QubitTech Review – A Fraud Passive Crypto Income Software

QubitTech claims that they are the leading organization when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. They described their website as a unified ecosystem of quantum technologies. The company promises its members massive earnings. It sounds exciting and quite engaging. So, we have written this review to determine if it is worth investing in this company.

At first glance, we notice there is something not right with QubitTech. This review provides you facts and information about the software and how it encourages people to invest. Pieces of evidence were presented at the later part of this review to prove that this app is nothing but a scam and you should not trust it.

What is QubitTech?

The main objective of QubitTech is to help people get access to the latest apps of quantum technologies and generate high income. Even though the company has been mentioning quantum technology, the services it provides relates to crypto trading.

The company aims to reach around $10 billion by 2025. This is quite a challenge for QubitTech, and it is impossible to obtain. Not even the most reliable platform can reach such an amount in a span of 4 years. Since this is a new company, no one expects to earn this much within the next few years, particularly in a competitive sector such as the crypto industry.

How does it work?

QubitTech does not have retainable products or services. One can earn from this app by investing in it and participate in the company’s income structure. Even if registering is free, you are required to invest from $100 up to $100,000. Another way to earn from this company is to recruit at least four members within 15 days after registering.

The return of investment QubitTech promises is around 250% on various packages the company is offering. From a bronze package that costs around $100 to a platinum package that costs $100,000. The income structure shows that the more you invest, the higher your chances of earning more. If they do not have products to offer, the question is how they can sustain paying the members.

Why QubitTech is a scam?

The system makes money using Quantum technologies, which is not a common technique used in trading. We find it unusual and check out the website and app do some research. What we suspect was right. This company is attracting people to invest, and in the end, they will not earn single money from their investment. QubitTech is a scam, and there are lots of reasons why we believed it is.

Ponzi scheme

A business operating using a Ponzi scheme is considered a scam. QubitTech depends only on the amount they could get from the new members. The company does not have any products or services to offer. Once the recruitment slows down, it is where the problem will arise. Old members can get their earnings. But, for the new investors, it is a matter of time to realize they are being scammed. The Ponzi scheme is unsustainable, particularly if they do not have any other resources.

Securities fraud warnings in Ukraine and Spain

Ukraine’s National Commission on Securities and Stock Market (NSSMC) and Spain’s Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) has issued a fraud warning to QubitTech for committing security fraud and operating illegally.

QubitTech Review

According to NSSMC, the company was identified as a “suspicious financial project” in the last quarter of 2020. QubitTech is not regulated to provide securities in Ukraine or anywhere in the world. It has no evidence to prove that it has registered its securities even in FSA in Estonia, where it is based.

QubitTech Review

No proof of payment

QubitTech claims that it generates external revenue through manual trading and algorithmic methods. They claim to provide a daily average of 1.77% ROI. The company does not show any proof that it is trading, they don’t even provide a real track record by a third party auditor.

Also, no evidence shows that returns are paid with any other source of external revenue. 


After assessing QubitTech and evaluating its claim that it will form substantial compliance with its present legal regulations is laughable. The company has no verifiable external revenue sources to pay returns, which is a clear sign that it cannot pay its investors. When a company operates using a Ponzi scheme, it can’t survive long, particularly if it does not have external sources. Once the recruitment becomes slow, it will starve and eventually collapse.

So, this review concludes that QubitTech is a scam.  If you are one of their victims, your comments are very much appreciated.

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Is QubitTech safe?

No, it is not safe to invest in QubitTech. It is a scam. The company encourages you to invest only to steal your money.

What is the minimum amount to deposit in QubitTech?

The company allows you to deposit as low as $100 to start earning.

 Is QubitTech regulated?

No, QubitTech is not regulated, and warnings from different parts of the world are being issued to protect people from getting scammed.

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