RobotFX is Scam! Trading Software Review

This complete RobotFX review will reveal all the lies and deception in The primary purpose of this review is to protect the traders from being victimized by these scams. It is a common knowledge that people look for a reliable software to help them in trading. However, 95% of software being promoted online are scams.

Because of this we have decided to write this review to expose the criminal acts of these scammers. There are some legit binary options out there but RobotFX is not the one.

Make sure not to put your money in this app or you will be sorry. For those who are new in trading we suggest that you read our RobotFX review before you decide and make further action. If one visits, you might found the website quite appealing and professionally made. The creators of this scam were focused on stealing the money of the innocent traders. You cannot risk losing your hard-earned money.

For those who are into trading already, they know a scam system when they see one and it is the same with Robot FX. According to its developers their system can produce over 90% of winning rate. If a person is into trading for quite some time, you are aware that it is impossible to achieve such winning rate in the financial market. This is only the start of our review. We will unmask all the lies behind this app. Upon entering their website, you will be greeted by their promo video. The narrator who claims to be the owner of RobotFX starts off by telling the people that he becomes a millionaire by simply using the app. As you continue reading our review, you will find out the truth.

RobotFX is Scam – Three Evidences

Around 25,000 of traders are using RobotFX, this is according to their website. If these individuals deposited the minimum amount required to trade which is $250, then there are lots of money involved. The narrator is not shown which leave us with lots of questions as why they will not reveal their real identity if they are legit.

If they are proud of what they have developed and they claim to be a legit app then they should have shown their faces in front of the camera. There are other indications that RobotFX is scam and some of which are discussed below.

First Evidence – Fake Software

The main concern about RobotFX is that they are applying White label robot. Sad to say, most of the scam applications are using this system. If one checks out the image above, you will notice that Aram Binary options, Binrobot Lady and Option Robot uses the same app.

RobotFX is being purchased and rebranded by fraudsters repeatedly. They only change the logo and the color of the website. But they all claim that they are using a unique program, which is absolutely a lie. Never trust a platform applying the same system.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

The RobotFX testimonials are very suspicious as well. All of the testimonials are positive which is good but it is impossible for a platform to be 100% appealing to all people.

After thorough investigation we have found out that those who are giving their testimonies are liars and they are all actors. They were paid to lie in front of the camera and provide false witness which is very misleading and not good. The person who narrates in the RobotFX video is likewise paid to act as the developer and represent the real developers.

Third Evidence – Fake Demo and Results

The most risky aspect of this platform is that it has fake demo and results. As you can see above the results are all winning and earning big. The demo shows a lot of earnings, but they are all fake because RobotFX uses fake prices. We have shown to our readers many times that these scams does not present the actual trading result in their demo because it is their way of attracting more people. If you further check the trading result, you will notice that some trading are done during Saturday, which is impossible since the market is closed on weekends. This only proves that Robot FX are absolutely unreal and bogus.

If you know someone who is interested in joining RobotFX share this post to them so they will get protected as well.

Those who are new in trading may not able to notice some of their deception, so be very careful when dealing with a robot trade. Most of them are developed to steal your money and empty your accounts. Reading this review is very important so you will get protected while trading.

RobotFX Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review has proven that this platform is nothing but a scam. The fake demo and results will not prove anything and it is a clear indication of a platform being a scam. One of the important factor that you need to consider when deciding which application to use is the owner or developer. Keep in mind if you can trust the owner it means that you will surely profit from it. In this case, RobotFX is scam and you should avoid it.

If you find this RobotFX review helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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