THW Global is Scam! An Honest Review

This THW Global review will expose, reveal, uncover, bare and show you some of its scamming strategies that applies. THWGlobal is scam and it uses a pyramid scheme to collect money from its members. You might be wondering, thinking, have lots of questions in mind if it is possible for a free scheme to be a scam. The answer is yes. For instance, if a company uses cheating to encourage people to do something such as boost mailing list for you. We want to inform you that is fraud even if it says it’s free and this is the main purpose why we made this review. THW means Ten Hours Weekly. They offer free money generating opportunity for interested individuals who want to join. The company is not paying yet, but according to them it will be soon.

Let’s start this review with THW Global Pay plan – will give you $25 per hour of watching videos. The company is in need of 50,000 members. Thus if a member watch 10 hours of video, you will get $250. It was not clearly stated or ever mentioned in their website as to how they do it since their website lacks lots of information. You can watch these videos on any type of gadgets thus it is very easy to earn. According to them the good thing is that you can do this anytime of the day and at the comfort of where ever you want. THWGlobal is YouTube in reverse. If the poster gets high traffic of people from the video they posted, YouTube will pay them. While in THWGlobal, the company pays you for watching their video.

Another way of earning through THWGlobal is by referring someone to watch the videos. If you get someone to watch the video they pay you $5 as commission for every person who gets to earn up to $25. This only implies that when you recommended someone and he watched videos for 10 hours they would earn $250 and you get $50 and this process continues as long as the person recommends THW Global to others. This claim is quite ridiculous, funny, outrageous and ludicrous that has leads us to investigate, go in-depth, scrutinize and analyze the program and we are amazed on what we have discovered.

This THW Global review was able to discover that this is an advertising company with as their website and they claim to pay you up to $25 per hour of watching specific type of videos. You need to leave comments on commercials, video surveys, TV pilot programs, and a lot more. The question is where they get the money to pay the people who will watch their videos. What they can get from it? THWGlobal claims that this is an advertising company, so advertisers might be paying them to help the job completed. But if they need 50,000 members that’s a lot of money and how they could pay these individuals by simply watching trailers or video surveys. According to them they already have 140,000 registered members and assuming they all watched the videos for one hour at $25, the total amount would be around $3.5 million. And it does not end there. And if more people will join the program and spend more than one hour watching, it can easily add up to billions and this is a lot of money. They make it looks like earning money is easy. That is why this review was written to expose, make things clear, and check the website.

THW Global is Scam – Three Evidences

The THWglobal gives the impression that you could be producing $25 per hour for 10 hours per week. They forgot to mention how little you can expect to generate per hour for your time. At this moment you can make around $1.50 per day watching videos with other money generating opportunities. These fraudsters can’t even provide what is the real age required to join this money making opportunities. First they say you have to be 18 and now they said you need to be over 21.

First Evidence – Not Disclosing what Company they will Use to Pay You

The most important thing that verify that THW Global is scam is that it offers the member ridiculous amount of cash so people will recruit others. This is their way of building a huge worldwide mailing list for the unknown individuals behind this scam.  THWglobal is now collecting demographic info on the mailing list they are building. They are announcing in their website the introduction of their first Demographic/Interest Survey. This is one of the series of surveys they will conduct to gather important information about their international viewers to correspond their profiles with the THWGlobal video stream and advertisers providers.

Surveys are essential part of this intriguing THWGlobal. Determining and giving importance to demographics will let to maximize their initiatives and improves their marketing effectiveness.

Demographic profiles provide the excellent and brilliant ways of distinguishing which segments of the group is a good target for a specific product or service. Also, they can provide a clear view of how important brands are seen by consumers with regards to advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, to create competition, demographic profiling can show strategic visions into why the international viewers prefer one brand than another in a given area. In the long run, these visions provided by the surveys will utilize to boosts sales for the company viewership. No information was given about the actual individuals that are operating the scam. They have kept their contact information unseen and THW Global do not provide an about us page that says who is operating it. They do not disclose, divulge, reveal and make known how they will send you the money.

Second Evidence – The Owner is Unknown

Who is Alberto Abbatiello? Would you trust a program without divulging the name of the owner? One of the basis of a legit business is if it is own by a trusted owner.  If you carry out some research or analysis about the THWGlobal you will not be able to find the real owner of this business. But, we were able to come up with a name Alberto Abbatiello.  According to the website the owner of THW Global is Alberto Abbatiello who is also the VP of International Expansion, which states that you can generate up to twenty five dollar per hour by simply watching videos finer than YouTube videos.

According to Alberto Abbatiello if you recommend others, you will be able to earn 20% of what they can earn and $40 monthly if you can bring in more watchers up to 10 levels deep. We have conducted a THW Global review to find out who is the real developer of this program but it seems like Alberto Abbatiello’s name was not mentioned in their website but other reviews has been mentioning the name of Alberto Abbatiello. But there is no direct proof that he is the real owner of this scam.

Third Evidence – The Member should be over 21 years old and Have a HS Diploma

How they can possibly check a member if it is 21 years old and with HS diploma if the transaction is done pure online? They can provide fake copy of government issued ID like driver’s license or passport and even the HS diploma. It just doesn’t make any sense. Identity theft is rampant. Make sure that you don’t get easily be fooled by this scam, you have to read our THW Global review if not you will be sorry. There are lots of people who can simply use others passport or id’s posted by some careless individuals.

This scam program is hard to believe but there are some who actually fall into their prey. Reading our THW Global review will open your eyes to reality that the even free program is a scam. It is difficult to understand how they will be able to determine that the members belong to the specified age.

THW Global Review Conclusion

THW Global is scam and this review can prove to you how website was able to trick people to earn money. The program is a perfect example of a free scam. They make use of bogus claims to get your email, country and name. They are now building demographic information through surveys for their mailing list. Never give any information to a money making opportunity that is not honest about whom they are and how much you will earn.

The owner was never mentioned in the website although with the thorough, in-depth, complete, comprehensive and full research that we have done, we were able to encounter the name of Albert Abbatiello. He was not officially named as the developer but his name was mentioned several times in different reviews as the owner of this pyramid scheme. Therefore, there are no doubts: THW Global is scam.

Don’t be fooled and become a recruiter for THW Global. THWglobal applies the pyramid scheme which has bad reputation in the industry of MLM. At first, the members gets their commissions but after sometime you will not hear anything from them. This review also finds it ridiculous for THWglobal to indicate that members should be 21 years of age, when it is hard to verify if the transaction is done online.

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