Rio Profits is Scam! Trading Software Review

This comprehensive Rio Profits review will expose Andrew Reynolds fake promises. Some people think that this application is a cheap imitation of the Tesler App, which is known as scam software. Of course, you would not believe us unless we provide proofs that it is a scam. Here’s our good news, this review contains evidences that will support our claim. You will surely agree with us once you are done reading this review. This application is not the one that you need in trading. Instead of helping you to become rich, it will help you lose your money without noticing it. This is not surprising as we already knew it’s a scam from the time we visited Their marketing team is sending emails to promote the app and encourage you to become a member.

If in case you already invested some money on this fraudulent software, make sure not to add more and do not sign any form of documentation. Someone told us that RioProfits is working together with unlicensed brokers to steal the trader’s money. Continue reading this Rio Profits review and find out how dangerous this program to invest in this kind of company. If you look at the website, you might think that they had created a mobile app for binary options trading. There is a button that you can click to get the app on iTunes and on Google Play. Unfortunately, if click on that button, you will be asked to sign up to use the service.

To check out what’s in store for traders when they sign up, we fill up the form and we were not happy with the result. After we signed up, we were directed to a broken page. The trading app does not provide any controls. We tried to choose the dollar amount per trade, or the number of trade the software will make in a day but we were not able to do so. The only option that is working is the setting of some strength above number.

Andrew Reynolds claimed that it’s an auto-pilot system that provides free trading operation to online users. It is also known as The Rio Trader Software. In the promotional video of, the developer claims that initially it is made available to 15 people daily for two days. But we found out that number of traders was able to sign up on it even if it has exceeded the number of people indicated. This is only one of the questionable claims that we found during our investigation and review. In the succeeding paragraphs of our Rio Profits review, we will reveal to you the proofs that this robot is a scam.

Rio Profits is Scam – Three Evidences

This software claims that it can help you earn up to $237 every hour. Are they capable of doing this? Of course not, it is impossible to achieve. Another too good to be true claim is that they are assuring you that you can earn over $5,000 a day. That is a lot of money and if this one is real then probably there are lots of millionaire traders out there.

Before making further action, read our review first to help you decide. We have been telling you from the start of this review that Rio Profits is scam and we will prove it to you.

First Evidence – Who is Andrew Reynolds?

The alleged developer of Rio Profits is Andrew Reynolds. He introduces himself as the owner of Rio Holdings. However upon checking we found out that this man is a paid actor and what comes out of his mouth are all scripted. He was paid to represent the company because the real fraudsters behind this app do not want to reveal their real identity. Obviously, they are hiding something. If these people are proud of their work, then they should have shown their faces and mentioned their names.  Almost all of scam apps hire actors to act as the CEO or owner. Also, we discovered that Rio Holdings is not a real company. You can check it for yourself by searching it at BBB or Division of Corporations.

Second Evidence – Imitation of Scam Software

The biggest proof that we have found out about this scam is that Rio Profits is an imitation of the other app known as the Tesler App. We have reviewed this scam app before and now the name is getting popular again because of Obviously, these two robots are both scam. Actually, the people behind this software were so lazy that they did not exert any effort to make the launching unique. also used the same images for their testimonial that Tesler used. The photo above shows the similarity of these two apps. They both have the same text on it. Whoever is behind the must be the same group responsible for Tesler app.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials and Members

The above images are members and allegedly proud of their profits. Unfortunately, they are not real. The photos are taken from stock photo and these images are also seen on Tesler App. It looks like the scammers behind this app thought that Tesler App are successful in encouraging people to join so they just copied everything on Tesler.

Rio Profits Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that Rio Profits is scam, this scheme is nothing but a scam. Rio Profits is an imitation of the past scam app. The scammers behind this software are only after your money and nothing else. Never invest your money on this kind of app or you will be sorry.

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