Top 10 Profits is Scam! Critical Review

This complete Top 10 Profits review will reveal the truth behind the app. It is new scam software, allegedly developed by Barry Riva and was only released on February 2017. According to them it can help you earn up to $3,620 per day. This scam applies a scam platform just like other scams on the market today. They only change the logo and the color of the software. The company is working with unregulated brokers which are not a good sign of a legit company.

Obviously Top 10 Profits is scam since a legit company will not work with brokers without a valid regulation license from the regulation authority. In short, every cents deposited on this app should be considered as lost. Don’t expect that it will help you learn. Thus, before you make further action we recommend that you read our review first. In this Top 10 Profits review, we will provide evidences to prove that this app is scam and that Barry Riva is not all real.

Before we can proceed we continue with our review, we would like to present to you first how this system works. The supposed owner Barry Diva claims that along with his friend analyst from Google they developed a binary options trading platform that can produce more than $3,000 per day. To make the system more accurate, he requires more users. This is the reason why he will allow you to use the program for free, to help you become rich for free. Very impressive, but we don’t think they are capable of doing it.

He also claims that it can make $3600 a day just like the top 10% elite. Strange that there are some people who simply sign up without even checking the software. The first thing you need to remember is that you should stay away from any system that offers amount that is too good to be true. The sales pitches are similar to other scam applications, Top10Profits promises people to provide anything to back it up. Actually, the attempt to create software that looks legitimate only affects its credibility. Everything discussed is just a marketing scheme to attract traders.

Top 10 Profits is Scam – Three Evidences

If you visit you will be greeted by this text “Need Cash Right Now? We Have the Solution for you.” It sounded too easy but the truth it’s not. Yes you need money but no they cannot provide. Why, because Top 10 Profits is not real and it was only developed to collect money from people. This review will prove it to you.

We have all the evidences and we will show it to you one by one.

First Evidence – The Developer is a Fictitious Character

The first thing a trader would check if one is interested on a particular software is the credibility of it’s owner. In this case, Top 10 Profits is allegedly developed by Barry Riva. Unfortunately, upon checking the man does not exist at all. He has no social media account that we can check. No information about him found at any search engines. To make the story short, Barry Riva is a fictitious character and he does not exist at all. He is a man with no reputation in the binary options industry. We tried also checking and it does not bare the name of Barry Riva. It is a clear indication that the platform is a scam and you should stay away from it.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonies

As you explore you will see the supposed to be testimonials of people who have used the system and claiming that they produce money using the app.  Unfortunately, these reviews are all fake, they were paid actors from As you can see in the above image, the woman who claims to be Donna Noel is a paid actress from Anybody can hire her to lie in front of a camera at very reasonable price. All the personalities you see in their video are fake and they are all paid to lie.

Third Evidence – False Press Release

At the top of sales page you will see claims that they have been endorsed by The New York Times, Forbes and Bloomberg Television. This is not true. The Top 10 Profits application has never been featured on any of these publications and they will never do this in the future. If you carry out a quick search on any of these sites you will discover that the program has never been mentioned not even once. Thinking how unprofessional the webpage is, it is not surprising that this app does not get acknowledged by primary publications binary options.

Top 10 Profits Review Conclusion

Our comprehensive review proves that Top 10 Profits is scam and people should not trust them at all. The evidences are clear and what we have mentioned above are only some. There are several other signs of the system being scam. One if the fake counter that you see on the upper right hand of the sales page. Once it reaches zero or refreshes the page it will start at 20 again. Another indication is the too good to be true profit, which we mentioned on the first part of our review. Clearly, Top 10 Profits is a fraud.

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