SendOutCards is Scam! Critical Company Review

This SendOutCards review will uncover how this system operates to steal money from its subscribers. Kody Bateman developed website to promote their products.  Yes you have read it right they rob money from innocent individuals because of this we are prompted to conduct our own investigation and found out that SendOutCards is scam. For those who are confused which review to trust to, we would not insist on our review, we only assure you that this Kody Bateman SendOutCards review is carried out with all honesty.

Below are some of the evidences that we have gathered to prove that this system without a doubt a scam. If you are wondering whether SendOutCards is a legit company, a pyramid scheme or a scam, then you have landed on the right place. We suggest that before you make a decision it’s best that you read this review from start to finish, so you will get protected against this fraud software. We assure you our SendOutCards review is worth your time as compared to other alternatives out there.

First of all, Kody Bateman SendOutCards is a Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) firm. But this does not make them a scam. Most of the time, the pyramid scheme is the one that is normally considered as scam and is mimicking MLM to hide their unlawful act. In short, there is a separation between an authentic MLM and a Pyramid/scam scheme, but you should not refer all them as scam right away.

Empower Network is a sample of scam, where you are persuaded into inviting people to sign up under you, and upon signing up, you get a share. They are unlawful and bogus because you get money by recruiting subscribers. No selling required but you need to persuade someone to join and sign up in order for you to earn. Multi-Level-marketing works differently. When recruiting some people under you as a distributor or customer, you get a commission based on their purchases and sales. They either purchase a product or make a sale and get a percentage, they don’t simply sign up and join and sit around and wait for the money to come in. It is the basic difference. Generally, networking firms will tell you that they utilize the strength of their distributors to promote the products, which help them save from advertising funds and give them the liberty to earn more so they can give back to the distributors. The firm still generates sales, and the distributors can collect a higher profit. Basically, most of the sales are coming from the distributors purchasing their own stock. The ideal way to carry out sales is to continue consuming the item right?

So let us check out the products being offered by SendOutCards, yes you are right they are selling cards. Get Well Soon, Greeting, Congratulations Cards and other types of card. This is quite a big industry, and SendOutCards has made it a simple online system where subscribers can send their preferred gift card, with customized message, to anyone in the country with just a click of a button. Your function as a distributor would be to search for new customers to sign up for membership, and persuade them to be a member of Kody Bateman SendOutCards. The product and the online app are pretty good, but some are not sure how to do it. Basically, when you sign up for $9.98 or $31 a month, you accumulate points. The points can be used to send cards to any of your friends. The entire process is quite simple and is priced reasonably. That is if you are dedicated to send 10 or more cards a month. Since it has a legit product, one can say that it’s not a scam. But you have to read the entire Send Out Cards review before one can say that SendOutCards is scam.

SendOutCards is Scam – Three Evidences

If you visit website you’ll be greeted with the usual MLM style type of video, “Revolutionizing the world,” with the SendOutCards mission is “to provide an opportunity while bringing happiness to people’s lives” sort of statement. Many firms are utilizing this because it can easily entice people in. After all we all want to take advantage of the good opportunity and doing it as making someone happy feels pretty cool.

Official Website |

First Evidence – The MLM Video was used by Many Scam System

The first video found at will greet when you visit website is a carbon copy of several other MLMs. The moving speech with inspiring photos telling you that now is the right time and this is your time. You are about to change the world for the better that kind of statement.  Actually, the entire webpage is basically a clone of the other big MLMs such as the Amway, Avon, Herbalife and others. These companies mentioned have survived the market for many years, thus they are copying the system applied.  Scammers are copying them, because they are earning a lot from it. This is used by fraud that has no product to offer.  Not quite smoke and mirrors, but rather hype before content.  That is what the firm claims, and it’s quite pretty bold. Movies, music, and books are huge industries that people will continuously return to, to purchase items again and again. The thing about this sort of business is that their product or opportunity is confusing and it does not make any clear sense.

Second Evidence – Sign in Cost is Quite Expensive

As we continue with our SendOutCards review, you will discover the level of success with SendOutCards. When you join SendOutCards, you are necessitated to sign up for the entire marketing pack and pay $395 which is absolutely not cheap at all, however upon having your own business this is basically not bad at all for starters. According to Kody Bateman the package includes online business office (we are confused with this one as we are not sure what this is), some marketing websites (the content was taken from other websites, thus it won’t rank at all) and the 100 points that you can spend to send cards (we are not sure about this either if it helps the members as only few individuals are sending cards these days). Also included in the high priced package is the list of 10 preferred customer accounts that you can give to your friends or to others who have plan of building their own business.

In our investigation, we found out that the preferred customer is a customer who is interested on having an account at Kody Bateman SendOutCards so they can utilize the to their niece or something. So, for the first 7 days you receive $50 bonus once you activate two of these preferred customer accounts. It is a good amount. You also receive commission from any cards that your customers will send out for the durations of their times as being your customers. Your commission gets better as you encouraged more of your preferred customers to activate their accounts. With the present situation of the industry we doubt it if this will likely to happen.

Third Evidence – The Offer if Great But the Demand for Cards is Declining

Send Out Cards offers a good opportunity in earning a lot. The leadership bonuses can get your earnings takes off. As your group grows so as you as you will be promoted to the higher level, which means you will get higher commissions as compared to the past levels.

What we found during SendOutCards review is that all the earnings will depend on the people you recruit and how fast they will activate their accounts. If you were not able to get the required number of individuals in order for you to earn, you can say goodbye to your $395 as you will never get it back. Earning big with their scheme is possible if it was implemented in the past where people send cards in any type of occassions. The earnings presented on Kody Bateman is quite impressive but we tell you it will not be possible with the latest technology. These days people use e-cards, Facebook, e-mails, e-videos and others before they would resort to physical cards. Thus the possibility of earning and getting big with this business is generally not possible today and the Kody Bateman and her team are aware of this.

SendOutCards Review Conclusion

As a whole SendOutCards is Scam and we have shown the indications and evidences in our review. If you have plans of joining the SendOutCards and is just trying to find out if this is legit or scam. We can say that it is somewhere in between but considering the present situation we think that this scheme is clearly a scam and the Kody Bateman and her group are aware of this. Earning a commission through pyramid scheme is hard and it is not possible not unless you have a product that is needed by the majority.

This SendOutCards review finds to be a legit company, however the scheme is not appliclable with the present situation of the card industry. With the decreasing demand of SendOutCards products it is not safe for stakeholders to spend $395 on this.  In the case of SendOutCards, getting rich through cards is not at all possible.

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If you find our SendOutCards review helpful, you can share it with others so they will be aware of this scam.

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  1. New site is not working confirmed by 2 staff members. No responce on chat 5 days, No return call after 5 days when told by staff member. Was told by second rep, that IT can not be spoken to, and that they are trying to fix multiple problems. Was offerd an extra month insted of refund. Was told by second rep that she has no solution to my problem evan she could not get the site to work by proof of her confused responce. I found contact ifo for Kody B. CEO hopefully I will get RESPONCE


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