Sueño del Millonario is Scam! Warning Software Review

Sueño del Millonario is scam and is known to be as a recycled of another scam software called Millionaire Dream. Based on our initial Sueño del Millonario review it looks like that it is just a refurbished version of Millionaire Dream which was launched in May 2015. Rather than using another name and creating another website, the scammers behind this app decided to launch its version SueñodelMillonario. It utilizes the same website and promotional video, only rewritten in Spanish. Maybe they have change of plans, instead of targeting English speaking traders they are now concentrating on Spanish investors. They thought the public will not bother to check on them and investigate but they are mistaken. With the assistance of the search engines, people can easily check if a particular website or company is legit or not. Fooling people these days are not that easy since there are several of means that they can use to determine the authenticity of such firm.

So, if you already invested your hard-earned money, maybe it’s time for you to withdraw all of it before it’s too late. For those who are interested to join the scheme you better read this thorough Sueño del Millonario review before you make another step further. We strongly recommend never trust

Before we present to you our substantiations in this thorough Sueño del Millonario review to prove that Sueño del Millonario is scam, we will try to scrutinize first its website and check out what are their lies. Even though the video in their is in Spanish it can be effortlessly interpreted or one can refer to Millionaire Dream video as it’s only the Spanish form of that video. The software claims that anyone can become a millionaire within a short period of time. Actually, according to its promo video, an investor can earn up to 5 grand a day. Those who are into trader for some time would probably know that this assertion is not possible at all unless if you are by this time a millionaire and you have lots of extra money to spend. Definitely, with dependable software the probability of generating 5 grand a day is viable. If in case you have that money that you are willing to spend as upfront payment, you can give it a try. Just like any other type of investment, you cannot produce money unless you capitalize on it. And there is no trading system, not even the most reliable one and the most trusted binary options trading program can generate millions of dollars within a few months unless you are enthusiastic to invest your thousands of dollars.

Of course, one can earn money in this kind of industry, but you need to find a legit scheme to help you succeed. There are lots of people who have been trading to make a living and they were successful. Just make sure that you are dealing only with the most reliable software and not with the scam. Binary options involve winning and losing so be prepared that one will experience losing sometimes. If the trader invests he will win some, lose some and break even, so don’t get frustrated easily and resort to app that promises to help you become rich fast.

Sueño del Millonario is Scam – Three Evidences

If one visit the website there are details that you might find amusing and ridiculous. These indications are proofs that this app is a scam and you should not trust them. There are some inconsistency and contradiction on the data they have provided. This part of our review will present the evidences that we have gathered. We need to provide information about their policy although this is not part of the evidences that we will present in this review. Through this they will be able to understand the hidden truth about this automated application. If you continue to stay on this website, you will notice that there are only 7 slots remaining. If you hang around for about 7 minutes in their website the slot countdown to 0 fast but it will resume at 7. Actually, when you refresh it you will get the identical message that there will be 7 slots remaining.

Official Website |

The application has a generic terms and conditions page that people can duplicate. Not because a website lists their privacy policy or terms and condition it means that it is a legitimate one. A website that is on the up will list their firm information, which means physical and email address, affiliations, phone numbers and most essentially their licensing information. In our review, we were not able to find one on the webpage for this system.

First Evidence – 100% Cost Free – A Lie

You can essentially profit through binary options trading but you need to be very cautious on picking which software to sign up. Most of the scam software promises free registration but in reality, you are required to deposit $250 in order to use the app. According to the scammers this will serve as funds for brokers. Once you deposit $250 on this program expect the worst. You will not win any trading and your dollars will be gone in the wind. You will definitely get frustrated and would merely not trust any binary options program in the future. However, there are some that would try their luck and would add up and invest more hoping that they will eventually win but after several days you haven’t won a single trading. This is an apparent sign of being a scam. This review will try to bare all the lies that this system is trying to hide from people. They might able to succeed in inviting and persuading people to join them but eventually all their lies and deceitfulness will surface. So, we insinuate that you read and go through our in-depth review from start to finish before you decide.

Second Evidence – Trading During the Weekends – Absolutely Impossible

Sueño del Millonario is scam, as you can see in the images it has trading results in October 30, 2017 which is a Sunday. You are aware by now that the market is closed during the weekends then how come they have results during Sundays? How this can be possible? The website is being promoted by an actor pretending to be the founder of the program. This has been a common practice to many fraud schemes online. Christopher is the name used by the fake actor. Check the result in the image presented in their website you might think the system can provide 100%-win rate. But the results are fabricated and not real. First of all, the dates, some of them are dated on Sunday which is impossible to happen. Next the trading time and dates, they simply copy and paste a trading result that shows only the winning which makes it doubtful. Also, take a look at the transaction with AUD/USD, the investment is downward but the profit is higher than that of the starting.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Exposed are fake testimonials and reviews provided by fictitious characters in It is very obvious how come this man named Rafael Diaz was able to earn money using this app when it was only registered this year. We use to check on the registration date and we have found out that this app was registered only in 12 July 2016 and the transaction date of Rafael is on 6 July 2015. All the testimonies and comments are completely fake and invented only by the people who is behind this program.

Even the SSL security seal as well as the Authentic Trust are fake. Try clicking the icon, nothing happens. A legit security seal should take you to its respective official websites. The absence of the link proves that this app is scam. Definitely, this software is full of lies, deceit and without credibility.

A legit website can be easily searched online. With this scam, we couldn’t find anything about its creator, no address, no email address, licensing information and others. During our review, we could not find any information to connect this system to the industry of binary options trading. It seems like it does not exist at all in any language on any field of existence.

Sueño del Millonario Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Sueño del Millonario is scam. This is nothing but a fraud just like others. Avoid this application it is a rip-off, just like its predecessor, Millionaire Dream. The fake testimonies, fake seal of security, impossible transaction results and the software being free 100% are all deceitful facts. The scammers have created to attract and entice people to sign up and steal their money.

If you find this Sueño del Millonario review helpful to you feel free to share it with others.

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