Robinhood Global is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

This Robinhood Global review is a must read not just to those who are interested to invest on this company but also to those who are already victimized by this scam. is a website that is full of lies and deception. This is the reason why we feel we should write this review. We make sure that you will learn something regarding this scam and we will prove and provide evidences for our claim.

This comprehensive review will provide in details everything that you should know about this system and will answer many queries concerning this firm. You are wondering why we consider this app. You will find out as you continue to read our Robinhood Global review.

Our team noticed something that is quite disturbing about this app and we think it will shock you as well. The firm is a group of liars and thieves and if you sign up one will surely regret it. Some of you might be reading this thorough review because you have lost your money with this firm. If you are one of them, you can share your views by commenting on this review. This HYIP scam is going popular and they are going to attract more people to join them before they shut down This is how an HYIP company scams people, they collect as many investors as they can and then shut down the website.

Robinhood Global is Scam – Three Evidences

This Robinhood Global review will show evidences that will prove this business is a scam and people should stay away from this. It does not have an active Facebook group where they can show payment proofs and check out blogs that show the actual real comments from users. They claim that the website is associated with a legit and real investment site known as Robinhood. Before you get convinced we would like to inform you that these two sites are not connected to one another.

While there are lots of investment programs that are trying to attract investors with daily payment, the is different. The company is offering it in weekly payments with emphasis that their business is stable and reliable. Actually the company does pay their old members using the money of the new members. But after receiving the first payment, you will have problems withdrawing your money.  The company is a basic HYIP that promises 17.5% return of investment for 9 weeks on every deposit. According to them they have a team of highly skilled professionals who handle the money by investing it into different altcoin programs and then share the profits with others.

This is quite impressive but you will realize in the end that they are not actually investing your money. The firm is using your money to pay the older members. This type of business does not provide any proof of their transaction that can back these claims. The internet is full of attractive investment offers. You can find other sites that look identical to this HYIP Company. To gain the trust of many, an investment website should offer lots of verifiable evidence to prove their offer is legit.

First Evidence – Unregulated Company

The company is registered in the UK, but this does not prove that the company is legit. Do not be confused with their legal status. There are no regulations or have insurance. It means that nobody watches them or checks on them to ensure that the rules are being followed. They are absolutely on their own and there is no organization that can watch over them for accuracy. They have kept the name of the owner anonymous. They do this to make sure that none can track them down. You might be wondering why? He definitely does not want any bad press in case the business falls and tricks hundreds of investors.

Second Evidence – Anonymous Owner

How the works is very vague and it is very identical to other scam sites. According to them the company funds is being managed by a team of highly skilled individuals but they were not able to mention the names of these individuals. They are doing this so people would not know who to pursue in case they lose all their money. Not revealing the name or the identity of the site owner is a common tactic that most scam software use. Because we cannot locate the real owner of this site, we cannot call him.

Third Evidence – Non-paying

There are lots of complaints about this firm, most of them were not able to withdraw their money. In short this firm is not paying their members. It’s either they don’t have the funds to pay the users or they scammers have taken all the money with them. Some members were being asked to add more into their account so they can process the withdrawal.

Robinhood Global Review Conclusion

Definitely without a doubt, Robinhood Global is scam and we have proven it to you through this review. Joining an HYIP company is very dangerous because this type of firm will not last longer. They normally last only for six months or below. This comprehensive review has presented to you the proofs that there is nothing into it but a scam.

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