SO Finance is Scam! An Honest Review

There are lots of fraud and fake binary options trading software in the internet. If you are not careful enough, you might become one of their victims. This comprehensive SO Finance review was written to keep traders protected against this scam program. We make sure that every detail we include in this review is being backed up with evidence and proof. But before we go into details why we consider this scheme as scam, we would like to tell you something first about this system.

According to the developer of SO Finance they are UK’s No.1 binary options signal provider. They enter the binary options market just recently, but they already have some followers. The marketing team of this scheme has been sending emails to traders thus this has created a buzz in the trading industry. Some seems to get attracted to it but others are confused whether this service is reliable or not.

There are also some people we know that is asking us to write something about this so we have carried out some research and investigation and finally we came up with this SO Finance review. At first, we are not sure as whether it is scam or not. But after we have collected all the data that we need to prove that it is scam software, we are sure know 100% that this scheme is a scam.  Thus, on the later part of our review we will be presenting the good and the bad side of the application.

SO Finance is Scam – Three Evidences

This so-called number one binary options signal provider in UK has several doubtful facts in their website that lead us to think that this is a scam and it provides dubious signal. According to them the company provides the most precise trading signals to their clients and that is the reason why all of them are the most successful in trading experience. They claim that they have made lots of happy customers who are trading using their signals on a continued basis and succeed and increase profit easily. This part of our review includes the evidences that we have gathered during our investigation and these prove that SO Finance is scam.

This program is some sort of hybrid between educational center and signals provider. According to the company they can provide accurate signals to traders so they can benefit from the online markets. We look at it in a different way, since there are lots of complaints about this organization. That is why we created this SO Finance review to warn the readers about the risk involved if you fall into their trap. This company is always in search for new people to work for them. These individuals are assigned to attract as many traders who will invest money on them. In general, there is no problem with the employee part or in the investment part. The concern is that when the new members join the group they will lose money. We get many complaints via email and you can find some of them online. People get easily enticed on software that promised to provide great income, but instead of gaining the financial freedom, people are losing their savings. This is not good news particularly for new traders.

First Evidence – Anonymous Developer and Owner

This signal provides platform has no information about the owner or developer. Only the facts we usually get to know from its website. This app was developed by a group of market and trading analyst who has more than 20 years of experience. All the professionals are dealing with the present market status, perceive the market condition, they have knowledge of handling complex algorithms and have in-depth industry knowledge that makes them the best platform in the UK. All these facts are quite impressive and look real. But, they have never provided any information about the group members and the developers. This is an indication that SO Finance is scam. They should have maintained a transparency as to who created this app to make it looks legit.

Second Evidence – Suspicious Trial and Subscriptions

The system offers 14 day free trial period. However, the paid subscription of this scheme looks suspicious. After the free trial period expires, the users need to transfer the needed amount to them, only then they will send you the authorized version of the program via WhatsApp. Yes, you read it right via WhatsApp. It looks strange and suspicious, why would a company forward the software via WhatsApp? Normally, it is sent via email service as compared to others.

So in order to get the authorized version of the app, the subscribers need to install WhatsApp on their smartphone. Not all traders want or like to use WhatsApp, but to be able to get the trade signal you need to use WhatsApp. Also, it is unusual for this kind of trading platform that chooses a 3rd party app to forward the software.

Third Evidence – NO Success Rate Provided

The developer of this app only talks about how the platform that it has made lots of users happy and help them to win trades. However, they are not providing the estimated success rate on their website. Being a binary options signal provider, they should provide the success rate of their signals. Sad to say, this platform does not provide this data. Thus, it looks very suspicious and a sign of being a scam.

SO Finance Review Conclusion

Our final verdict, SO Finance is scam. This review proves that this application is very suspicious and has clear indications that the scheme is a scam and people should stay away from it. In this kind of industry transparency is very important. The people has the right to know who is behind this scheme and how successful they are. People will doubt any app with dubious or suspicious facts.

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