Teno Profit is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

This complete Teno Profit review will reveal the truth behind this HYIP website. We will prove that TenoProfit is a scam and people should stay away from it. This review will discuss how the tenoprofit.com tries to trick people by telling lies. Before you make further action, we suggest that you read our review so you will not waste your hard-earned money on it.

We will start this Teno Profit review by telling you how this website works. Tenoprofit.com is a scam site that is fooling people to invest. At first they will encourage you to invest. Then they will pay you the first time you process  a withdrawal. But when you try to withdraw again, they will not be able to pay you. If one tries to contact them, they would provide reasons as to why you cannot withdraw your money and then eventually they will close your account.

This HYIP scam is focusing on countries like Malaysia, North Africa, Nigeria, South Africa and India. If you are living in one of these countries, you probably have received a spam email from Tenoprofit. They have been sending spam emails that contain lies and are trying to deceive people to get as many clicks as possible. For those who have received emails and haven’t signed up yet, this review is for you. When in doubt, make sure that you conduct a thorough investigation first before you register. You can ask the help of the experts if you feel you need one. Let’s go deeper at tenoprofit.com and expose their lies and deceit.

Teno Profit is Scam – Three Evidences

Tenoprofit.com is a HYIP or High Yield Investment Program that runs in the same way a Ponzi scheme does. It was introduced in the market only last month, but there are already lots of complaints about them. Tenoprofits has several investment programs that you can choose from. After you become a member with tenoprofit.com, you will be asked to make a deposit and wait for earnings or profits to reflect in your account. The ROI will depend on which plan you choose. But, this fact is unreal, it is a scheme to trick and encourage people to sign up.

The truth there is no investment, therefore there are no profits. Tenoprofit is a fraud program whose main objective is to collect as many deposits as possible before the website close down and withdraw their profits.

First Evidence – Anonymous Team of Experts

One reason that makes this company a scam is that they claim that they have a team of trading experts who specializes in various fields like stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and bonds. This claim is unverifiable because they don’t provide any proof. If this is a legit investment company, they have a specific level of transparency with their clients. If they are legit they should provide report and information as to who they are and their experiences. During our review we haven’t find any effort on the part of Tenoprofit when it comes to transparency. Also, they did not provide any proof that the company is producing money at all.

Second Evidence – Impossible Profit

Tenoprofit.com offers unique investment plans. On the second plan you will earn 200% after 240 hours. It only means that if you invest $25 after one and half weeks your money will be doubled to $50. We never heard of this type of scheme in any investment company. If one checks on the 4th plan the minimum amount to invest is $4000 so it means that in less than a week you will earn $16000? This is not possible. How can an anonymous and unregulated investment business would be able to make a profit as high as this in less than a week. This is not viable. This too good to be true earnings is definitely an indication that Teno Profit is scam. If they can provide proof that there is someone who was able to earn such amount then we will reconsider our Teno Profit review.

Third Evidence – No Proof of Payment

Finding proof that Tenoprofit is paying is not that easy since it is still new in the market. However, after seeing the complaints from the users that is withholding withdrawals and are not paying, we feel that there is something wrong. And we were right. We check their Facebook account but unfortunately it does not exist at all. A company with active Facebook accounts and provides real screenshots displaying proof of payment is legit.

In the case of Teno Profit it does not have one. Would you entrust your money to an anonymous company. The truth is there is not even one sign of proof that they are paying. As mentioned above this scam company is focusing on countries with poor internet security and they don’t have any option to fight in case they are being scammed. Actually, these scammers do pay for the first time investors but after that no other withdrawals will made.

Teno Profit Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that this investment firm Teno Profit is scam and people should not trust them at all. Not divulging the names that comprises their team is a clear indication that it is a scam. Lack of proof of profits is yet another indication that TenoProfit is scam. Also, their too good to be true earnings is a clear sign of a fraud business.

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