Raptor Robot is Scam! Critical Review

This complete Raptor Robot review will expose the lies and deceit hidden in raptorrobot.com. RaptorRobot is scam and this review will tell you the reasons why. A piece of advice, even if the app has a professionally looking website do not trust them right away. They might be hiding something in their well-developed website. Take a look at Raptorrobot.com website this is an excellent example of a very harmless-looking and very sleek scam app.

If one searches for the site online, there are lots of complaints about it. This system is the one responsible for effectively deceiving, misleading and tricking some of our most experienced traders. So if you are new to binary options trading and this is your first time, make sure you will not get victimized by this scam.

Thru our Raptor Robot review we will expose this latest scheme and will enlighten people about this scam. This carefully orchestrated app is working together with unlicensed offshore brokers. They are expert in spam email marketing, credit card fraud and identity theft and aggressive online baiting tactics. So make sure not to divulge your important details without making sure that you are secured and your information is safe. If you think this program is legit or genuine you are mistaken and will pay the price of having your wallet emptied.

At first, we thought this application had a lot of potential, but after our thorough investigation we have discovered the deception and lies that an ordinary individual might not notice. It is quite surprising that this website is HTTPS secure, but this has been the latest norm and is not identified as scam-free. They claim for transparency but based on our evaluation they are hiding something. We thought we have finally found a legit platform but we were frustrated to find out it’s not. Although they have a disclaimer which is vital in every application, we could not find a terms and conditions section which states what is allowed and what is illegal. This makes us really suspicious on what is actually been considered to be fake signals.

Raptor Robot is Scam – Three Evidences

We have reviewed a lot of scam programs, and we can easily detect whether a system is scam or not. One way of determining how scam this software is by looking not just on the external part of it but also what is inside. We check the accuracy levels, ease-of-use, customer support as well as the transparency level of the software.

The Frequently Asked Question makes the webpage looks legit, but sad to say they use it to hide the bigger lie. This is one of the reasons why we consider Raptor Robot a scam and people should not trust it at all. The truth is that we are seeing a very sophisticated scam created by crafted affiliate marketers. The two primary mistakes here have something to do with the use of exaggerated claims of wins, and inconsistencies in the statement. The fact that there are no actual real user profiles makes this program a scam.

Continue reading this Raptor Robot review because we will exposed how dangerous this financial scam is.

First Evidence – Scam Software

The sad thing about this platform is that it’s a dirty scam and we are trying to prove it with this RaptorRobot review. The system works on the white label robot software that is not profitable and is only being purchased and rebranded by scammers again and again. There are lots of binary options scam platforms based on this program, check out the image above and you see Gold Binary Robot, Aram Binary Options and Option Robot using the same program. This app is very dangerous, because it has a demo that fakes outputs. It only means that if you test the demo, it will provide you big profits coming in.

But in reality it’s not. Its because the robot does not use the actual prices to close the trades, it makes use of fake prices to produce a profit, because they cannot fake the real results. Definetely Raptor Robot is scam.

Second Evidence – 90% Win Rate – Impossible

The image above will show you the main sales page of this scam app. One will notice they claim for a 90%-win rate. This is not possible, and if the software attains an average of 85%-win rate it is more believable. So in spite of the expert façade, we are searching at the first and most immediate obvious reason the exaggerated claims of winning rate.

Third Evidence – Fake Results

As we continue with our detailed Raptor Robot review, you will see above the fake user profiles. The real names were not provided or the photo of each profile. Let’s say the above user profiles are for real. Observe their winning rate, all these people are claiming that their all time ROI is between 34% and 67%. Most of the users are below the advertised 90% win rate, and in reality any trading results that are below 75% are losing money which means their account balance is getting drained.

Raptor Robot Review Conclusion

Obviously, this in-depth review proves Raptor Robot is scam and we have all the reasons to blacklisted it. You would not want to give your money to these scammers. So, consider our recommendation never trust this website or you will be sorry. There is nothing real or legit about this fake application. They have created raptorrobot.com to attract people to sign up, provide financial information and deposit money. That is all they need from you. Once you have made your deposit, they will disappear and you will never hear from them again.

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