Tesler App is Scam! Critical Review

Tesler App is the new binary options robot that was released on December 19th, 2016 by a man named Steven Abrahams of Tesler Investments. Before you become the next victim of this scam there are a few things you need to know about trading binary options. At first look the app seems like a mobile app for trading binary options. You can see the application on Google Play and on iTunes. If the investor signs up, you will be directed to a page that looks like it was broken. This application has provided zero controls. As a trader you don’t have the option to choose the dollar amount in every trade, or how many trades the application can make each day. You can only set some strength above number.

Using a robot in binary options is quite risky even if one uses the best trading robots. Because of the limited option it can provide, it is considered as scam. There are lots of red flags that you would notice when you check out the teslerapp.co system. As you continue reading our Tesler App review one will understand why we consider this application as scam.

If you notice the name of this app is somewhat similar to the car manufacturer known as Tesla. This is one reason why we think that this teslerapp.co system is a scam. So we advise the traders to stay away from this system. The firm is using this name because they want to prey on some people’s ignorance. The brand Tesla is popular online and thus people will think that this app is somewhat related on this. Definitely, the fraudsters behind this teslerapp.co are trying their best to promote it by associating its name to a popular company. If you search for review about this app the results one will get are about Tesla. Of course the reviews that you’ll get are positive and since you are in a hurry to earn a good amount of profit you will not bother to check the details.

The company is also using major financial magazines and journals to trick traders but actually the post is not about the app it’s about the car maker. Steven Abrahams could be an ordinary individual being paid by scammers to represent their company. Thus, it has leads us to carefully Tesler App review the teslerapp.co and check out some other false promises on their teslerapp.co.

Tesler App is Scam – Three Evidences

This complete Tesler App review will prove that this program is scam. It is represented by the alleged owner Steven Abrahams. He claims to be the CEO of this investment firm that can help you generate $200 per hour. However, his identity is questionable. As you continue reading this comprehensive review, trader will know how this man was able to fool a lot of people. According to them teslerapp.co is based on Lead Patterns and can supposedly make you more than $5,000 per day and $1,000,000 in less than six months. The application is also being offered for free. Below are three evidences to prove that this system is nothing but a scam.

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First Evidence – Fake Brokers

If you already have an idea on the qualities of a good broker, you’ll know that if the platform assigned a broker to you, then it is probably scam software. Upon checking out Tesler App we have found out that after signing up they will assigned a broker to you known as CFDStocks. These are offshore broker that is not regulated or licensed. Most of the scam program uses unlicensed brokers.

Second Evidence – Steven Abrahams is a Fake

Steven Abrahams is a fictitious personality created by fraudsters and played by an actor. This man also plays other role in another scam. He also claims to be the CEO of Tesler App. During our research we have find out that he is an actor who practiced his lines carefully to fool people and encourage them to invest. All the things you see in the video are all fabricated, from the car he drives, the mansion he enters and others. This is sad, but it’s the truth and this is what makes this scheme a scam. It looks like this guy is an expert scammer that has worked for different scam companies.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Aside from its fake owner, the testimonials are likewise fake. The individuals you see giving their testimonials are all fake and paid actors. Their photos are stolen and their names are not real. Check out the image to see the proof. These are people who do not have any idea about the system. Definitely, they are fake. Take note of the amount they are quoting, these are all unreal and it is hard to achieve within a very short period of time.

Tesler App Review Conclusion

Unfortunately, Tesler App is scam and you should not trust it. It claims that you can try it for free but it requires you to deposit a minimum amount of $250. After depositing the amount it will trade automatically and it within an hour instead of earning, you will lose all of it. So, we suggest that you read this review, so you will have an idea what to check out when you encounter something similar to this.

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