Ste2Wealth is Scam! An Honest Review

This complete Step2Wealth review will expose the lies and deceit hidden in You are reading this review because you want to know more. That is our main purpose of writing this Step To Wealth review, to inform people that this new system is scam and you should not trust it. is just binary options software that has been in the market for quite some time under multiple names.

Generally, the testimonials are fake and the software is not reliable. If you really want to try your luck in trading, find a real broker, with legit robot. Before you become a victim of this Step2Wealth scam, here the some important things that you need to know.

When reviewing software, we ignore the fake testimonials and fake videos, and proceed to the trading platform. In the case of Step2Wealth, we can easily saw that it’s the same software used by many scam applications. With this app a trader will not be able to control any aspect of the binary options trading. The only thing you can do is to set how much a person will invest on each trade. Most of the trading application will allow you to start with the minimum amount which is $250. The problem is that the lowest trade size is $25. Thus, if the trader loses the first 10 trades, you will lose all your investment. You also need to know that this scheme is not a binary options broker, or a forex broker. It is a company that sends you to an unlicensed broker who will try to convince you to make an investment.

But the truth is Step2wealth is scam. You might have received also an email in your spam folder informing you about the software, but 99% of email recipients don’t use it. At present there’s no automated trading application that can turn your $250, into $1000 in just few hours. There’s no such thing and will never exist not even in the near future.  If you are interested on testing their product you can login to

Step2wealth is Scam – Three Evidences

As mentioned earlier Step2wealth is a binary options auto trading app that can track trends and charts of the market live and based on the complex algorithm that drives the software. It offers the best possible bet at that given situation, thus making the market more predictable.

This industry has becoming a very interesting market. Some new traders suffer losses because they are unaccustomed with the trends and charts. Good thing there is an app like Step2Wealth. But the question is, is this application legit or not?

We have written this Step2Wealth review to tell you the truth. Therefore, before you invest we recommend you to read our three evidences.

First Evidence – Who is Richard Williams?

Just like other scam applications, the alleged owner/developer Richard Williams is a fictitious character. We have tried checking the background of Richard Williams in the internet but we could not find one. One cannot find any information about him and his role in Step2Wealth robot. We even checked him in several social media sites but we cannot find one.

He also doesn’t have a LinkedIn account and social media sites that will link Richard Williams and Step2Wealth binary options app. So would you trust a system with a fake owner? Certainly not! If one checks promo video, you will not find any information on how the system works or how it predicts and analyze the trading trends and signals. So why would you invest in an app that does not explain how it works or even provide the company details or history.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

You might be one of those who received email from this program encouraging you to use the app to help you earn in binary options trading, but 99% of the email recipient don’t use it. There’s no auto trading platform that can convert your $250 into $10,000. There’s no such thing and it will never exist and will never will. Their heading “Earn $10,000 a Day Just Like These Did” with images of individuals informing you about their earnings are all fake. These are actors who are being paid to do fake testimonial videos. They are from Make sure not to fall on this or you will lose everything you have invested on it.

Third Evidence – Not Free

If one wants to earn more in trading industry, you have to invest more. In order to make money, you have to spend some.  So when someone tells you their app is free and you don’t need a credit card to sign up, you know they are not telling the truth. It will not ask you for a monthly service fee, you will have to invest at least the minimum amount to starting trading. Usually the minimum amount to invest is $250. And one will need to reinvest again if one chooses to continue using the robot. It is impossible for a trading platform to earn such amount in short time. Never deal with the software that claims to have a 90% success rate. A legit application can yield results 75 to 85%.

Step2Wealth  Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that Step2Wealth is scam, is nothing but a fraud. All the indications of a scam platform are seen in this robot. If you choose to give this robot a try, you can invest on it but be prepared to lose all the money you have invested.

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