Tera App is Scam! An Honest Review

You are reading this Tera App review because you want to know more about the system. Is it another scam system or a legit one? This is one question that you probably have in mind. The developers of this app are bolder than before. We believe that TeraApp is scam and we will prove it thru this review.

We have reviewed hundreds of scams software in the past and we thought they are just using the same scheme in fooling people but we are wrong. TeraApp is using technique that is a little bit different from the rest. The promotional video presented in their teraapp.co website was completely stolen. They have taken it from another scam software the developed by Richard Heffner. This is very obvious right from the start as the logo of Terabit Trader is seen many times in the video of supposed to be newly developed binary options trading app. This makes us believe that Tera App is scam and we will prove it to you through this review. Continue reading our in-depth review to learn more about this scam.

You cannot find any video presentation about the platform itself. This scheme is just another robot, created by the same scammers who developed the Terabit Trader. This does not change anything. The fact remains that this app is a scam and people should not trust it at all. The system contains stolen information that has been re-arranged for the objective of fraudsters to attract people and steal their money. The application claims that their accuracy is 93%. It does not matter how high the figure is, a newly develop software is not capable of obtaining this rate of success, since it does not have a database designed from active members. Also, we cannot verify that the results are real.

If you are interested to know more about this trading app, continue reading this Tera App review so you will know whether to trust this system or not. The owner of this scam has added some proof that it is really profitable but we were not able to confirm it yet. After an immediate and simple evaluation, we have found out that everything on the application are completely fabricated. The testimonials are fabricated and we can prove it at the later part of our review. This program is only one of the many proofs that this software is a scam.

Tera App is Scam – Three Evidences

This program claims that it can help you generate $20,000 every single day since it trades much faster as compared to the fastest cable data transfer in Wall Street. But actually, as mentioned above it is just a relaunched of old software Terabit Trader.

Continue reading our Tera App review so you will understand why you should stay away from this app.

First Evidence – Fake Developer

Wondering who is Richard Heffner? He is a paid actor involved in several scam applications. Richard Heffner is the alleged CEO and developer of Tera App, Terabit as well as other scams software. He actually uses different names in various scam apps. But this app is just a relaunch of an old scam with a new name. Even the video presentation bearing the logo and name of Terabit Trader was used in their video. Upon checking Terabit company, does not exist at all. Therefore, we cannot trust Richard Heffner and this application as well.

Second Evidence – 93% Accuracy A Lie

As you can see in the above image this application claims to have 93% accuracy and they boast about it. The truth, there is no such thing as 93% accuracy not even the most experience person in trading can achieve such feat. It’s impossible to predict what will happen in this kind of industry for any given time. This scheme is one of their many fake claims. Another thing that is mentioned in their advantages is that they help you make $1350 every day. To prove this, you need a third-party proof for it. It should be certified by someone. Unfortunately, they did not mention any third-party verifier on their teraapp.co bogus web page. Thus, it is another indication that Tera App is scam.

Third Evidence – Unregulated Brokers

If you register on teraapp.co website, you will be redirected to another webpage with their second video. You will be asked to set up your trading account, with their chosen broker. In the Tera App video, the name of the broker was never mentioned, so there is no way we can verify them. If you are working with unregulated brokers, you do not have any assurance that you can get a single cent from the system. And since we do not have any company to back up this software, it will be difficult for you to file a complaint.

Tera App Review Conclusion

This review confirms our claim that it is a scam. The evidences we presented are enough proof to say that Tera App is scam and you should not trust them at all. Fake developer, unregulated brokers and too good to be true accuracy are indications mentioned in this review to show how dangerous this software is. Finding the right app is not an easy task particularly at the present situation of the financial market.

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