Secret Investor Society is Scam! Real Review

What is Secret Investor Society? Over the last couple of years or so there has been an enormous increase on the number of online scams that have appeared. Most of them offer you to become rich immediately or with almost no work on your behalf. It sounds ideal, no doubt about it, with little investment you will soon multiply the money you have in your bank account…needless to say that this is not the case, and if this has been offered to you then it is most likely a scam.

Moreover, SecretInvestorSociety app is not a new scam either, as it has been proven over and over again that there has been previous online scams similar to what SecretInvestor is offering. You have been warned though, make sure you understand what you are signing up to before you sign anything.

Continue reading our Secret Investor Society review to find out more about this new scam.

What is Secret Investor Society?

SecretInvestorSociety is an app that promises you to become rich within a matter of months. What differentiates this app from others is that it does not ask you to make a payment in advance or to invest in their website.

A quick online search will lead you to Secret Investor Society’s website, where they claim you could earn $2,301 in one day! That would equal to $11,505 in one week, or $46,020. No wonder they attract so many people who are desperate to find another type of job or more money to pay off their debts.

Is Secret Investor Society a scam?

In short, yes, Secret Investor Society is scam, and a very dangerous one. And now we are going to explain three evidences.

First Proof – Rebranded software

Secret Investor Society app is actually a recycled version of another scam that came to surface a couple of years ago. Its name was ‘’Quantum Ad Code’’.  The other scam dealt with an apparent trading software that could target binary options for you to earn money…of course, the results it promised were never real nor optimistic.

Second Proof – Fake rich scheme

Even though SecretInvestorSociety does not ask you to make a payment to sign up, if you want to continue and become ‘’rich’’ as they want you to, you will have to purchase some online banners from Banner Bit in order for you to make your money. So, first they tell you you will earn all your money without buying or doing anything, and they would then tell you: ‘’Wait a minute, you have to buy this and you have to click on these things and voila! We’ll give you the money’’. In fact, Secret Investor Society’s app asks you to pay money when you try to access their app, and this is another red flag in terms of how scammers might be deceiving you to sign up to something that does not give back what it is supposed to give back to you.

Third Proof – False developer

Who is the leader or the owner of this program? According to the SecretInvestorSociety’s website is a man called Simon Green. But if you really look out for him, you will not be able to see him anywhere. If you are the leader of a ‘’big company’’ you would be expected to at least have your photograph taken and shown to the public who you are. At the end of the day you want people to feel closer and connected to you, precisely because you would want them to invest in you and in your company.

Fourth Proof – Passive income

They do not actually tell you anything that is worth it. We assume it is an alleged passive income system where you are able to earn money in the long run, but there are many types of passive income out there that are thoroughly explained and above all, are legit and in accordance to law standards. In Secret Investor Society’s website you will not see anywhere any information related to what the app does or how this system works.

Secret Investor Society Review Conclusion

Our Secret Investor Society review has revealed several misinformation, fake testimonies, and other scamming factors. We all agree it would be amazing to be a millionaire in less than a year by simply signing up to a free software online program…but unfortunately for us, life does not work like this. First of all, nothing for free will actually make you a millionaire, especially not in that period of time.

Second of all, if you are set to become a millionaire is because you work hard for the money you earn, or because you have a wealthy family member who is giving you the money…or perhaps you will win the lottery, which by the way, has a better reputation than this Secret Investor Society is scam.

Thirdly, perhaps you have now had a thorough look at SecretInvestorSociety website and you have studied everything they have stated, and you will see that they have reviews from people who have, according to the website, used the system to become millionaires. Have you ever considered they might be paid actors who pretend to make all of that money with the dodgy SecretInvestorSociety system? Don’t you think that many more people would be using this app if it was a truly a case of becoming rich how they say?

And lastly, whenever you are signing up to something and they ask you to either purchase something else or to make a down payment, you must be 100% sure about it, and you must know who are you involving yourself with. Ask your questions, get your answers, and if necessary, ask more questions and get more answers. You need to be 100% clear on what you would like to expect from others and what it is expected from you.

We know this post might be disencouraging you to sign up to the SecretInvestorSociety system, and if we have managed to do so, then mission has been accomplished. Do not sign up to something that will make you lose your money in the long run.

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