Swissgolden is Scam! Detailed Review

Swissgolden is scam and that is what we will prove with this complete review. Initially, we find this system very intriguing. At a glimpse, we can see it is running a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme which is considered as a scam system. Gold is the latest cover for running, operating a pyramid scheme in the United States and Europe. Through our in-depth review we find Swiss Gold as the best example of this type of scam. With the type of marketing technique and strategy they are utilizing, only a small amount of boullion is being sold by

Our Swissgolden review also found out that the money collected by the firm is from the individuals investing in their marketing technique and not in gold. If Swissgolden is concentrating on recruitment, even the one with the highest quality product does not matter at all. Definitely, this is a scam. Even their products with the purest type of gold will not change that. Swissgolden was introduced on June 14, 2012 in the British Virgin Islands. This Swissgolden review found out that the substantial returns promised by Swissgolden to investors are based mainly on recruiting new investors.

The traders have no incentive to offer Swissgolden’s product, gold bars. Instead they are being complemented with their effort to recruit new traders. We have found in our comprehensive Swissgolden review that this firm has a clear sign that it’s a scam. Before you decide to put your money in Swiss Gold make sure that you read this in-depth review from start to finish. It will only take you around 5 minutes to finish reading this Swissgolden review. We have written the review to help investors in deciding as to where to put their money safely and intelligently.

These days’ people are centering on the following when investing – a solid Multi-Level-Marketing firm with proven track record and good reviews particularly on their compensation plan. The Swissgolden firm is a new kid on the block, but it is getting popular fast because they applied an effective marketing strategy. Millennials are very much interested on products Swissgolden offers.

Swissgolden is Scam – Three Evidences

They find it intriguing, amusing, fascinating and interesting to know that they are actually making gold purchases to ordinary individuals. The gold being offered by the company is around 1 gram. The size of 1 gram gold is similar to a microchip. It is so small that they need to laminate it on a credit card like so you will not lose it. We also found out during our Swissgolden review that those who are interested can actually purchase gold from 1 gram to 100 grams. Swissgolden offers combos like a sheet of gold one gram chips and others that are actual gold bars. The gold originates from trusted European houses of gold, which is vital in the precious metals industry. What we actually don’t like to see is that it is already been around for two years but hasn’t made its mark. That is precisely what Swissgolden industry is all about.

The website has a “Webshop” with “gold ingots” that ranges in price from 42 Euro to 3129 Euro. If you want to add new products to your shopping cart but, nothing happens. You will see an order button at the lower part of their page, but if you click that the Webshop demands an affiliate ID. For all the purposes and intents it looks this firm do not offer anything at a retail level.

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There are over 100 payment methods available in Swissgolden that includes credit cards, Electronic Payment System and bank transfer. Although it is not clearly explained on how the delivery process is done, it mentioned that it will be conveniently delivered to you by a courier to 196 countries worldwide.

First Evidence – The Company uses Pyramid Scheme

With regards to gold schemes operating in Europe, the applies the pyramid scheme. This method is considered as scam. You can purchase new matrix, either indirectly or directly they get paid. This acts like a Ponzi scheme, with those matrix positions considered as the investment. The focuses on recruiting people and they depend on money invested by the investors.

Just like other business that depend on this structure the product is irrelevant. All the funds taken are cash, and the commission is paid in cash as well. In order to make it look legitimate, the standard postage of gold and gold storage options that are basically offered on these schemes. The gold storage take affiliate funds from their back office and then buy gold with it. To pay off the present investors the affiliate funds is used. Our Swissgolden review reveals that gold does not matter at all the establishment focuses on the pyramid scheme which is a work of scammed company.

Second Evidences – This Company Lacks Transparency

One bases of being a legit corporation is transparency. was not able to mention who the founders are of Swissgolden. The company looks mysterious because it lacks the details about the founder and developer of the system. Maybe the scammers forgot that millennials who are invading the market today are more concerned on individuals or establishment they are working with and not on power, money or plan. They want to deal with companies whom they can deal without any problem and issues and whom they can trust. People of the present generation don’t want to work for an enterprise who do not provide information about the founder or developers, where they came from, or the experience they have in running the business.

The idea of need to know has a significant twist in the recent years. With the information only a click away and the social media platforms that keep everyone connected people feel they need to know everything. Businesses should keep these things in mind.  One of the important factors that you need to focus on when evaluating a website is their transparency. If the website or a company does not provide the information that people should know is a sign that it’s a scam and you should not trust them.

Third Evidences – Attention to Details

The website was not properly proofread. Thus it does not look legit and this is something that is overlooked by the developer. Also, how can people learn more about if there are not enough details about the system? The payment methods and other tabs in their website are not clickable. This thorough Swissgolden review shows some things that others might not notice but we were able to found out during our investigation. There are some indications that make our work easy. We are here to make sure traders and investors are protected against these scammers like Swiss Gold.

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People are particular to details to make sure that they will be dealing with legit and trusted company. This will keep them away from scam website such as this website. Careful management of details adds to overall success and efficiency in industry. Reducing errors likewise adds to customer satisfaction.

Swissgolden Review Conclusion

Swissgolden is scam and this Swissgolden review was able to present the evidences that will prove this is nothing but a scam. The pyramid scheme is an obvious and clear indication that Swissgolden is scam. Keep in mind a business with pyramid scheme will not last longer and will eventually close out after two to three years.

A legit website will clearly explain how the investors can profit once they put their money on it. Their system should be well-explained so it will be much easier for investors to decide. Transparency is important, crucial, and vital, Swissgolden lack this factor.

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4 thoughts on “Swissgolden is Scam! Detailed Review”

  1. My friend is with Swissgolden. She’s having a difficulty leaving them and receiving her gold (which probably doesn’t even exist) what’s the best way to leave/cancel them?
    They keep telling her she has “no right to cancel” those are the exact words. Can’t believe it. I’m translating for her. We are Japanese. How gullible!!!

  2. Hello all, I am an investor in the swissgolden business. my candid advice that you look out for alternatives because as I have experienced, Swiss golden doesn’t transfer money to your account like stated in their information tab on their website. There is no refund for your money once you join. When you request for refund, you are asked to fill up your table of seven. This means that once you put your money, you are hooked. It’s adjudged by me to be a ponzi scheme running on a pyramid scheme. If you decide to join, be sure you’ve been warned and informed. As I write, I am quite sad because I invested a lot of money into this. I will be reporting this with evidence to the SEC or any financial crime authority in my country Nigeria.

  3. Big fucking scam. invested in it heavily and can’t opt-out or get invested money. Don’t throw your money into a faceless scam


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