SportArb is Scam! Critical Review

Our thorough SportArb review will expose the lies and deception found on their website. This complete review will help the investors decide whether to trust the company or not. There are lots scams HYIP companies out there and their primary objective is to attract more investors so they are can steal more money. The one who is getting all the profits is not the investors but the scammers. Keep in mind it is impossible for high yield investment program to last longer.

We want to know how long Sport Arb will remain in the market. There are last of questions about them and we want to answer them all thru this SportArb review. People are excited about this HYIP scheme since most of the reviews they see online favor this investment firm. But the reality is the opposite of what you know.

This review will investigate all claims to reveal the truth behind this scam. Unfortunately, we discovered that SportArb is scam and should be avoided all the time. They lie and deceit you to manipulate you in joining. All the people we know who have sign up for this firm ended up losing all their investment. Be careful you could be their next victim. makes money by betting on sports. They urge people to invest with them to earn up to 4% every day. They likewise claim to have an affiliate reward system that pay from 7% to 1%. This company is like other scam HYIP, thus it is best that we investigate further.

The company is an investment pool designed by Ronald Wald and Andres Martin. According to them they are experienced traders with more than 3 years of experience in betting industries who are now expanding their business to a huge community. Sports arbitrage is a fast-paced process and its performance needs a lot of experience, discipline, time and liquidity. This type of betting is a trading technique utilized in several different financial markets, which can be hard for average non-professionals to access, enabling the arbers to produce money by utilizing the difference in the price to produce income.

SportArb is Scam – Three Evidences

SportArb is boasting about their arbitrage betting and it involves comparing odds at various bookmakers to search for the best available odds on the market. They will determine if those odds can help you profit and place the bets and collects your profit. The everyday profits can be estimated from USD1 and USD15,000, depending on the length of time you invested on conducting arbitrage bets and the money you invested with.

The trading process describe in their website seems to be very impressive but sad to say these are all lies and we will prove it as we continue with our SportArb review.

First Evidence – Fake Owners

The alleged CEO Ronald Wald is a fictitious character. How did we find out? Simple with Google’s help, we try searching for him online and there is nothing we can find about him. Ronald Wald is a fake name with a fake picture. Actually, we discovered that his name is Lawrence Krylov and is also the CEO of another scam company Coin Amazing. The truth is that both of these names are fake and the photo is taken from the internet. SportArb is lying about the identity of the real owner.

If they can lie about the developer’s identity, would you still trust them? Definitely SportArb is scam and thus you should not trust them at all.

Second Evidence – Fake Investment

The idea that they have a fake name and uses stolen photo there is no doubt that Sport Arb is a bogus program. But to show you how scam SportArb is, we are showing you another proof that it is a scam. According to them they have been investing in sports betting since 2013. They claim that they are making their bets that is guaranteed to win. All their claims are bogus.

Also they invented a story of how they win on all their sports betting trades and assured members that they will make an ROI of 4.27% for 30 days. They are accepting deposits for as low as $25, but they will encourage you that you should invest higher so you can earn $47 or higher each day.

Third Evidence –  No Proof of Profits

They did mention that their main source of income comes from the sports arbitrage and the average net of income is 9-10% per week which is equivalent to 170,000 USD. However, they failed to mention how they do it. There is no proof that the platform is working and profitable. There is one thing that surprised us, the SportArb site claims that they cannot reveal their trading portfolio because it is not allowed by law. Let’s make it clear, showing your trading portfolio to your investors is not against law.

Actually, showing proof is required by many legit investment companies. Would you trust a company that refuses to show their trading proof? Definitely not, never trust a business that does not show any proof that SportArb is really earning.

SportArb Review Conclusion

This review proves that this is nothing but a scam. They have been lying about many things like how the system works. The process on how the investors can earn more money was not clearly mentioned. The signs of being a scam business are obvious. Without a doubt SportArb is scam and you should avoid it.

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  1. I place withdraw on 23 April, Still didn’t got my amount. Also they block live chat option on known IP. Only open live chat for those people who didn’t invest yet.

  2. I also invest here. Money they do not given withdrow and also He shut down your well as chat option


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