Trading Everest is Scam! Warning Review

If you are searching for unbiased Trading Everest review you are in the right page. This application has been in the market for quite some time. But it looks like that the sales team have revived the app and becomes active again. Because of the recent development we have decided to make a review to help the traders in making a decision. The platform is a trading signals service which provides prediction of profitable and winning trades.

The promotional video promises huge profits starting from the time a subscriber signs up and start using the program. Before you make further action, we suggest that you read our comprehensive Trading Everest review first.

Jason Gaines introduces the software thru their website. Just like the surname of the presenter “Gaines” you will gain a lot with the help of this platform. According to Jason, he has been into trading binary options for the past 4 years before that he worked at NYSE for a well-known Hedge Fund. He narrates how he work together with his high-school friend Chris and they designed the program known as Trading Everest application.

This scam program allegedly has the same criteria used by Wall Street elite hedge fund manager. Chris and Jason have replicated these high powered trading systems. The system can deliver an amazing rate of 9 successful trades out of 10. According to Jason Gaines it can generate around 71% to 85% gains every 60 seconds every time you trade. He also mentioned that it could transform $200 investment to $40, 490 in a week at auto-mode. We will check on this in this review and provide proofs. He also mentioned in promo video that the figures may vary from $345 in 60 seconds or $540 in 5 minutes. The weekly average earnings you can get by using the software is between $23900 and $45000

Chris and Jason total earnings for the past three months are $2,780,000 and $4,500,600 respectively. These amounts are very impressive but too good to be true it is how they presented it in the video. Beware no software was ever achieve such earnings. As we continue with our review, we check out how this application works. The system scans the primary exchanges of the world to pick the most winning signals. With the use of a scientific screening system known as money multiplier these money signals are determined. With the help of a series of math formulas and equations the software determines the potential winning trade. With the use of Statistics, Probability and the previous trading patterns, the scam utilizes a specific indicator to activate when a particular trade would reach its TPP or Trade Peak Potential. When it reaches its maximum TPP, they will have another indicator to inform the next window of opportunity.

Trading Everest is Scam – Three Evidences

This is the most important part of our review. Here we will provide you evidences why we consider Trading Everest is scam. As we continue watching promo video we tried to assess the faces of those behind this app that can transform $200 into several thousands of dollars in shortest time possible. After watching the video we have discovered and concluded that this system is 100% scam.

First Evidence – Jason Gaines and Chris

In the presentation Jason narrates how successful he is as a trader and he used to earn a 6 figures salary. But, because of pressure and commitments he resigned from his job. He worked together with his school friend Chris who was into Advanced Study of Statistical Analysis.  We tried to make sure that they are legit so we carry out some research about Chris and Jason and we found nothing. Most of the time these scammers create fictional characters to represent them. Obviously, Jason Gaines is a fictional character created to make the Trading Everest software looks legit but they failed. After reviewing their website we discovered that the characters only exist in this program. Their claim of having been successful traders is not real. Their names were not even mentioned in any trading forums.

Second Evidence – Fake Trading

If you check the website you will see a live trading account. But if you check even further, one will notice that they are not taken live at all. The outcomes are manipulated to make it looks like the trading app works. But in reality it does not. The sales page of this scam platform is just like other binary option scams. They make various claims and set up some sales tactics to convince people. Those who are new in trading might think that it is legit software. We recommend the new users to check out our Trading Everest review first before you decide.

Third Evidence – It is Not Free

The purpose of developing this system is to encourage you to open an account with an unregulated broker. Of course the subscribers are not aware that they are dealing with an unregulated broker. After you have provided all the data needed, one will be asked to deposit the money before you can activate the app. The money you deposit will go directly to the broker and the scammers will get their commission. If one trade using the Trading Everest software be prepared to lose your money.

Trading Everest is Scam – Conclusion

This complete Trading Everest review exposed how this scam works and what you should consider when in search for trading program. Jason Gaines and the website are all fabricated to trick people and encourage them to sign up and deposit money on it. Make sure that you stay away from this scam or you will be sorry.

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