some dubious, untrustworthy, and ludicrous websites would require you to pay certain fees for courier charges, bank fees or taxes.

By delaying or postponing the release of your winnings and requiring you to pay additional fees, the scammers can make more money and those who communicate through phone often extend or lengthen their call so you will be charged with higher phone bills.

Unexpected Winnings – Protecting Yourself from Getting Scammed

These scams likewise try to add some urgency or pressure on it that they will tell you to hurry or you will lose your chance to get this once in a lifetime offer. There are instances they will advise you not to divulge or reveal your winnings to anyone so you will be forced not to consult, confer to any independent sources. There are several types of unexpected winnings.

Unexpected Prize and Lottery Scams

The scammers will oblige you to pay a certain fee to claim the prize or winnings from a lottery or competition you never joined. You need to educate yourself on how this scam works so you will have an idea on how to avoid it and protect yourself from becoming a victim.

  • The cheaters will contact you via email, social media, mail, text message or telephone. They will send you a notification that you have won a huge amount of money or an amazing, enticing, juicy prize in a contest, sweepstake or lottery you don’t remember joining.
  • Your alleged winnings could be in the form of a trip to somewhere or electronic equipment like smartphone or laptop, or a huge amount of money from an international lottery.
  • The online crooks will ask you to pay a fee in order for you to claim the prize. They will say that the fees are for government taxes, insurance costs, courier charges or bank fees. The fraudsters will continually ask money from you and delay the release of your winnings and once they have enough money from you, they will stop calling or contacting you.
  • Occassionally the cyber criminals would collect a premium rate on the phone number you are required to call normally it starts with 190. They lengthen your conversation so you will be charged with higher phone bill, and may even ask you to call again the other premium rate number.
  • The text message, letter or email you receive will urge, advise, push you to respond right away or you will miss the opportunity to get your winnings. You will be asked to keep your winnings a secret and you should not inform anyone as this is private, classified, restricted and confidential to maintain security or to prevent your winnings from being claimed by others. Cyber crooks do this to prevent, thwart or avert you from asking or getting advice from independent sources or from searching further details about your supposed winnings.
  • This scam may use legit overseas lotteries, because they know that you will do some searching first before you will be lured, decoyed, enticed into their trap. This will make the scheme looks authentic, real and reliable. Most of the unexpected prize or lottery scams come from Spanish lotteries El Gordo and Loteria Primitiva.

Travel Prize Scams

This type of scam will try to trick, fool, deceive, misled you into parting or sharing your money to get a reward like discounted or free holiday. Here’s how this scam works:

  • The travel prize scams often appears or will pop-up after you have done some research for a holiday online and registering to get further details about it. Afterwards, you will be notified through text, email, phone or post informing you that you have won travel vouchers amounting to $2000 to $3000.
  • Or maybe you have participated in an online survey and after completing it you will receive a notification that you have won a trip for two or vouchers. But before you can claim your prize, you are required to purchase more travel vouchers.
  • The cyber robbers will offer an amazing or heavily discounted holiday package or accommodation to a popular destination like Bali, the Pacific Islands or Thailand. Some will offer you holidays to the Bahamas or Florida with tickets to cruises or theme parks at discounted price. But the truth is that, the package or prize does not exist at all.
  • If you decide to claim your prize, the lawbreakers will ask for your credit card and other important information before they can release the prize. Once you have forwarded your personal information, the felons will instantly or straightaway use these to empty your bank account. They may likewise use your personal data to commit other cybercrimes.
  • Your prize or vouchers will either never reach you, or if they do, you will not be able to use when you try to redeem them. There are cases where the lawbreakers will give you the tickets and travel information but when it is time for you to travel, you will not be able to use the tickets and your contact person is nowhere to be found.

Scratchie Scams

This maybe new to some but it has been circulating online for quite sometimes now. It makes use of fake scratchie cards that promises you will get a prize, but you need to pay a collection fee. The scam works in the following process:

  • Scratchie cards are used in lotteries, competitions or promotions, instructing the users to “scratch and win an instant prize”, like holidays or travel. There are also some scratchie cards that may use legitimate competitions or lotteries, you should be very cautious about any scratchie card that will ask you for a payment before you can get your prize.
  • Scratchie scam will inform you of an instant prize, but when you tried to contact the organizer to claim or demand for it, you will be asked to pay for different fees either through preloaded money card or wire transfer. The online felons will ask for your bank details and personal details. In some instances you will be asked to travel abroad to claim your winnings.
  • Professional looking brochures are sometimes included in the package to make it look more legit. A professional-looking website might be created for this purpose and it may include contact information for a business and a web address.
  • An up-front payment you are asked to pay can be as high as several thousand dollars. If you pay the fee, you will never get the prize, and your money will be lost. Cyber criminals will stole your personal information and use it for fraudulent activities.

To keep yourself protected against these fraudulent acts, make sure that you are updated with the latest scam. Reading our blog SubmitScams.com that includes information about the latest scams and cyber criminals will keep you safe. Our blog’s main purpose is to provide information as comprehensive as possible about cyber crooks circulating the World Wide Web and get rid of them will

Have you been Scammed?

Scammers are getting better these days and they are increasing in number, if you are one of their victims or received a scam email you can report them to us at SubmitScams.com. You should inform your family, friends and colleagues to keep them safe. Read our blog SubmitScams and know the latest scams that people report to us and keep yourself protected against them.

If in case you have provided these scammers your passport, bank account details, or other personal information call your bank, financial institution or other agencies right away to inform them.

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