The Royce Code is Scam! Trading Software Review

In this comprehensive review you will discover how this system is trying to fool and trick people just to lure them to sign up and get some money from them. We want everybody to know that The Royce Code is scam and we are writing this review to prove it. The presenter of this app is a man named Richard Royce. According to him his company Royce Wealth Group developed a binary options trading software known as The Royce Code. It supposed to generate thousands of dollars per day and the funds are safe. He said you can withdraw your earnings within 24 hours, let’s find out if it is real. Also, according to the supposed developer you can access the system for free. Let us explain to you and present to you our evidences how do we know that this app is a scam and there is nothing real about it.

At first, we were impressed with its flashy pitchy video. Richard Royce the alleged founder and CEO promises to give you $1000 as a sign in bonus. Which means he will give you the money if you register. The offer is very enticing but wait until you reach the middle part of this in-depth review.

This innovative scheme will help traders earn $1500 in just three hours. So, let’s calculate, he will give you $1000 upon signing plus $1500 if you trade only for 3 hours, thus from the time you join them and after trading for 3 hours you will earn around $2500. Hey! That is quite high. The question is it possible. Is there anything that will support their claim? And he also mentioned that you can withdraw your earnings easily within 24 hours. Here’s more. The system is easy to work with since it is completely automated, 100% free and withdrawal guaranteed. 7 days in week! Isn’t it trading supposed to be done when the market is open, how come it claims that one can earn 7 days in week. Keep in mind there is no trading during Saturdays and Sundays. And since the system in auto-pilot, it does not require higher educational background or extensive experience in binary options. Both the professionals and the beginners can use the system. All of the offers are just too good to be true, there is something fishy about this app and we will expose it through our The Royce Code review.

The program was released to the public only a few days ago, December 1,2016 to be exact. There are lots of scam websites and robots that have been opening and closing down very fast. Let’s wait how long this scheme will lasts. Upon entering the website, the promo video will begin its presentation. The founder Richard Royce attests that he designed the super reliable binary options trading app in the world. The software supposed to be helping you earn thousands of dollars every day. He also mentioned that all funds are safe and insured. However, there is only a limited number of beta testers per day. And if you want to try it out, you will be forced to sign up as you saw the counter winding down. According to Richard Royce, registering is easy. All you need to provide is your email and you are done. The signing bonus of $1000 is a clear sign that we are dealing with a scam here.

The Royce Code is Scam – Three Evidences

With this The Royce Code review, we will encounter the usual promises that you will see in a scam website. 100% free sign up, 100% absolutely assured profit. Your deposits will be totally insured and safe. You don’t need formal education in binary options trading. It is an automated robot scheme. So, once you sign up and supplied the details needed to you it will start right away. The algorithm will do the rest. We want to learn more about the special mode.

Official Website |

However, this is not yet made available publicly. That is the biggest scam of them all. Normally the presentation explains the process or the algorithms. But this scam fails to explain how the system works. Here are 3 evidences that will prove The Royce Code is a scam.

First Evidence – Who is Richard Royce?


Richard Royce is a fictitious character created by scammers and played by a paid actor. Actually, this man has appeared in other scam binary options systems. Take a look at the picture, months ago, we saw this man in another scam software known as Insured Outcome scam. His name was Oliver Breitner. This guy must have been effective on generating dollars. That is why he is being hired several times by scammers. This evidence alone is enough proof that we are dealing with a false service. Thus, we cannot trust this man or anything that he says about this app.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Obcasio Scam

Just like the supposed owner, the testimonials that you see on their video are all also all paid actors. These faces are familiar and we have seen them several times. The comparison of images above proves that The Royce Code is scam. Take a look at the picture, you will notice that these guys also played as owner and CEO of other scam software like the Zeus 2 and Obcasio.

Third Evidence – Rebranded Software

We were able to take a look at the system that is supposed to trade binary options on auto-pilot. We are not surprised to learn that it is just a rebranded of other scam applications. The Binary and other softwares use the same scheme and this application is losing money in trading as attested by some real users.

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The Royce Code Review Conclusion

This thorough The Royce Code review proves that this app is nothing but a scam that will drain your bank account. It will take your money and claim that you lost in trading. This scheme is full of lies and deceit and you should not trust them. The paid actors might have fooled others but not all there are still some who are wise enough to read the reviews first before investing their money.

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