Satellite Trader App is Scam! Review & Truth Exposed

The Satellite Trader App is scam and we can prove it to you through this complete and comprehensive review. According to Richard Heffner the alleged developer of this software, the system can help traders with binary options trading without losing any trade. The application is 100% verified imitation and risky auto trading software in binary options market which has recently introduced in the market. Unfortunately, the scheme will be viral thanks to their email marketing and people are actually falling for this shameful trap. And because of this we have decided to reveal the lies behind this fraud product which has one purpose to empty your trading account once you make a deposit.

We strongly advised that before you make any further action or decision, you should read our thorough and transparent Satellite Trader App review. We guaranteed you that you will be protected.

With the increasing number of scam software today finding the legit one is quite a tedious task. There is more fraudulent software than the reliable and real system, so make sure that you read review and done your assignment before pressing the sign up button. These fake and bogus schemes have one main objective to entice innocent traders and steal their hard-earned money the moment they make their deposit. This software is obviously not an auto robot or a firm that you want to put your money with. This review will not discuss the life story of the supposed owner Richard Heffner since apparently he is a fake owner nor the reasons why it is developed as you probably know the reason why. We will discuss later the lies behind the identity of the proclaimed owner and CEO of this app Richard Heffner. Also, if you already watched the 27 minutes video presentation in, you might have noticed that he mentioned several times GPS Trader. Yes, you heard it right, this scam actor is also promoting other shameful app that we have exposed already. From this fact only, we can confirm that Satellite Trader App is scam.

First and foremost the application is not a downloadable trading system as what it claimed it is in their promo video at We are talking about entirely web-based white technology program. There are lots of similar products that use the same interface this app applied. According to bogus con-artist Richard Heffner the secret behind the success of this auto robot is the speed from the satellite and servers owned by the firm behind this scheme. Well, the truth is that this firm does not exist at all, and even if it operational the trading process explained within the are not realistic and they cannot be implemented with this kind of trading. Also, we would like to emphasize and you should remember this all the time, there is no such thing as 100% win rate. No magic can make this claim possible. And also the counter rapid trade that the owner has mentioned is also not viable, it’s because there is no way for you to save trades like this binary options. To be able for you to trade safely, you must open the position 60 second before the expiry with same investment and the identical to the initial expiry rate.

Satellite Trader App is Scam – Three Evidences

This detailed Satellite Trader App review will expose, scrutinize, bare and reveal the latest viral scam that is already all over the internet by the time you read this review. Their sales video at might convince some traders but actually it’s their way of fooling people. Continue reading this comprehensive review and we are sure you will agree with us. This software is the newest scam which is forcefully being marketed in order to attract as many traders as they can. But if you are aware how these scammers work, you will surely not fall for such bogus and cheap app. We are sure this is not your first time to hear this lie that an auto trader system can generate up to $100K per day, with $10k as the minimum earnings.

Obviously, there is no need for you to sweat it just to get this robot since it is free. If this is really for free then why there are still some traders who are still struggling in life in spite of the fact that they have invested in this non-losing platform? It’s because this application is just another scam system. Keep in mind never trust a robot that offers you the moon and the stars.

This in-depth Satellite Trader App review will enumerate the evidences that will confirmed that this app is a scam.

First Evidence – Richard Heffner is a Bogus

If you visit you will be welcomed by their video narrated by the supposed to be owner of this app. During our investigation and review we have found out that Richard Heffner that man who claims to be the owner of this app is a fictitious character. Just like any other scam platform this platform hires actor to represent their company and pretend to be as the owner in order to hide the real identity of the real owner. Aside from the fact that he claims to be a multi-millionaire, not even one trader has ever heard of him. He is unknown on Wall Street, and neither is visible on social media and in the net as whole.

As we continue with this review, let’s examine who the hell is Richard Heffner of You guessed it right; he is an actor from Fiverr. According to him he was featured at Forbes Magazine just like owner of other scam app, but as usual upon checking he has never been featured or not even his name was mentioned in any article in the magazine. And if you are still not convinced, you can check out other scam software promoted by the same man the GPS Trader. Just like this platform GPS is likewise a fraud program. His name in GPS is not Richard but Craig Phillips. Wow one man with two names. Actually, this man is earning a lot from this scheme as he is paid $5 for 50 words.  With this 27 minutes video that is a good amount of earnings for him.

Second Evidence – Fake Counter / Spot Available

As mentioned above the primary element is speed, which again is not enough to justify that the system is working. Based on the explanation of alleged CEO in the video, the signals are dependent on the speed of execution to lock in the profits. But, we are aware that every working robot should be fast enough. Actually, this is the basic feature of this app. In short, we want further explanation about how this software works. But we would like to exclude speed as an element. So, why they were not able to elaborate on how the system works? It is quite clear, that Satellite Trader App is scam and a malicious website. They have wasted their video promoting the life of Richard Heffner becoming millionaire. Rather than providing people the content that they need and how the system really work. The 20 spots available claim is also a false marketing strategy and is aimed at forcing you to act fast and press the sign up button, which will favor them. The more you sign up fast, the more system can easily rip you off and we don’t want that to happen.

Third Evidence – 100% Win Rate and $850 Per Hour Profit An Absolute LIE

$850 earnings per hour or equivalent to $20,000 a day using this robot set at auto is not viable and impossible to happen. Not even the most reliable and trusted company in binary options trading can do this. Also if you check out their website, you will encounter some dishonest claims such as “Instant Withdrawals directly to your bank account, Satellite security applied to eliminate all Risks” and in the past three months I made 27people millionaires. These are all lies and you should not believe everything they will say.

Satellite Trader App Review Conclusion

The Satellite Trader App is scam developed by group of scammers whose primary aim is to collect as many money as they can from traders. This in-depth Satellite Trader App review was able to present to you how they work their way to convince people and make their deposit. This is a clone of the earlier scam software GPS Trader, showing the same actor as the owner, same platform and similar claims using different name.

We want to protect the traders thus we have created this review and expose to you the lies behind this platform. This is a dangerous app that can drain your trading account and leave you nothing without noticing it. A piece of advice never trusts a system that offers earnings that are too good to be true or you will be sorry.

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