Swiss Binary Robot is Scam! An Honest Review

This Swiss Binary Robot review will expose the truth behind this software. This scam presented by Andre Burgin claims that it can help you become a millionaire fast and easy without exerting a lot of effort. The robot is operating in auto mode to avoid loses during trading. But it is far from reality. If you check out their promo video in their website, one will notice something is wrong.

Based on our initial investigation this new software is scam. If someone offers you easy money, you need to think and read our review before you sign up. In this Swiss Binary Robot review, we will explain why this system is a fraud and why we think it’s created only to steal your hard-earned money. Also, the developer of this software claims that you can earn around $700,000 in less than a year. This is crazy and is too good to be true.

They are promoting this robot as an advanced auto trading system, which is searching for the most profitable trades in the market today. The program help avoids loses and knows when is the perfect time to trade it will help the users to profit a lot fast and easy. Claim that this robot can avoid loses is unacceptable particularly in the trading industry. There is no program that can predict loses. This alone is enough to prove that this application is fake.

In order to trade you need a broker. In video presentation the name of the brokers were never mentioned so we cannot verify if we are dealing with licensed brokers or not. If you are doing business with unregulated brokers you will lose your money. You will not be able to withdraw your money. And since there is no company behind this app, you cannot file a complaint to authorities when this happen. These are clear indications that Swiss Binary Robot is scam.

Sweet Binary Robot is Scam – Three Evidences

In this in-depth Swiss Binary Robot review we will prove to you that this is a scam and you should not trust it. The investor will only lose his money if he believes every single word that Andre Burgin says. This application is allegedly a product of an Inside Millionaire’s club. According to them it can help you earn more than $30,000 per week. Also, they claim that you trade using this app for free.

Signing up on website with email, redirects you to member’s area. After providing your first and last name, password, phone number, and email a menu will opens up to add your credit card data and amount to deposit. The webpage is not secure and providing the info is too risky. Also, it does not mention the name as to whom you will transfer the amount. You are not sure where your money will go. And since the webpage is unsecured there is no assurance that your credentials are protected. These scammers will get your credit card info and then no one knows what they will do with it.

First Evidence – Fake Software

This application is not new but it’s still considered as scam. This software will not help you at all to generate cash. Instead, it will take your investment and lose everything. Take a look at the software after you register. One will be given access to the app where it supposed to do the trade on your behalf. The user will discover that the platform is a universal losing scheme used by fraudsters only. This platform is also being used by other scams like Hexa Trader and Cognitrader. This scheme has been in the market for years and the scammers behind it haven’t modified it at all. Don’t expect to earn from this. The trader will lose all his investment in trading. The scammers just keep on recycling it, change the logos and colors.

Second Evidence – It is not Free

According to Andre Burgin, the subscriber can use their app for free. But it is yet another lie. Once you provide them your email address and claim your free copy, they will you to make a deposit before you could use the system. The minimum amount you need to deposit is $250 and it will be given to the broker. This is only the time one can use the system. Legit apps offer free demo so users can test it before they sign up. Scam platform requires you to deposit before you can use the app and claim that it’s for free. Clearly is a scam. As soon as you start trading using your new account you will need to pay huge fees.

Third Evidence – Impossible Profit

According to Andre Burgin the program can help you earn $32,435 every week. Such a huge amount and is impossible to achieve. Not even the most legit software can produce such profit. No proof to support their claim. Also, the algorithm on how it will be possible was not explained. No real users can prove that they actually earn $32,435 a week. Definitely, Swiss Binary Robot is a scam and you should stay away from it.

Swiss Binary Robot Review Conclusion

After reviewing we have concluded that Swiss Binary Robot is a scam. Our review shows that the application itself is a scam. The platform was also used by other fraud scheme, they only change the logo and color but they are all the same. Also, Andre Burgin asserts that this program can help user generate a great deal of money which is not possible. Earning a huge amount of money thru trading is possible if you can find a legit application.

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