Rubix Project is Scam! Warning Review

This in-depth Rubix Project review will prove how risky this software is. This will reveal the lies hidden in this program that people should be aware of. This scheme is being promoted by Brian Morgan whom is unknown to many. It is being marketed by scammers as the only robot in the world that assures winning trades, and generates $900 daily profits. We also found out that this application is filled with false information and claims that will serve as traps for deceiving traders. They have added convincing video to make it even more enticing.

Our Rubix Project review reveals that this trading robot that claims to accept only winning trades has destroyed the accounts of some unsuspecting traders who were encouraged to sign up and tested the system on a live money account. Thus, in this review we focus on all the details that point to the facts that this application was developed to trick traders. RubixProject has given us enough reasons to confirm that it is a scam. Actually, we disagree with the information given on their website. We suggest that you read this review from start to finish so you will have a clear view on what this application is up to.

Telling you how works is the best way to start this review. Knowing what the application is capable of doing is important to help you determine if the app is a scam or legit. In the case of Rubix Project the indications are clear you should stay away from it or you will regret it. One of their major claims is that their program has 100% winning rate.

Allegedly, Rubix Project has been creating good trades for a long time now, which other software is not capable of doing. Any platform with 80% to 90% accuracy is acceptable, but the one with 100% winning rate is questionable.

Rubix Project is Scam – Three Evidences

This is the part of our Rubix Project review where we will reveal to you the proofs that RubixProject is nothing but a scam. Based on our investigation the indications are obvious that even an ordinary individual can notice this. We have chosen three red flags that will prove this binary option trading system is fraud and you should not invest your money on it. Just like other scam promotional video, the CEO flaunts his Lamborghini and other assets to show people what they can have if they use the software. Of course, these things are not real they normally do this to attract people and to persuade them to sign up.

They have created 2 different videos for their promotion. If you decided to leave the page or you try to refresh it, another video starts showing fake live trading session. The supposed owner Brian Morgan shows how the trading is done manually and also in auto-pilot mode. He presents “Live” how the program works manually and how much one will earn. Brian Morgan then proceeds and explains the auto-pilot mode. This is where the trader will discover that Rubix Project is a scam. Brian Morgan demonstrates how the software opens a 60 seconds trade and wins all of them. After several days his profit swells and reaches over $10,000. According to him this will continue for a lifetime. But this is definitely a big lie.

First Evidence – Brian Morgan the Fake CEO

Brian Morgan claims to be the CEO of this app. Upon checking we have found that this man does not exist at all. This man is a well-known binary options scammer. You might have seen him before in other scam website. You can easily check the authenticity of the company and the alleged CEO online. Brian Morgan is not his real name. The scammers behind this platform made up his character to represent them. We have searched the internet for any information about this man but we found nothing except for this scam. He was not able to provide his social media page, which is quite important for legit platform.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Their promotional video is both cute and funny. It is like a reunion of the scam artists. The alleged analysts in the video are actors who have been featured in the past scams. The bald man acts as the founder and CEO of the Sowelstace Financial scam app in which he was described by the lady as a “Bad Santa.” David and Brian the other two analysts were also featured in other scams. These actors were demoted in Rubix Project app and they only play the role of the analysts. It seems that the software they were featured went rogue.

Third Evidence – Impossible Live Trading Results and 90 Day Beta Tester Result

If you visit their website, the next page displays the live trading results of its members and all of them are winning. The claim is impossible and you cannot trust such result. There is no such thing as 100% winning rate. Keep in mind that trading is both winning and losing. So, before you take further action and sign up it is best that you think thoroughly or else you will lose a huge amount of money within a short period of time which is not possible to happen.

The 90 Day Beta Testers Results is not true. This is done to attract traders, so they will join Rubix Project right away if they see how much a member can earn and start buying their luxury cars, long trip abroad, buy their dream home and others. Don’t fall from this trap or you will regret it.

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Rubix Project Review Conclusion

Rubix Project is scam and this review has shown you the signs and proofs that it is not possible to earn from it all. Keep your distant from this scam because it will do anything good for your business. This review will show you how this software tried to fool you to encourage you to sign up and invest some money on it. The minimum amount that you can deposit to use the system is $250. So, if you are willing to give your money out then invest on this scam.

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