Sapphire M is Scam! Trading Software Review

If you are looking for a comprehensive Sapphire M review, this post will provide everything you need to know. This software is the newest binary trading system introduced in the trading industry. Because of this, we have investigated to know more about the program. This unbiased will reveal the truth about this app and how it works.

Included in this review are pieces of evidence that will prove Sapphire M is a scam.

It is not surprising is a scam system. There are lots of them online and they only have one purpose. They want to encourage people to sign up with their system and deposit so they can steal it. Even the most developed trading robot is a scam. That is the reason it‘s vital to check and opt for tested applications if you have any doubts. If a trader wants to know more about the application, you should continue reading our Sapphire M review. Lisa and Jason Stephens develop the system. According to them, this trading platform works by earning on oil trades. We have seen it on their promotional video.

If one register with Sapphire M, they will activate your account right away with an unregulated broker. Since the broker is not licensed, some countries have banned the Sapphire M. You can test the program using the demo. However, we believe this will generate fake profits. The main goal of Sapphire M is to encourage the traders to make a deposit using their software with their affiliated and non-regulated broker. Through this, they will earn an affiliate commission. If one uses his money to trade, you will lose it.

The underlying algorithm of SapphireM is to analyze the price fluctuations and to get rid of market noise as they search for profitable signals. Based on their video the app is fully automated, which means you don’t have to do anything but wait. Still, this proves nothing at all. It confirms nothing at all. There is also no information on what the principles it follows to uncover profitable trades.

Sapphire M is Scam–Three Evidence

This Sapphire M review will not just focus on what we believe but we will also tell you something about the system and what they offer. The algorithm promises high profits with the use of the automated signal indicator to trade crude oil on the binary options market. Although website looks professional, it still lacks in several areas. We checked on user review, website data and proof of trades to determine if it’s legit or scam. After a thorough investigation, it looks like Sapphire M is another fraud website that will disappear within a few months.

Before you make a further action, we suggest that you read this Sapphire M review review so you will get protected.

First Evidence–Who is Lisa and Jason Stephens

One of the obvious indications that Sapphire M is scam is when we check on the legitimacy and identity of Lisa and Jason Stephens the alleged developers. They claim to be brother and sister. They seem to have a seemingly believable story but we have found different results during our research. According to, Jason is a software developer while Lisa trades crude oil futures. So, we dug deeper into their story and learned that they are fake characters.

The image of Lisa and Jason Stephens you see at are stolen stock image on the internet. The two are not at all siblings and their images were taken from different online dating websites and cheap online marketplaces. Would you trust your money to someone that was created by people who do not exist at all? Obviously, you don’t want unless you want to treat your investment more than gambling rather than business.

Second Evidence – Another Fake Personality

After you sign up, you will be introduced to another guy who will guide you through the member’s area. But again upon checking this man is a known binary options scammer. You will see that he already appeared on another scam known as the Bahama Banker. He is from and is being paid to act in front of the camera. His function is to pretend to be aware of everything about the platform and endorse Sapphire M.

Third Evidence – Fake Demo Result

Our next evidence will prove that the demo account is not real. If one visits, one of their selling points promoted is the chance to do the trading using the demo account having $500 as virtual money. This will let you experience the amazing ITM rate and to prove to you that this program is legit before you trade using real money.

The results on the demo account are very impressive but sad to say it is not real. Unregulated scam brokers are known to manipulate demo accounts. This is deceiving the people, they try to make it real but once they trade using the real money they will lose everything. They are using fake trading results in their demo accounts.

Sapphire M Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Sapphire M is scam, this scheme is nothing but a fraud. Their website may look professional but upon our investigation, it yielded a negative result. The developers are fabricated and there is no proof that it is going to work. Even the demo account uses the fake result. So, if you really want to invest in this system, think a thousand times before you decide.

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