TBO Trading Software is Scam! Important Review

This comprehensive TBO Trading Software will reveal the lies and deception in their tbotradingsoftware.com. They pretend to be the best automated trading app for binary options but the truth they are not. According to them they have a high rate of winning, once can trade all day and is producing a profitable signals. Allegedly, it’s a software where you can reach your trading goals. The traders can use it using different devices, and you don’t have to be a professional trader to use the app. What they offer seems very impressive but why we need to investigate and prove to you that it’s a scam.

To be fair with our TBO Trading Software review, we will discuss how this robot works. This trading app works by using six different trading indicators. The developers of this software claim that the most vital indicators to trade with their program, are MACD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence and the RSI or the Relative Strength Index. These two indicators are on the same direction CALL or PUT, the signal is produced and the trade is available. But if in case the signal is not on the same direction it will not generate trade.

If you visit their tbotradingsoftware.com website, you will see there their 6 secret of success namely the Trend Indicator, RSI Indicator, CCI Indicator, Williams Indicator, MACD Indicator and STOCH Indicator. As we continue with our TBO Trading Software review let us check one by one what each indicator has to offer. The Trend Indicators work with a moving average scale. The Indicator searches a regular price trend for the asset, and if it cost that much, the resource is an up trend. So the asset is down trend if the price is below the average. The Relative Strength Index is commonly used in binary options trading. It identify the specific time of the resource by assessing the details such as changes or speed of prices, on a scale of 1 to 100.

The Commodity Channel Index compares the trading prices, taking in consideration the changing average. The Williams Indicator brings you back in time and determines the high statistics, it tells you the momentum when is the right time to look for the readings, and the level is shown from 0 to 20 when the asset is over brought and if over sold it is 80 to 100. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence measures it with the use of 2 moving averages and the 26 days exponential average that is subtracted by 12 day. The Stochastic Oscillator was designed in the 50’s and it is a tool used in measuring the asset momentum.

TBO Trading Software is Scam – Three Evidence

As we continue with our review we will check on their claims and show you evidences to prove that TBO Trading Software is scam. According to them you can never make mistakes with them. We all know that it’s not possible, not even the legit app can do this. They said you can trade all day. Trading is done only when the market is open and you know when it will be opened and when it will be closed. More trading opportunities, we are doubtful about this claim.

In the next paragraph of our TBO Trading Software review, we will show to you the proof that this software is scam and you should not trust them at all.

First Evidence – Unknown Developer

This is one information that we have been searching since the time we heard about this app. Sadly, we cannot find anything that will lead to the information as to who develop this scam. On their tbotradingsoftware.com website they did not mention any company name, phone number or address of their office. The service is completed anonymous and this is one proof that will confirm this software is a fraud. You should not entrust your money to a complete stranger.

Second Evidence – Fake Demo

The TBO will encourage to try their trading demo. However, once you start using it, one will be provided with results that makes you think it really works and you can earn a lot from it. They will show you how easy to trade using the software, but the truth it is a bit different and very frustrating. The demo trades are fake since they are not actually happening on the real market. It is a simulated one. They are trying to convince you so you will sign up for a real account and deposit real money.

This is actually how they profit. They will steal your money. The trader will be losing all of your trading and tell you that you need to deposit more money to use the software. A clear indication of a scam software.

Third Evidence – Scam Program

This is not just an ordinary scam  it make use of a very dirty trick. They will encourage you to deposit and lose it in trading. The program used by TBO robot to entice traders is the same platform used by many scam software. Check out the image above, you will see that Option Robot, Simple Auto Trading, Binary Tradeo and TBO used the same platform. The three apps that we mentioned were all proven as scam applications.

TBO Trading Software Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that TBO Trading Software is scam, this robot is nothing but a fraud. The evidences we presented are clear indications that once you sign up and deposit your money on it, you will not profit at all. No legit application would provide fake results and fabricated stories.

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