The Traders Junction is Scam! Important Review

This comprehensive The Traders Junction review will prove that this platform is a scam. Binary options are investment derivatives online that is popular to many traders these days. It’s because they require less experience and knowledge. Some people are also interested on copy trading platform. Because it includes professional and very successful traders a new trader can freely copy. That is how this investment software works. We will reveal to you in this review the truth behind this platform. We are sure, you want to know if this is a scam or legit.

Before you make further action, you need to read the Traders Junction review then you decide. We have investigated and it turned out that you will be copying fake investors because it’s a scam platform. At first glance, looks like a good platform that will enable you to create investment strategies at your own pace.

Based on traders who were able to try the demo version of this platform it’s not real and is hard to develop strategies. Also, it has no clear background. It’s quite suspicious for a system that is not honest about their origins. Most of them are scams.

It is important that you join only investment software with verified work and has provided consistent and satisfying results. This investment scheme has earned the title for the newest social trading scam in the trading industry today. Our review will show you how it got its title and why traders considered it as the newest social trading scam. As of the time of writing, there are lots of bad feedbacks about According to one of the users there is an option whether to follow the signals either automatically or manually. But there are some points that you need to think about thus making this software doubtful.

Once you become a member you will gain access to the top traders. The members can choose to follow their preferred traders as they do the trading. You have the option to copy all of their moves or choose your own trading system with the use of data you gather. According to them you can use demo or real money so you can check all the features and check the results risk free before you do the real trading.

The Traders Junction is Scam – Three Evidences claims that you can practice for free without limit. This gives you more time to develop your winning trading strategy. Once you have finally gets the right strategy you can use the trading room and trade at connected brokers.

Their claims look legit and real, but after you have read our The Traders Junction review it will open your eyes to reality.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonials

The scammers behind this software are aware that would never produce happy traders. Because of this they uses fake reviews and stock photo to their website. As you explore their website, you will notice false testimonies boasting about their big profits and success. But these photos are not real. They are stock photos that are either purchased or stolen from other sites. For instance, the supposed trader by the name of Mark Williams. We have found out that his photo was taken from This only means that the testimonials were all fabricated and is done to deceive people and to make them believe that it is a legit site.

Second Evidence – Unknown Developer

Using a cartoon in a promo video is not a sign of being a professional. Instead of providing pictures of developers and their names they used cartoons. The thing is we don’t have any idea who created the software and we couldn’t find any information as to who develop the software. Other scam websites creates fake aliases or sometimes are silent about it to maintain its anonymity as these scammers profit from your losses. They are doing this on purpose so that people will not know who to pursue to. Transparency is very important if you have plans of investing your money.

Third Evidence – Questionable Statistics

The statistics they have presented is questionable. They are not verified and if you check the numbers, they really look strange. At the image above, we have highlighted a trader with 51.65% winning ratio, which only means that it is losing. But if you check out his investment he is more than winner than losers. This is the reason for the total profit. It is precisely the questionable thing, because it’s hard to predict if a trade will be a winner or a loser. Thus, the statistics is really not reliable.

The Traders Junction Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that The Traders Junction is scam and people should not trust them at all. The indications are clear like lack of transparency, unknown developer and questionable statistics which is obviously a fabricated one. We have been warning the traders never trust a website with unknown developer because this is a sign of being a scam.

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