Richmond Berks is Scam! Critical Review

If you are looking for a complete Richmond Berks review, you are in the right page. With the present situation of the economy, people are looking for a reliable and safe investment opportunity to help them increase their earnings. If you are one of them make sure not to waste your money on this useless scam app.

Our in-depth Richmond Berks review will expose the danger and risk of investing in this fraud company.  This website was put up to steal your money. is nothing but a scam website that is full of lies and deception. There are also some reports that their financial account was hacked shortly after signing up. This does not mean that this system is a fake company that is after for your financial information, but this is not the first time a firm using Ponzi scheme has done so. Before we continue with our review and expose the lies, we need to discuss first how it works.

The company claims to be a real estate investment firm that buys properties at auction and then sells them at a higher price. The alleged owners are Klint Berks and John Richmond. Because they are earning big, they offer the plan even to small investors the opportunity to make 1.4% daily profit. But before you get excited and sign up it is important that you know that this company is not paying. The business has only been online for 6 months. According to them they are making millions of dollars purchasing low-cost properties on sale and then offer them at higher price to make a profit. The money being invested will be used to purchase these properties. According to them a team of individuals who know how to find good deals in real estate transact on their behalf.

Richmond Berks is Scam – Three Evidences

The problem with Ponzi scheme is when the top runs out of money. When the number of individuals joining is decreasing, the owners will simply close down the site and run away taking with them the remaining funds. This happens every day. Actually, we have reviewed websites operating using Ponzi scheme and HYIP scam. As we continue with our Richmond Berks review here are some evidences that will prove this establishment is a scam. is a Ponzi scam. Their claim that the business invests in real estate is also not true. The website is not registered as a property developer. They are registered in UK. However, it does not mean that the business is legit. The majority of scam software is registered in the UK. Because UK is lenient when it comes to registering a new business. It is as easy as 123. You will be asked to fill out some documents and provide them your chosen business name and you’re done. You have to remember that not all firm with real business license is legit or successful. UK is one of the countries that does not monitor businesses. The registration is done for tax purposes only.

The earnings they offer are not from the sale of properties. The payment for the earlier investors are taken from the deposits from the new clients. This is a typical Pyramid or Ponzi scheme. The latest investment pays the bottom.

First Evidence – Fake Photos of Real Property Purchased

One of the obvious proof that this company is a scam is their recently purchased real estate photos. They claim that they have bought these properties at auction and they were able to sold it at higher price. They even presented their profits. The scammers behind thought that they can fool the people easily. The first photo above belongs to an international shipping firm and is not listed for sale at auction and they have not bought it from Richmond Berks. A ridiculous lie. The third photo is an old factory that is a popular site for vloggers and bloggers that are fun of exploring old abandoned buildings. Also it has never been under the name of Richmond Berks.

Second Evidence – Fake User reviews

All the videos and photos you see in the review sections are fake. These actors are from You can easily locate their profile if you visit the website. They are too many to enumerate their real name here. It only means that there is no real proof that the company is legit and earning. There are some people who have tried investing and they were able to get their first withdrawal but their succeeding withdrawals failed. Only those with small earnings are being paid but those who invested a lot on it were not able to withdraw their money.

So, if one really want to invest in this firm, you can do so at your own risk. But we are not recommending it. Richmond Berks is scam website.

Third Evidence – Fake Owners

They have presented their staffs which we also think are all fake but they did not show the images of John Richmond and Klint Berks who allegedly the owners of this scam. To make this scheme looks legit the scammers behind this firm has make a story on how did they started but we doubt it that it actually takes place. After making a thorough research we were not able to find any information about the two owners. Upon checking also in, the website was registered as private. We believe that they only made up the find to represent them.

Richmond Berks Review Conclusion

This review proves that Richmond Berks is scam. Although there are some people who think that it is a legit company because they receive some profits, it won’t be long the business will eventually close out. The fact that they operate using Ponzi scheme it is impossible for them to survive for many years.

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