The Bitcoin Code is Scam! Critical Review

This Bitcoin Code review is a must read if you have plans of getting into trading using the bitcoin. You need to be aware how trading is done using Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This software seeks to misuse this by pretending to be a legit trading system, but the reality is they are not. The scammers are generating a tremendous amount of money every day. The truth is that all the scammers want people to invest their hard-earned cash into this horrible scam. It is the new system that promises to help you generate a lot of money. But we have discovered that it is similar to an old binary option fake software. According to, they will make huge profits of thousands each day, but the truth shows otherwise.

It is not our first time that we have seen fraudsters tried to use this method to endorse their scams, but keep in mind that Bitcoin Code review site has nothing to do with Bitcoin. The people behind this fraud just want your dollars and will tell you some lies to get it. Do not fall into their trap. Read this comprehensive review, and one will find all the evidence needed to expose an awful application.

The Bitcoin Code is Scam – Three Evidence

First Proof – Who is Steve Mckay?

One clear indication that Bitcoin Code is a scam is their fake developer. The system was introduced a few months ago, but they already victimized some individuals. The and the promotional video with false testimonials are very encouraging. Steve McKay is the alleged CEO of the company who has produced around $100m by just using the software. The man is nice to some individual as he is giving away a free membership to a few chosen lucky one.

This Bitcoin Code review will prove that Steve Mckay does not exist at all – but they were able to show a photo of him. The photo was taken from a stock photo website. Upon checking to Google we have found out that Steve is Frenchman with no connection whatsoever to binary trading. The people behind this scam used a photo of this dashing fella to encourage people to join them. We are unsure if they ask the permission to the so-called Steve. But we are not expecting that they will do that since these scammers are used on doing this kind of tactic.

Second Proof – Not Free

Most of the developers of the binary options trading program claim they are giving it for free. Steve is also claiming that he is giving his software free. According to him, he is providing the Bitcoin Code software that took him a lot of time and money to complete for free to the first 25 individuals. The big question is why would he do such thing. Why would he give the app that can help people turn into a millionaire within 90 days without asking for money? This is an absolute lie, and people should not fall into this.

The thing is before you use this Bitcoin code software, you will be asked to deposit a certain amount of money around $250 before you can start trading. They say that the money will be used to fund your daily live trading account. But the fact is that money will go directly to their pocket because you will not win any trading once you have invested your money with them.

Third Proof – Full of Fake Testimonials and Fake Earnings

If you visit testimonial and review page, one will notice some familiar faces. These fake individuals are all paid actors. Those who claimed to have earned a lot by using the Bitcoin Code software are counterfeit traders. They were hired to lie and create fake testimonies to encourage people to give misleading information. The photos you see on their website are taken from stock photo websites. Their names and information and data you see are all fabricated and not real. They are not at all connected or are not into trading.

According to the alleged creator of Bitcoin Code software Steve Mckay, if you use this program you will have a chance to earn $13000 within 24 hours after joining them. And also he claims that the trader will be winning that amount every day and traders will become a millionaire within 90 days. This is not just a misleading information but also very impossible to achieve. Even the most legit application will not be able to help you earn such a big amount. The truth is that you will not earn, not a single dime. Clearly, it’s a sign that Bitcoin Code is a scam and you should stay away from it no matter what. Review Conclusion

After investigating and evaluating the system, we strongly believe this program is one of the many scams in the market today. The evidence we presented above is enough to prove that Bitcoin Code is a scam just like another scam app all they wanted is to steal your hard-earned money. The first proof that we discussed is the fake developer by the name of Steve Mckay. Obviously, the real developers of this scam do not want to be caught. The mere fact that they hide their identity is a clear indication that they are hiding something.

Another reason why we believe that Bitcoin Code is a scam is the fake testimonies and fake earnings. It’s not possible for any system to generate a massive amount of money especially if the app is new in the trading industry. They say traders will have the possibility to earn $13000 in a day and one will become a millionaire within 90 days. It is impossible and ridiculous. The system is not free of charge, the minimum amount that you are required to deposit is $250. Would you trust your money to this application? Not.

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