Trusted 100 is Scam! HYIP Software Review

Trusted 100 is a new HYIP or high-yield investment program which we considered as scam. The software offers nice return rates, this scam easily became popular and we are bombarded with questions and inquiries about them. We are dedicated to provide our readers accurate information about the latest binary options trading system to help them in deciding and trade safely. This comprehensive, widespread, and broad review will prove to you that Trusted 100 is scam and you should stay away from it. We are not just providing thorough information about binary options scheme but also we do some investigation, analysis, exploration and opinion about famous HYIP offers as well.

These two fields are related to each other because the majority of the programs claim to be utilizing Binary Options traders or Forex to generate money for their investors. We carry out in-depth investigation regarding and it appears like what is evident is not that good as there are some misleading information and questionable facts that people should know before investing their hard earned money. Thus, we recommend that you read our complete Trusted 100 review so you will not get lost when dealing. During our probe and review we will stress on some dubious details. We will also provide conclusion based on what we have gathered. However, the final decisions will all depend on you.

Basically, the program is categorized as Ponzi Schemes. As you continue reading this Trusted 100 review you will uncover the reason why. The market is huge and the demand is even bigger. For this reason why there are lots fraudsters who develop deceptive websites like with its objective to drain your account. As a result, the number of scammers increases fast that most software are now considered as a scam. Around 99.5% of these schemes are fake and it’s because of this why there are lots of reviews are sprouting out in the internet to warn their readers about all the HYIP’s. On the other hand legit program is good, that is why we advise our readers to read our Trusted 100 review first before deciding. Before we go even further it would be a good idea to discuss first how Trusted 100 works.

This Trusted 100 review also reveals, bare, expose and divulge some facts that could be unknown to you. Traders must have been used to binary options but this scheme is a little bit different but as mentioned they are somewhat related. Our Trusted 100 review will focus on the outcome if you sign up and invest in this money sucking app. We highly propose that you ignore any offer with the same scheme or you will regret it. Most software that operates using these program money-making opportunities is scam, and traders should not trust them. One of the main reasons is that they operate and pay using the money of every new investor to the old ones, and then suddenly hold everything. Also, those companies that operate using this method are usually based with offshore bank accounts and thus you will have a hard time tracking them. With all the evidences we will provide later as a result of our investigation and review of website, you will discover that system that applies HYIP are not reliable, because there are lots of shady facts surrounding it. Continue reading and find out why putting your money in Trusted 100 very risky and it could drain your bank account fast.

Trusted 100 is Scam – Three Evidences

Trusted 100 is a money investment firm that promises to provide 3% to 50% returns every day. The return for high-yield investment program is quite high, and is impossible to achieve. Also, the presenter of the promo video of claims that the high-yield investment program is generating high profit, with the help of a group of experts Forex traders. The system also offers 6 investments schemes that you can decide from. During our Trusted 100 review we discovered that the company does exist, but it does not make it legit.

Official Website |

This scheme can be endorsed by some investors but it does not necessarily mean that the application is safe and strong investment. This is more like gambling rather than investment, and if you are interested to invest in this kind of scam it is best that you invest only a small amount of your savings. This program normally uses the cash invested and places it in a more standard investment like Forex, stocks, high yield bonds and others. This concept is more like a loan to the creator of such program in which they pay you back with the earnings that they get on your savings, kind of like interest on your principle. There is not doubt: Trusted 100 is scam.

First Evidence – Unknown Presenter

The presenter in forgot to mention his name and instead of using the me approach he has been using we approach to make it looks like that it is not only him who is responsible for the scam app. For some novice traders the way the presenter explains how the Trusted 100 works is quite convincing. But for us it is not. First, when we visited their website we recognized right away who is the man on their promo video. This man is popular in He is an actor who has been hired by other scam software to act as the CEO, developer or as a user. You can see at the images presented above that he is a paid actor.

As we further scrutinize their website we encountered one name, director Simon Johnson. It looks like that this HYIP is being manned by only one person. But this is not possible. One man cannot handle multiple accounts, and being beneficial without any aid. A suitable investment firm is composed of team of financial experts. As we research and check about the man it seems like he is not knowledgeable in financial market. Would you trust a service with a shady owner? Definitely not!

Second Evidence – Misleading Information

As we continue with our in-depth Trusted 100 review, we check out their SSL certificate to determine if the company is exists. We found out that it does exist but there is some conflicting and misleading information that we have discovered in their website. Like for instance in their About Us page. A part of their claim states that “Since 2010, Trusted 100 offers access to the most lucrative areas of investment and boosts the probability of financial success………..” It is our practice that before we start to evaluate and assess the credibility of this scheme we use first for the date of registration of their website and we have found out that the registration date of Trusted 100 is 10 October 2016. And their website is registered on 26 July 2016 and is operating from November 2016. Thus, there is conflicting information about their statement.

Third Evidence – Unrealistic Returns

Let’s check the return rates that they claim. The return rates start at 3% a day up to 47% a day, which is unusual. No HYIP company or no hedge fund can survive with very high payout rates. Generally, what will happen is that at some the company will claim bankruptcy to escape the financial issues. The returns they are claiming is not viable and we think anything that is above 10% per month is impossible and not achievable. Even if the app is still new in the financial industry there are lots of people that include it in their list of bogus application and we surely understand why.

If you are interested to put your dollars in this scam, we suggest that you wait for few months if people can actually withdraw their money. That is only the time you can invest on the said scheme. Start at the minimum, when you start earning you can add more. Aside from the basic information, nothing significant can be found on webpage. At the moment, the website is made very simple with mostly bogus claims.

Trusted 100 Review Conclusion

After our exhaustive and methodical evaluation and review about this one man company we found out that Trusted 100 is scam. There are no traders and it is impossible for this service to pay all its investors properly. In the beginning the old members are payed using the new member’s investments.

There will come a time when they have used up all their resources and there is nothing left for them to do but to claim for bankruptcy and disappear.  This is one of the main reasons why we don’t trust HYIP at all.

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