is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

This complete review will explore the website and reveal the lies and deception.  You are reading this review because you are interested on StockFunds. If you are looking for information about this app to help you in deciding then you are in the right page.

Unfortunately, is scam and you should never invest on this system. There are several reasons why we consider this system as scam. This high yield investment plan is a scam and is out to empty your account. According to some users they are not paying any withdrawals. If in spite of this you still want to sign up and try your luck in financial investment be prepared to lose your dollars. There are complaints that this app is not paying withdrawals. It looks like that the con artists behind this fraud website have no plans of paying anyone.

More essentially, your financial details are not secured if you want to use StockFunds. At present the domain is for sale. This means that if someone purchases it, they can gather their personal info as well. This review is more than just a scam warning. We will help you get protected against these scams. For those who are not familiar with this scam, Stock Funds is a high yield investment program and they are listed by several review sites as a scam simply because they are not paying. But our review will focus on all the other reasons why it is considered as scam. is Scam – Three Evidence

As we continue with our review, you will understand when we say that you should not place all your investment on it. It means that if a user wants to invest your money on, you should not invest all your money into one plan only. If one places it to one plan only and it fails, you will lose everything. Platforms that accept small deposit in return but promises high earnings are scams.

The website offers three plans. You can choose which one that will suit you best. But actually these are three ways on how they will steal your money. The return of investment being presented here is ridiculous. The first plan is the Extreme Plan the ROI is 7500% after 5 days. The minimum amount you can invest on this plan is $100 and the optimum amount is $1999. The Gold Plan on the other hand has 8600% ROI after 3 days. The least amount an investor can spend is $2000 and the maximum amount is $9999. The last plan is the Diamond Plan with 9900% ROI in 2 days. The maximum amount an investor can invest is around $100,000 and the minimum amount is $10,000.

In our in-depth review we will examine their claims one by one and reveal the truth behind the lies.

First Evidence – Unknown Owner and Developer

Unlike other scam software that hired actors to play the role of the owner and developer, were not able to mention any information about them. Never entrust your money to a program with unknown owner that does not provide the name, photo and personal information of the owners. Some people tend to trust an anonymous website with their money than a stranger on the street. But the truth, there is no difference between a stranger and a website with unknown owner. Not because the website is online it means it is legit. Google does not police the internet, and they don’t care if one will lose his investment or not.

Second Evidence – How they Generate Money

The unknown scam artist behind this site states that they have a “team of expert traders” who can generate money on the stock market when an asset is going downward. There is no proof on the way they do the trading. No portfolio that represent the gains and losses. Without the portfolio displaying the last quarter’s trading result, how can people trust them that they are trading successfully? The company are actually earning thru the investor’s money. Once the investor makes a deposit they placed it into their own bank account. The scammers are earning while you suffer the consequence.

Third Evidence – Impossible Profit

The scammers behind this site makes sure that they can attract as many people as they can by offering profit that is too good to be true. You can check out the three plans is offering and the ROI almost reach is very high that you can get rich easily. Investor can get these returns as fast as within 48 hours depending on your investment. If what is offering is for real and is really working, then we would not have been writing this review and stressing it’s a scam. Any investment plan that offers an ROI more than 1-2% growth every month there is a possibility that it is a scam.

If one chooses to trust them even if you know is scam, one can do so but prepare to lose everything you invested on it. Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that is scam. Website with unknown owners and developers, impossible profits and unclear process on how they generate money are clear indication that it is a scam. Keep in mind that you should never trust software that offers high profit at very low investment.

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