The Swiss Method is Scam! Critical Review

Looking for a complete The Swiss Method review? You are in the right page. Our review will reveal all their lies, how they tried to trick people so they can steal their money. This system is some sort of binary options auto trading services. In their promotional videos they are trying to show you that they can help you fulfill their dreams. But the truth is there is nothing on their website. This scam method continues to amaze some people. The developers of this scam are releasing 1-2 new methods every week. The scammers are targeting different nationalities and cities. Their recent targets are the German and Holland traffic, because the web-based promotions are designed fully from Dutch and German speaking actors.

The primary reason why you should avoid this binary options app is that they are part of a bigger fraudulent network. It has around 10 different sites all developed with the same look and used the same actors. The scammers behind these scam sites launched the first set 5 to 6 months ago. The first group is composed of Aussie, CANUCK and BRIT methods. After that more were introduced. The newest addition is the Swiss and the Dutch. These are all created by one group.

After reading our The Swiss Method review, try to visit the sites that we mentioned above and compare it on your own. You will notice that Frits Van Dijk and Max Fischer, the CEO of Dutch Method is the same person who also acts as the CEO in Only a blind man would not be able to notice this. When it comes to social widget, the testimonials are all fake since the pictures they use in Dutch Method are identical to this app. There is a possibility that after the scammers find out that we have exposed their lies thru this review, they might change it. But we were able to take snapshots as proof.

There are lots of fake claims and impossible promises you will find in We think they copy what has promised to their members. To show you how scam this website is we have included in this review evidences that will prove The Swiss Method is scam and people should not trust them at all. If they insist on putting their on it, they will surely lost everything.

The Swiss Method is Scam – Three Evidence

We have mentioned earlier that Aussie Method, Brit Method and others are all scam sites, which are similar and created by one scam-artist. In our past review we exposed these scam sites. We found out that this entire fraud operation is bigger than we actually know. This is definitely an online theft on an international scale that targets based on the members location. Let’s go straight to the point and we will show you the proof that is very misleading and should not be trusted in any way.

We strongly suggest that you read our comprehensive The Swiss Method review first before you decide. We want to make it clear to you this site is not legit.

First Evidence – Who is Frits van Dijk?

If you have visited, you will agree with us when we say that Frits van Djik is the twin brother of the CEO of Dutch Method. Actually, it is only one person acting to be the CEO of both the Dutch and Swiss Method.  The group behind this scam want to save some money so instead of hiring another actor he uses the same actor on their latest website, thinking that no one will notice it. Unfortunately, not only us has noticed this but also other sites reviewing binary options robot. Also, upon searching we couldn’t find any information about Frits van Djik or Max Fischer. Its because the character does not exist at all. Definitely a clear indication that this is a scam.

Second Evidence – Fake Proof of Withdrawals and Profits

The was registered in 2016, but their video shows withdrawals and profits dating back to 2015. They are as clever as we thought they are. The scammers are actually very lazy they simply copy the earlier sites and repost it in the present website. The website is done poorly and an obvious imitation of the earlier scam. Who would trust such website? This review has shown too much proof about this site and if you still believe that it is legit, you are crazy like them.

Third Evidence – Fake Facebook and Twitter

If one scroll down further on the pages, one will notice feed from Twitter and Facebook. The truth is if those feed are real they won’t look like that. It should be linked to the actual social networks enabling you to click and reach accounts of members who participate there together with their comments on the subject. In this case, none of those feeds are clickable, which is a clear indication that it is a fake.

The Swiss Method Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that The Swiss Method is scam. The indications are clear, the website has a fake CEO, the Facebook and Twitter are not real and the results are fake. If you are trading using this app, you will surely lose everything you have deposited. This review was written to protect you and your money. Never trust this website and any of the sites similar to this.

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