Signal Snipe is Scam! Critical Review

At first glance, you might think that Signal Snipe is legit. But as you read our comprehensive SignalSnipe review, everything will become clear to you. The has fooled a lot of people. As compared to other scams, they are not offering any software but signals that will be sent directly to your inbox with a monthly fee of $60. Some people might get attracted on the way they explain their offer and may invest on it.

Unfortunately, they will not just throw $60, but all their money once they realized that their card has been emptied. Since is not secured, everything you have provided them, like your personal information and billing could be put into risk once you sign up and make a payment.

Although it is not yet popular, has been slowly getting the attention that it wants. Unfortunately, not because of what they can offer but rather how dangerous the website is. The people behind this scam have exerted effort to make the website looks legit. It has attracted more and more people. Those who are interested in trading binary options and who are after results are the ones who are more most likely get attracted easily. The traders thought the site can provide them quality signals and can help become profitable. Sad to say, none of what they claim are real.

If an interested investor checks the “about us” page, you will read there that they are a team of experienced professionals with more than 25 years of experience. We were hoping to find the name of the developers but we were frustrated, they did not mention a single name from the team. Although there are only a few individuals who are talking about this scam, there are enough forums online by actual traders that talked about how they were tricked by this scam and how disappointing the outcome is. The $60 investment may seem a small amount to lose, so why not give this signal provider a chance.  Just imagine if hundreds of people think this way then the scammers behind this scam might be getting rich fast.

Signal Snipe is Scam – Three Evidences

This Signal Snipe review will reveal everything that you should know, the lies and the trickery they have done to attract traders. One thing that you need to keep in mind if a website offers trading signals it means that they are providing investment advice, if this is the case for this site then they should be regulated. should have a license to give investment advice, but after thorough checking, we don’t see any. They also failed to provide their contact information, the company is completely anonymous. Thus, based on this review we think Signal Snipe is scam and we will show the other reasons why.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonials

If you explore, you will see three testimonials, it has been repeated several times on the website. The people you see giving testimonies are all fake. Their names were fabricated and their images were taken from different websites or pulled out on stock photo libraries on the internet. If one search online, you will see these guys in various other sites giving testimonies. Most of the traders check the testimonials page first to see how many people are profiting using the system. A legit testimony must contain at least a link to their social media account to prove that they really exist. It is a clear sign that Signal Snipe is scam.

Second Evidence – Non-Secured Website

For some using fake photos and fictitious character is normal. We tried signing up to find out how far we can get. We found out that there was no video or thorough marketing, only random and non-significant information that will direct you to the payment page where you need to deposit $60 for the membership fee. After giving them your personal data and adding your password, they will ask you for your billing info. If you tried shopping online, you are aware how risky it is to provide personal data to a website that you are not sure at all. A legit website pays a license to keep your personal information protected and to secure it from prying eyes to prevent identity theft. With Signal Snipe, you are not secured at all.

Third Evidence – Unknown Developers

As mentioned in the earlier part of our Signal Snipe review, that a team of experienced professionals created this system, but they fail to provide the names and information about the members. Would you believe and trust someone who is unknown to you. Remember you will be depositing your hard-earned money, you need to be very cautious where your money is going. If the system was created by successful traders, investors can easy trace them and you can search them online. They should have mentioned at least a name to represent them all. But not a single name was given. Would you trust a website with unknown developers?

Even if they offer a fact sheet of the history and shows signals they provide, we doubt it if there is truth to it. Data like this is easily created and can be faked without any difficulties.

Signal Snipe Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that Signal Snipe is scam, this system is nothing but a fraud. Although it is not like other scams that offer software, the indications are still obvious that the website is a fraud and they are offering fake services. A website with unknown developers is very suspicious. Using fake actors to give testimonies is definitely not a good sign.

If you find this review helpful to you, feel free to share it with others. You can leave a comment below if you have been victimized by this scam.

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