TradesCafe is Scam! Warning Review

Investing in HYIP is one of your biggest decisions in life. Before committing that biggest mistake make sure that you read our comprehensive TradesCafe review first. We received reports that this company is a scam and we want to protect you against them.

We know how hard it is to earn a good amount of cash, it losing it because of a scam software is really heartbreaking. TradesCafe has already victimized a number of investors. Don’t let yourself to get victimized by this scam. is a scam, we will prove it to you through this TradesCafe review. They have been sending emails inviting investors to join them in their HYIP business. Keep in mind there is no HYIP company that was able to survive longer. Most of them are scams and after they have collected enough funds they will simply deactivate their website and hide. If you are one of those who get victimized by them, it is not yet too late to warn others you know.

There are lots of complaints about not receiving their withdrawals. You can open a dispute with TradesCafe to reclaim your cash. You probably know by now that is a fake investment website. According to them you can get high returns even if your investment is small. The supposed profit will range between 117% – 150%. There are lots of similar sites on the internet with the great majority of them being malicious scams that is created to steal investor’s cash.

TradesCafe is Scam – Third Evidence is a HYIP website that collects money to become rich. These fraudsters are misrepresenting their company. We will enumerate the evidences to see why we come up with our conclusion. This is the part of our TradesCafe review where we expose their lies and fake claims which makes them a scam.

Are you wondering why we consider TradesCafe investment company as scam? The answer is simple. They do not pay withdrawals. They only pay their affiliates who encourages other people to sign up. pays affiliate commissions because they need to boost their customer base as well as those who are working for them. Actually, if we want to lie to you and promote the website we also get paid, but we are not like that. The real investors that deposit their dollars are not being paid..

You can read this TradesCafe review and share it with others so they will get protected.

First Evidence – No Proof of Mining or Trading

Tradescafe does not have any proof of their bitcoin mining or forex trading. This is an indication that the company is a scam, you should not believe every word they say. Those behind Trades Cafe is assuming that people will invest without even checking where their investment will go.

Make sure that you will fall on this. This scheme is not an authentic mining or trading company. They are just collecting dollars from investors and pay the commission sales to boost their sales. Trades Cafe is not investing your money anywhere. The scammers behind TradesCafe simply takes your money. Everything you see on their website is all lies and fake info created to attract more people.

Second Evidence – Unknown Owner

Another reason why we consider Tradescafe as scam is the fact that they do not divulge the name of the real owner. This is another big red flag and is very common to many scam software. They are doing it on purpose to cover up his identity so that when get scammed, they don’t have any idea who to pursue. A legit and regulated investment business will proudly give the name of the founder and CEO.

Obviously, they are hiding something from the people. Now that you know it is not safe to entrust your investment to a firm with unknown CEO and developer would still give them a chance? Definitely not! Tradescafe is scam!

Third Evidence – No User Review

After searching the net and social media sites for user reviews, we have found several facts. We have found out that the only people claiming that TradesCafe pays are those who want you to click their affiliate link to sign up.

We have asked several users of TradesCafe and ten out of ten did not receive a single penny. The people behind this company are stealing your money and they are getting away with it.  The best thing to do is spread the word and share our review to others so people will know that they should not trust this firm. This is the only way to shut them down.

TradesCafe Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that TradesCafe is scam and you should not trust them at all. Putting your funds in this fake site will leave you broke and unhappy. Keep in mind HYIP firm will not last longer in the market. They will close up once they have collected enough money and open up a new one to trick more people. There is nothing good with this kind of business. They don’t have bitcoin mining facilities and they don’t invest your money. The most important thing is that they don’t pay at all.

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