SetOnTrade is Scam! Critical Software Review

SetonTrade is scam and we want to prove it to our readers. This latest trading system being launched claims to be the newest and most powerful algorithm. However, we cannot trust them, because there are some indications that it is one of the scam software. This is a scam system like others that is trying to hide itself by providing as many information as possible to confuse people. It also has a fake demo account, information which they have since the time was introduced.

Thus, we should be very cautious about this deal since everything is not adding up. And because of this, we have written this thorough SetOnTrade review for everybody’s sake. The following fact is what we found out.

Definitely, SetOnTrade is a scam. This review has gathered small facts that we collected here and there. According to them it does not use the real market when turned on. Rather, it depends on a social network trading scheme and because of this it cannot run also during the weekend. This is what most scam software use to justify how efficient their system is.

If one can use the actual market conditions, then it only means that you will lose if the user switches to the software’s live version. Real market conditions are absolutely different as compared to the modeled social networking trading schemes and due to this. You are assured to lose if you change your mind and make that switch. So, why not just sync the demo account with the actual market. The answer to this question is very obvious. SetOnTrade app could not make a penny in the real industries.

SetOn Trade is Scam – Three Evidences

This scheme is traditionally a signals-generating application. The Set On Trade platform offers both automated and manual mode. The system applies an algorithm that carefully evaluates and analyzes investment charts and market patterns. It has an 80% success rate, which is not verified. There is something doubtful about SetOnTrade scheme. Not only it was developed by a group of unknown people whose personal and professional background remains a mystery.

The only reason why this complete SetOnTrade review thinks that it works in a modeled market is because things are arranged in a special way, thus the software will favored its action to trick you with the fake profits which cannot be set up in the real market trade set up.

First Evidence – Recommends Martingale Strategy

We consider this system as a big scam because they recommend a bad money management scheme known as Martingale Strategy. This strategy has been discredited numerous times and for good reason. This application involved doubling the size steadily of every losing trade to get back all your lost earnings if the user wins a trade. Keep in mind, traders who trades every day would not use Martingale with a 10 foot pole. People with thousands of dollars on hand may use SetOnTrade but an average trader cannot. The fact remains the scheme is a risky strategy and is blacklisted by most regulated broker. So make sure that you will not use martingale.

Second Evidence – Unknown Creators

Sad to say, no matter how hard we tried to search for the real identity of those who are responsible in the development of this scheme we found nothing. This task is very impossible to complete. One indication of fake system is that if they don’t show their real identity. Most scammers are doing this so they will not be able to expose themselves from traders. If this is a legit app then why they would hide their identity? This is one of the most important facts that they should include in their website. It looks like they had a reason when they set up this They know that people will check their background and this would work against them. If they are professional enough, they should have at least introduced the owner of this software.

Third Evidence – Unreliable Customer Support

Although it has some sort of customer support, the service is very untrustworthy as it can be contacted solely through email. The matters are being addressed within 24 hours after receiving it and are processed only from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. For novice traders this feature of binary options trading platform is very important, thus it is important that this feature is reliable if not then definitely it’s a scam. Upon investigation and based on our SetOnTrade review we have found out that some of the traders concerns were left unanswered which make them even more suspect that the system is nothing but a scam and people should stay away from it.

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SetOnTrade Review Conclusion

Definitely, SetOnTrade is scam and this review was able to prove it. You will be sorry if you decide to invest on this system since it will take your money away. This application is just another scam which is not providing anything worthwhile. The indications are clear unknown owner, unreliable customer support, and uses unreliable algorithm. For novice traders make sure that you don’t take risk for you will get frustrated.

If you want to earn big through trading, you can search for legit and trusted software that will help you generate more money. It is best to read our comprehensive review before entrusting your hard-earned money.

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