Ten Fold Finance is Scam! Warning Review

This Ten Fold Finance software developed by Kyle Jenkins is nothing but a scam, fake, fraudulent and bogus system and you should stay away from it. We have investigated, explore, probe, inspect, scrutinize and look into several scams binary options trading system and looks like we found another one with Ten Fold Finance system. The system was introduced and launched only this month and there is not much that we can say about the software. However upon visiting their 10foldfinance.com website, we noticed some confusing, discrepancies, doubtful and misleading information on 10foldfinance.com.

To prove that this software is one of those systems that are trying to deceit, fool, trick, cheat, misguided and steal money from traders, we have written this article. The evidences and proofs will be presented and posed to you precisely, accurately, strictly and completely clear and easy to understand so you will not have a hard time figuring out why it is considered as scam. Read this Ten Fold Finance review from start to finish so you will be saved and protected from losing your hard earned money.

The Ten Fold Finance software is an auto trading program developed by Kyle Jenkins that utilizes and adopts a quantitative algorithm to help generate, produce and make tremendous amount of money. This claim is obviously a lie, a deceitful act trying to convince people to invest on their system. We will prove that to you later as you continue reading this Ten Fold Finance review. He launched and introduced this software as well as the Functional Trade Assets Calculator which Kyle claims as an auto trading robot but it will not help you produce and generate the wealth that this system advertised.

As he starts with his promotional video, he made mentioned that the trader can be able to generate, earn, profits and collects around $35,000 in a week. Very persuading, encouraging, enticing, convincing, and influential, but wait don’t press that sign up bottom yet or you will be sorry. Continue reading this honest, non-biased, comprehensive, and complete Ten Fold Finance review first before you decide and make an investment.

This Ten Fold Finance is Scam – Three Evidences

Based on what we observed, noticed and seen on the 10foldfinance.com website there is nothing special about it. The website is the same with other software that we have investigated, reviewed in the past like the Wealth Crew and other. Some auto trading system allows the user to make some adjustments once you deposited the minimum amount. The scheme does not allow such action. It is a random algorithm that will not help you at all with your trading and will not provide you the $35,000 in a week.

The system as explained, described, justified, defended and expounded by the supposed owner Kyle Jenkins utilizes present set-up and very fast computers to help trades in binary options trading which are concentrating, dedicated, and engaged on futures and commodities trading.  The developer of the software has lots of promises and he enumerated them all on their 10foldfinance.com website through the promotional video. When we visited their website, we discovered that some of the promises are impossible and is not viable. Like for instance, the profits or earnings for a week that amount to $35,000. This is not attainable, possible, and viable and if you believed them and lured to their promises you will end up losing a tremendous amount of your savings.

We are here to help traders especially the novice how they will be able to identify which system is reliable, trusted, legit, dependable and honest and which are not. We have exposed several binary options trading software in the past, and we can prove again that the app is scam. We are dedicated to investigate, explore, probe, scrutinize and look into deeper on each auto trading system to determine which software are legit and trusted.

First Evidence – Kyle Jenkins the 10foldfinance.com Owner is an Actor

According to Kyle Jenkins he created this software to help ordinary, common trader to easily obtain, achieve and generate their financial goals and targets and likewise to direct their life the way they have dreamed of.  Very convincing, persuading, enticing and encouraging but it is not what it turns out to be. He also mentioned in the promotional video in 10foldfinance.com website that before he is just an ordinary individual. He also encountered los of financial troubles with several banks and loans. He was able to learned how to easily control, manipulate, maneuver, handle and manage the entire stock market to enjoy the benefits and generate some amazing and great amount of  profits from it. He hired expert, skilled, experienced, and competent  programmers to help him put-up, set-up and designed this ground-breaking, innovative, advanced and new software.

According to Jenkins, with a complete ten months of in-depth, comprehensive, meticulous, methodical and systematic research, this highly-automated software is now providing the most tremendous money making software. Does this makes the app legit and trusted? But wait would you believe someone who does not exist at all. Yes Kyle Jenkins is not real, he is not existing at all but just an actor with character creater by the imagination of the developers and not as what he claims to be as a popular investment owner of the software. Obviously, it is a sign that this Ten Fold Finance is scam. A thorough research about Jenkins was conducted, and carried out  but we cannot find one that will confirmed his existence.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials Played by Actors

If you visit 10foldfinance.com website you will see on lower section of their home page testimonials of individuals who have tried the system. According to Paul Thomas he has been using the system for “years now.” Upon checking at whois.com we found out that the domain was registered only this September. Obviously and clearly this is a significant sign that 10foldfinace.com is scam without a doubt. The system is trying to make those who are into binary options trading look stupid that they taught people will not notice this kind of deceitful, deceiving, cheating, untrustworthy and fraudulent act.

Another obvious act of cheating and dishonesty is the promotional video. If you check the video in the YouTube page you can see that the video was created last May 20, 2016. Keep in mind that the testimonials given by the supposed to be Ten Fold Finance software users is that they have been using this auto trading system for years now. Simply amazing, not even their own video can support their claim. Also, the comment section of their YouTube video is disabled, do we need to explain or say more why.

The two actors in the image above are from fiverr.com and they were paid per hour. Normally, they are paid $5 per hour to make false testimonials, endorsements and recommendations.

Third Evidence – Lack Information Required to Support the System

The video presentation in 10foldfinance.com does not provide any significant, reliable, legit, trusted and helpful information like who are the developers or what about the automated robot they are talking about. Their real identity is never disclosed. Thus, it is without a doubt, that this software is nothing but a scam.

Obviously, these scammers have no idea what they are really up to. Also, they don’t have any idea what fundamental basics of binary options trading is. They are very desperate to collect money from traders and they forget that their flaws are very obvious. They add several aspects just to control, maneuvered, direct, manipulate, and lured the new traders to invest with every possible way of tricks. This app is presented, showed, displayed, and documented live trading data. But they forgot that binary options trading are done only during weekdays but the trading data they have on their website captured a time in Saturday afternoon. Clearly a sign that this application or program is a scam and every trader should stay away from. If you want to make your system very convincing, compelling, persuading, satisfying, assuring and encouraging make sure that you have checked every aspect of the system. There is no doubt that these recording are not real, fraud, fake, scam, deceit, hoax and deceitful system. These are actually deceiving, fake, misleading, unreliable, dishonest, fraudulent, deceptive, and devious tactics which are purposefully applied, executed, carried out and realized to manipulate visitors.

Ten Fold Finance Review Conclusions

Definitely Ten Fold Finance is scam. Besides everything that has been established, recognized, created, launched, set-up and instituted are nothing more but smart lies trying to deceive, fool, mislead, trick, misinform and cheat traders just to lure them to invest in the system. Scammers, traders, businessmen and even ordinary people are into trading to generate a good amount of money. The only difference between the scammers and the real traders is that one of them is trading with all honesty while the other is doing business to get money not from trading from the traders. Definitely, without a doubt and we are very certain that this system is nothing but a scam.

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