The Freedom Circle is Scam! Trading Software Review

This review will prove that the Freedom Circle is scam. This software was developed by Francisco Ruedas and he claims it will make you rich within a short period of time. It assures you that it will change your financial situation from the time you invest on it. We have conducted an in-depth, comprehensive, complete and thorough TheFreedomCircle review, evaluation and investigation about the product and we have discovered that this software is nothing but a scam. There are lots of indications, signs, and clues that this program should be blacklisted from the time it was launched.

Our The Freedom Circle Review is a comprehensive review that will present, explain and assess obvious and apparent signs that this is being operated by popular fraudsters. The facts, proof and evidences presented in this review are undeniable as far as this system is concerned. This doubtful, dubious and ludicrous trading robot is introduced by Francisco Ruedas with as its website. The character of the developer is questionable and it will be discuss later during the presentation of the evidence. Also contains assertions and promises that is hard to believe and ascertain our doubts that it is truly a scam.

There are some assertions, stories, numbers and data presented by Francisco Ruedas concerning this system however, the supposed developer was not able to provide or show supporting information for such assertions. Also, they are claiming things which are not related or associated to binary options market which makes us suspect more that The Freedom Circle is a scam. In their website they assert that this is a free-money program where you can get great returns within the first 30 minutes on auto-pilot.

During our The Freedom Circle review we found some similarity with other scam. This fraud system has limited platform, and there is no way to prove that it works without depositing first $250. If you invest this amount, you might not be able to withdraw it. This scam does not apply new techniques in spite the claims that the developer has thorough knowledge and a professional in the field of economics. It makes it difficult to ascertain anything about this scam. The developer asserts they have exerted a lot of effort while building the system however the outcome does not show it at all.

The Freedom Circle is Scam – Three Evidences

The Freedom Circle is a scam auto trading robot. The application is now viral because of its email marketing campaign and is targeting the investors and traders. We will be revealing, exposing, baring, and uncovering the truth behind the lies and bring light to misleading and deceptive information about the scheme. So, if you already received an invitation in your inbox, make sure that you have read this review from start to finish and stay protected. According to the developers the only thing that makes this application different from the rest is it has been precision-engineered for optimum accuracy. They have studied the market to identify the pattern that shows which trade will outperform the market. This statement is a big lie and you should not fall for this.

Official Website |

The website is plain, bare and nothing special. All they wanted is to create a website to attract traders and steal their money, they are not actually excited about the website.

First Evidence – Exploiting the Loopholes

The system works on the idea of exploiting loopholes in financial industry. According to them they know a profitable loophole that has generated 178 millionaires in the last month. It is not actually the first time we are hearing this outrageous statements. There are lots of fraudulent schemes that we have reviewed in the past with the similar claim. It’s because the concept of abusing loopholes for earnings is very enticing and persuading. People are looking for ways to get rich fast and scammers are aware of this and they are taking advantage of this. The truth is that loopholes rarely appear and they get fixed easily. It is funny how the scammers behind this scheme expect people to believe that they have one that will last for years. In case it is not yet a clear indication of fraud software to you, wait till you see the next evidence.

The fraudsters encourage you to open an account and place the money with Opteck, since they will receive payment from Opteck each time an investor invest their money. The primary purpose of having this ridiculous program is to collect money from you. Clearly the application is so bad that your money will disappear in the dark if you trade with them.

Second Evidence – Francisco Ruedas Fake Actor

Francisco Ruedas is the alleged owner and developer of the application. He claims to be a professor in Economics who used to teach at Yale University. Obviously, this is where he gets his skills and knowledge required to develop an advance auto trading system, like this scam software. It is not clear to us why he chooses not to see his face in their video presentation in, only a small picture of him was shown. The voice narrator from the promo video introduces himself as Francisco Ruedas but there is no way of verifying this. If you check his name in Goggle no results found. Definitely, it’s a fraud system trying to fool lots people.

Francisco Ruedas

We are right, he is not what he states to be. As we go deeper into our The Freedom Circle review, we have traced his photo back to a stock photo website. This stock photo website enables anyone to buy the rights of the images they need without legal or copyright issues.

If TheFreedomCircle is legal then why do they have to buy a fake photo? The real developer should be proud of what he had produced. The answer is clear the system is a scam.

Third Evidence – Fake Counter and Trading History

As soon as you enter the website you will see the timer ticking at the upper right side of the screen. According to the supposed developer of this app, once the countdown is over their offer expires. You will not be able to sign up not every again. So we have waited for the counter to reach zero before we register. And you have guessed it right, we were able to register. They are doing this to force you to register and make you believe that this is for limited time only. Make sure you will not fall for this trap.

We also notice that their live demo is not as straightforward as it claims. Francisco Ruedas shows that the auto trader carries out 3 trades in its first 30 minutes, which it wins. Then it runs for another hour which shows that the app wins 6 more trades. They are trying to show you that you can actually win 9 trades straight in a span of 1.5 hours. When we check on their trading histories we notice that they are lying, the time stamps for the trades range from 04:00 to 12:30 which means that the app can actually took 8 hours to win that number of trades. They have edited the trade history to remove all the losing trading and to fool traders so they will perceive the app as profitable.

The Freedom Circle Review Conclusion

From fake identities, fake countdown, paid testimonials and fabricated trading histories, we conclude that is scam. Our The Freedom Circle review presented the evidences that prove this app is fraud. It will be added on our list of blacklisted app. Unfortunately, the ratio between the legit scheme and fraud app is quite not good. 95% of the program being introduced is fake and only 5% were considered legitimate.

If you are interested with binary options, it is best that you read this review from start to finish. If you find this The Freedom Circle review helpful feel free to share this with your friends who are into binary options trading.

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