Trader’s Buddy is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive Trader’s Buddy review will expose the lies and deceit. is scam and we will prove it to you in this review. But before we go any further it is best that we discuss first how the system works and what they offer. This software is the latest application introduced only this February, which claims that they can provide high return of investment.

It is a new system that uses scam platform similar to what most scam software used. They only differ on logo and their software colors. The very first thing you need to check when deciding which trading robot to choose from is whether it is linked with regulated brokers or not. This is one of the primary problems with scam software they usually link traders account to unregulated brokers.

Remember that if you transact with non-licensed brokers, you are not sure whether you can still withdraw your money when you request for it or you will lose everything you invested on it. And the sad thing about this application is that you cannot file a complaint against them, because there is no regulation authority that will handle these complaints. In short, every cent you invested on this app should be considered lost. Make sure not to fall from this scam.

When we review an app particularly the new ones, the first thing we do is visit their website and check on their promo video. Unfortunately, does not have one. So, our Trader’s Buddy review will rely on what was written on sales page. We have started this review by mentioning that the app is working with non-licensed brokers to give you a warning right away. This application is a scam and you should not trust them. Going back to website, all you can see is a sales page full of text and does not provide enough information.

Trader’s Buddy is Scam – Three Evidences

In this Trader’s Buddy review we will prove to you this program is a scam and you should not trust them at all. This online platform for binary options trading lets you trade in a semi and fully automated mode. According to them their algorithms are proven and winning. There is also an education center where you are trained to master the markets. They also claim that the app is free for 500 beta testers. They have not provided any proof on their claim thus their legitimacy is questionable.

Even a 12-year old could design a website similar to Trader’s Buddy. Here are the same old wordings that every scam website uses to attract more people and steal their money. You can also see phrases like “huge returns with minimal investments” as well as “you want to become an overnight millionaire”. While there are a number of dependable and high earning trading systems that you can find online, there are also as lots of fraud apps that will simply attract you with their fancy words and phrases and then disappear once they have collected enough money.

First Evidence – The App is Not Free

Most of the scam software claims that traders can use the program for free, but after you register they will ask you to deposit a certain amount with one of their brokers if not you won’t be able to use the software. It is free to open an account in Trader’s Buddy but just like other scam software one cannot trade without depositing the minimum amount. People are confused about this so-called free to open an account. Some misinterpreted it. They thought they can use the system for free. But the truth is they are only trying to confuse people. There is no such thing as free when it comes to trading. You need to invest money on it to begin the process.

Second Evidence – Working with Unregulated Brokers

Once you have completed your sign up process, you will be assigned to trade with unregulated brokers. You cannot choose your preferred broker. And unfortunately this app is working with non-registered brokers. If this is the case, you might end up losing all your money instead of earning. And since there is no authority that deals with scam brokers, you cannot file a complaint. Another major concern with this application is that the traders are not allowed to test the system’s performance. Thus, the possibility of losing your money on your first trade is high. It only means that if Trader’s Buddy does not work as expected, one will lose all of his funds easily. This is what exactly will happen to your money if you trade using this app.

Third Evidence – No Real Contact Information

We believe that this scam was created by the same group who developed the Binary Options Robot. They did not mention any name or group of individuals who developed the system. This is not normal if they are claiming that they are a legit company. They should be aware the first thing an interested trader will check in any program is the developer. A system that does not mention the name of the developer or the CEO is quite suspicious. Would you trust an application with unknown developer?

Definite not! Trader’s Buddy is scam. It’s a sign that the owners are hiding their identity, so people will not be able to sue them when they found out they are being scammed.

Trader’s Buddy Review Conclusion

This review proves that Trader’s Buddy is scam. We have presented to you the evidences that will prove this system is a fraud. Their website is full of lies and misleading information thus we suggest that you should not trust them at all.

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