TNT Trading Software is Scam! Warning Review

This thorough TNT Trading Software review will expose the lies and deception by its alleged developer Timothy Tibbits. Just like other scam applications this software is designed to encourage people to join and steal the member’s money. Although we consider this as less scammy, but still you need to be careful. This is not as obvious and as dangerous as others but it can still empty your account.

We have compiled all the evidences in this review to prove to you that TNTTradingSoftware is scam. Their targets are the new traders whom they can fool easily. We suggest that if you have plans of putting your money in this system make sure that you have read our TNT Trading Software review from start to finish.

Let’s begin by telling something about As mentioned it is developed by Timothy Tibbits. Although, this is not the usual scam system that you see online, the fact that it’s a fraud you should be on the lookout. We have scanned their website and we find things that shouldn’t be there and misleading information. They are doing it to deceive people and make them believe that it’s a legit one. The scammers behind this app are trying to control the day-traders so they will deposit their money without even thinking.

We have written this TNT Trading Software review to expose and get rid of this corrupt program. Let’s check out how this system works. This program does not encourage you to trade in Forex or in binary options. It does not promise you 5 figure earnings or enormous profits in one day. Instead the supposed owner Timothy Tibbits claims that you can bank anywhere from $300 to $1000 using the application on complete autopilot. Even if these statements are not too exaggerated, we still have some concerns. According to Tim and his partner TNT is an autotrader that analyzes market movements, focusing on support and resistance for the right trade entries. But he mentioned something about a twist on his program. He re-analyzed the signals through AI or Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

TNT Trading Software is Scam – Three Evidence

The application is focusing not on binary or forex but on social trading. According to them it is a new way for traders at any level to deal with financial insights while forecasting the condition of the market on one shared platform. They say that social trading is an ideal means of improving the online trading experience providing a smarter, interactive and better approach to investing in financial industries. This is quite new to us but it’s not good enough to convince us. Here are some evidences that will prove TNT Trading Software is scam.

We want to remind you there is no trading app that contains artificial intelligence or self-enhancement technology. Even if this program is not as exaggerated as others, the fact still remains that your money will be lost if you invest on it.

First Evidence – Fake Companies

Some fraud apps are using non-existing companies to make their website looks legit. But in the case of TNT these scam artists have taken a different path, not disclosing any name of companies, but instead use a false sense “Legal Representation” from fake lawyers. As you can see on the image above it says Greg Morris has its own law company called Morris Law, the lawyer allegedly supporting Timothy Tibbits and the software. Sad to say, after investigating it we found out that there is no company registered by the name of Morris Law Firm. Then, what is the relationship of Greg Morris to the company. How can we trust him if obviously these people are lying? Definitely this app is a scam.

Second Evidence – Who is Timothy Tibbits

We already established that Morris Law firm is a fake company as well as the alleged owner Greg Morris. The next thing we did is to verify the identity of Timothy Tibbits. You guess it right, Tibbits, Morris and Broadwell are all paid actors hired by the scammers behind this application. If you cannot remember who Colin Broadwell is, he is the one talking with Tibbits on Skype. Broadwell is the legal counsel for the software company that designed his TNT application. Broadwell did not disclose the name of his company, so people will not be able to verify it. We cannot confirm whether or not Mr. Broadwell really exists since he does not divulge the name of his company. We cannot find any information about him on Google.

Third Evidence – Applied Scam Tricks

Pushing you to sign up right away is an old scam that is polluting the industry. This tactic that rushing new traders to sign up before the allotted time ended works to others but not to us and to our readers. They are telling the new traders that the application is time sensitive and if they will not act right away they might lose their slot. After 45 days it will expire and you will be charge a huge monthly fees. This tactic is known as psychological scamming a method to persuade someone. The fraudsters are targeting new traders and those who are very eager to earn more. They are doing this so that they can get the money of the new members before they realize that they are being scammed.

TNT Trading Software Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that TNT Trading Software is scam, this program is nothing but a fraud. The system may appear new to many but the objective of the scammers behind this is the same to steal the money of the traders.

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