Tim Sykes is Scam! Profit.ly Review

Before you sign up or invest with this program it is best that you read our review first to find out if Tim Sykes is scam. Many people would like to work on the stock market and generate money from options, stocks, commodities, and others. But, it is very strenuous to get started, because learning the different strategies requires a lot of time. Unfortunately, you need to learn trading since you are working with real cash, which implies that most of them don’t want to take the risks. But, there are some tools that can be helpful to you to become a good trader. This is true if one is interested, engrossed, and attentive in penny stocks. In this review we will present to you one program that is popular these days the Timothy Sykes Profit.ly.

First and foremost Timothy Sykes is a penny stock trader. We also found out through our review that Tim Sykes becomes rich using his own method and he learned this on his own. When he was just in college, he used his savings amounting to $12,000 from his bar and turned this into $1.65 million. Because of this become popular internationally. To share his secrets to other traders he compiled his knowledge and skills and came up with Profit.ly website. Don’t get too excited, continue reading this Tim Sykes review and find out on your own if this is a scam or a legit penny stocks app.

Tim Sykes a popular name in the niche world of stocks. You are reading this review probably because you have heard of his name somewhere or you are searching for reliable system in trading. He is the owner of the Penny Stock trading empire including the Pennystock Silver, investimonials, Tim Alerts, penny stock DVD series, profit.ly and the Millionaire Challenge. He promotes his techniques to those who are new in day trading industry that don’t have enough knowledge and experience. He concentrates on the pink sheet stock, and volatile OTC which most of the trading schemes don’t touch.

Our review will start with Profit.ly website. Profit.ly is a big website that focuses, centers, concentrates, and emphasize primarily with informing people on the things they need to do with penny stocks. Tim alerts hires a number of different instructors, which includes him. He is one of the best that earns a lot from his own system, which makes him very popular and well-respected on his field. Thanks to his marketing team, friends and subscribers. We also found out during the review, assessment and evaluation that one of the reasons why there are lots of people believes in him is because he is a real trader, which means you can learn from his experience instead from theories alone.

Tim Sykes is Scam – Three Evidences

Before we proceed to evidences that will prove to you that Tim Sykes is scam, it is best that we make mention first of his Millionaire Challenge. As mentioned earlier this man is a multi-millionaire teacher and stock trader. According to him he has helped two of his students to become millionaires (although there is no proof) and is looking for more students. Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge is an app you can join to become one of his students and learn how to trade penny stocks accordingly. Penny stocks are the most risky part of this market – full of fraud and get rich scams and there is no legit financial adviser that would suggest them to a trader.

Official Website | Profit.ly

Tim Alert scam system will give you access to a wide range of tools, like email stock pick alerts, SMS as well as private chat room where you can receive a lot of help and advice. Also, he has different watch lists with trades that you could consider to invest in. There is also a section on his theorioncode.com a library of more than 700 training videos, and it is still expanding.

There are lots of people in the world that have signed up and joined his service, and according to Tim Sykes these people have been able to produce millions by simply utilizing his penny stock. Does this sound convincing? Wait till you see the evidences we presented in this Tim Sykes review. You might be wondering why we consider the scheme scam, actually there are lots of reasons why but since it will be hard for us to mention all of them in this review, we have decided to choose at least three of them.

First Evidence – Timothy Sykes Get His Riches from his Students and NOT from Trading

Timothy Sykes is deceiving people. He claims he becomes a millionaire by penny stocks but in reality he is not trading at all. His wealth that he always brags is not produced from trading. It is from the money he collected from his students as payment for his programs and classes he offers. This is his way of attracting and persuading people to sign up with his scam system. Timothy is aware that his scheme is not capable of generating the amount of earnings he claims. Profit.ly has limited niche of stock he is teaching traders to participate in. His niche does not have the ability to support 2000 plus students. There is no actual numbers as to how many of his students really succeed and was able to reach the amount of money he ascertained to achieve.

Second Evidence – Encourages You to Buy More DVDs and Subscriptions

Some people think that Profit.ly primary purpose is to convince you to purchase more DVDs and Subscriptions. There is no proof that any of these generate money aside from profit.ly website which has been matched in the past by other Guru Traders and received lots of complaints. You will have this feeling that you serve as guinea pig for Tim Sykes marketing machine since you cannot trade off Tim’s alerts because he is in and out of a trade, then he sends out the alert that he is in and out.

Every second or minute is vital when trading. For those who really want to follow his techniques and strategies, you will need to buy his DVDs to better understand it and how he finds his choices. Only then you will be able to understand his techniques. If one only gets the silver or the Tim Alerts subscription you will only get half of its story since you will not be able to understand why, what and when Tim is doing it. During our investigation and Tim Sykes review we have encountered several complaints about investimonials and profit.ly website which are both own by Sykes.

Third Evidence – You Need a Lot of Money

As mentioned earlier in order to understand Tim’s strategy you need to purchase his DVDs or at least the Tim Fundamentals and Penny Stocks Part Deux. And because of this you need a lot of savings in your account to be able to trade Tim’s way because he favors penny stocks which is the hardest part of trading. And he likewise uses premium brokers that need 10k to 25k deposits in order to trade with them such as Centerpoint Securities and Interactive Brokers. In case you don’t have enough money he will encourage you to add more money thru an offshore brokerage account such as suretrader that is in Bahamas.

It has Refund Policy. It says they do not provide any refunds since they know what they teach are true and useful. If you are not happy with their service, they would blame you for not doing it correctly. You can cancel the subscription but you will not be able to get your money back.

Tim Sykes Review Conclusion

Proving Tim Sykes is scam is not easy since this guy is being backed up by his friends as well as by his websites investimonials and profit.ly. Also there are some students that supports him but these students are those who work for him. Tim Sykes does not provide enough information to help you decide whether his program is worth participating with. He utilizes ads that show you his richness the earned not thru trading but from his students. He persuades, encourages, convinces, and influences traders even the novice to enter the penny stock market which the most dangerous part of this industry. Timothy Sykes fails to show proofs when asked by the media.

This review reveals, exposes, uncovers and bares the things that you might have overlooked while checking out his scam system. His profit.ly site might look legit but if you do an in-depth analysis of the things that he offers, you might find something malicious and unusual about it.

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Reading this review about this scam will help you realized what you have lost if you sign up right away without reading and assessing the scam system. If you find this Tim Sykes review helpful, inspiring, informative and valuable feel free to share it with others so they will be protected.

8 thoughts on “Tim Sykes is Scam! Profit.ly Review”

  1. Thank you for sharing. This confirms what I though when he started asking for money.
    “A Millionaire asking for money. I thought he had plenty !!!”

  2. Timothy Sykes is the biggest fraud in the industry. He should be in prison. He never shows any hard proof and his TimAlerts are worthless. He’s a complete, 100%, fraud.

    • My Dad is signed up for Tim alerts-Rallys. Ever since he started the weekend alerts he has not sent any Rally
      Alerts. And they were no good anyways. I could have picked better.

  3. Your article may just have save my life! Thank you. I’m glad I read it BEFORE a conference call (supposedly “FREE”) later today. Thank you again! Practicing the 7 “P’s” (prior, prudent planning prevents piss-poor performance) is the best course of action always. In this instance, prior, prudent research prevents . . .
    Thank you again.

  4. His new Weekend Trader is a fraud, it’s a pump-and-dump tactic where the market is off on his “suggestions” less than a minute after his “call” on something. So you will never be able to buy any stocks. And the stocks fall in price just after, a true pump-and-dump sham.

  5. I signed up, the first week he said don’t by, second week was sell quick for small loss. He is with agora financial they constantly solicite you to buy new services. I will give him until the end of my subscription to see if he can redeem himself. If not I will demand a full refund.

  6. My name is nick and I’m from Germany, I bought Tim Sykes’ annual plan and after seen his bad job, I decided to claim my payment back but they did not answer me. I do not know anything about him or his team in weeks to get my payment back.

    Do not join into this service because it is the biggest garbage I have ever seen. False promises! And of course when a person searches in Google about Tim everything is good. I would like to know how much he pays to those websites that they just speak well of him

    What a scam service!


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