Revenge Profits is Scam! Critical Review

This comprehensive Revenge Profits review will expose the hidden lies and deceit. Based on our initial investigation we have found out that this software is scam and you should not trust this software at all. It is a newly discovered scam for binary option trading, and the most poorly developed app for controlling new traders. The name is almost similar to the other scam known as Trader Revenge, which resulted to several losses for its subscribers. This trading system is no way associated with the other software, and we should review and warn people about it.

Their website is not that impressive. There are several scamming features found in their trading platform. Definitely, there is no credible feature that could pass this questionable system as legit. The most alarming thing about this application is that it assured users that they will become a millionaire if they use this system. Before you get too excited and invest your money on it, read our in-depth Revenge Profits review first so you will have an idea on how damaging and risky to use this scam software.

Definitely, these scammers would do everything they can to encourage people to sign up and invest on their system. Another lie is when they claim that their programmers are responsible for hacking some of the major banks and corporations and uncovered the secrets on how they produce million dollars of profits just like how the Wall Street investing tycoons have access to. They also asserted that it is integrated in their complex algorithms through secured financial networks for revealing data while applying top winning strategies for producing great amount of money. We would like to warn you again, don’t get fooled by this scam and read our review and we will explore to you their lies one by one hidden on this Revenge Profits is scam.

Revenge Profits is Scam – Three Evidences

In this Revenge Profits review we will prove that this program is scam with only one purpose in mind, to take away your money and empty your account. This system is supposed to make you a millionaire but it’s the other way around. This is supposedly based on the financial trading algorithm that hackers use to get access on different accounts. And since they know people are after free program, so the people behind this are offering this platform for free. They want people to believe that becoming a millionaire these days is easy and this is possible with the help of this program. As you continue reading this review you will be enlighten that what they claim are not real and all of them are bogus.

Official Website |

If you visit the you will notice right away that this app looks strange and is not at all hyped up as what they told the possible users. Their claim that they can make you a millionaire is not just ridiculous but impossible as well. And the fact that the scammers are offering it free of charge, this is definitely an outrageous claim. It’s not possible and will not happen not even today or the coming days. Also, in their promotional video they are claiming that the winning performance is 79.99% which does not makes sense as well.

First Evidence – Unknown Developer

The first thing traders would check if they are interested on a particular program is the developer. They know if it is developed by a reliable developer it can be trusted. But what if they didn’t mention the name of its developer? They did not mention who is or are behind this platform. We have checked their website and found out nothing about their developers or the name of their CEO. Developers are doing it on purpose. Fraudsters are hiding the real identity of scammers behind this software so that people will not know who to sue in case problem occurs. The video only narrates and the voice could belong to anybody. It’s important that you know who you are dealing with, particularly when it involves money. It’s very suspicious for software to deliberately not mentioning this vital information. A fraud program usually conceals their identities to avoid any repercussions caused by their faulty scams.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

If you are interested in a particular software you need to focus on is the testimonials. If the people providing testimonies are real and legit then the possibility that you are dealing with a real software is high. You will know if you are reading a real testimony if they provide enough information about the person. They should include at least a link to their facebook account so you can check if they are real. Twitter account could be a good proof . LinkedIn will also help. If there is nothing that you can see that will support the identity of the person giving the testimony then you are looking at a scam software. Check out the image above showing the testimonies of supposed users of this scam app. The photos of these individuals were taken from Shutterstock, so obviously they are not real. If Revenge Profits is a legit platform why do they have to purchase images to represent the testimonies of their users.

Third Evidence – Fake Results

From the above result you can easily determine whether Revenge Profits is scam or legit. Based on the results provided by the system obviously Revenge Profits is a fraud app. Maybe the developers thought that people would not take time to check on the result especially the new traders. They forgot about the professional traders who might get interested in their application. Actually, by just looking at the result expert traders can easily tell if it is legit or not. The results are provided when you enter the member’s area, so you need to sign up first before you can check on the results. Aside from the fake results, they also presented fake social media accounts that do not match any active profiles. The most ridiculous part of their live trade entries is that many of these trading falls on weekends. Of course you know that trading is only done during weekdays, thus the result they presented is impossible and hard to believe.

Revenge Profits Review Conclusion

This complete review have revealed some of the lies hidden on this software and these only proves that this application Revenge Profits is scam and people should not trust them at all. Keep in mind there is no such thing as free in trading industry. You need to invest money on it so this application is not free. Also, software without providing the name of the developers or CEO is very suspicious so we suggest that you should not trust them at all.

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