Stellar Profit Review – Scam App Stealing Investor’s Money

Stellar Profit claims to be an automated cryptocurrency trading app. Its success rate is relatively high, which makes us wonder is it legit or another scam. We have encountered it before, but we haven’t given it too much attention. There is no need for a deeper investigation as it is very obvious, it is a cloned scam website.

This Stellar Profit review will prove that this app is like other scam sites with the primary objective of attracting more people to invest and so they can steal the money. In the latter part of the review, we have included evidence to support our conclusion that it is a fraud website.

What is Stellar Profit?

Stellar Profit is a trading robot designed to attract new investors and those who have not tried trading using cryptocurrency. It is similar to other trading apps where the buying and sell are done automatically. All you need to do is to wait. The software may seem to have all the credentials to function, but not everything it claims is 100% real.

According to their website, you can earn millions from bitcoin despite having problems with crypto markets. In short, this app will help you generate profit even if the bitcoin’s price goes up or down. Would you think they are capable of doing this? Not even the most reliable sites can do this.

How does it work?

Just like other crypto apps, the first thing you need to do is register and sign up. You will be asked to provide some personal data. You will find the registration form beside the introductory video. After completing the registration, you will be redirected to their partner broker, which we believe is not regulated. You will then be asked to deposit $250, which is the minimum amount needed to trade.

Once the system confirms you have added funds, it will start trading automatically. But we are warning you this software is a scam, so we suggest you should not sign up at all

Why Stellar Profit is a Scam?

Stellar Profit is a scam, and there are lots of reasons why. This review has provided three of the most obvious reasons that even an ordinary person can easily detect. We have reviewed several cloned sites, and this site has the same look and features.

Cloned website

Stellar Profit Scam

Stellar Profit is a Bitcoin Profit, AI Stock Profit, Bitcoin Optimizer, and others clone website. It has the same look, features, and other details with some alteration on the text, name but the same scam website. Like the mentioned sites, it has fake testing results to make people believe it works and provides a good profit. But the truth is there is no real scheme nor algorithm in this software.

Partnered with unregulated broker

When someone promises you a high ROI, you should be very careful. The primary objective of putting up this website is to steal the investor’s money. The company partnered with an unregulated broker known as the CapitalXP. Once you deposited the minimum amount required, you will be redirected to the broker.

The people behind this scam app are affiliated with this fake broker and steal the investors’ money. They will divide the money, and you will end up losing all your investments. They will never allow you to withdraw your money.

Unknown location and contact details

Stellar Profit did not disclose its real location. It is operating anonymously. They do not want the world to know who is behind the app. The software is not licensed, which makes it illegal. Before you can be considered as a legitimate site, you need to be regulated by the financial authorities in the area where the company is located. They do not want to be traced, so they remain anonymous.

You also need to check the testimonial page where the experience of clients is posted. Stellar Point does not have it. It’s either they cannot find fake investors, or they forgot this part.


Without a doubt, Stellar Profit is a scam, and you should not trust it all. The system is not working, and it will fail anytime soon. Its lack of transparency, being a cloned website, and unknown owners clearly show that it is a scam. Do not get victimized by this software.

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Is Stellar Profit safe?

Stellar Profit is not regulated or licensed. It operates legally, so it is not safe.

How much is the minimum amount to deposit to start trading?

You will be asked to deposit $250 as the minimum amount. But, we suggest not to deposit any amount as they will only steal your money.

Can Stellar Profit generate a good profit?

No, it will not. They claim to provide you a good ROI, but the truth is you will never get it. Instead, you will lose all your money.

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